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M mc cormack
M mc cormack
M mc cormack
M mc cormack
M mc cormack
M mc cormack
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M mc cormack
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M mc cormack


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  • 1. Divorce
    By: Miranda McCormack
  • 2. Story
  • 3. Divorce Defined
    According to divorce is any formal separation of husband and wife according to established custom.
  • 4. Thesis Statement for Divorce
    Divorce is common in more than half of marriages today but the church is strongly against it.
  • 5. Pro-Divorce
    Escape from an unhappy marriage/situation
    Allows persons to live independently
    Person can gain a sense of self integrity
    Can live a life of self-dependency
    Enjoy life more
    Chance to look for another spouse
    Given a second chance to have a happy and successful marriage
  • 6. Pro-Divorce cont.
    Domestic abuse might be another reason a person files for divorce
    Many people say that this is another acceptable reason for divorce
    Domestic abuse puts a person in a situation of fear for themselves and possibly their children
    Divorce can be an escape route from a harmful marriage
  • 7. Graph
  • 8. Art
  • 9. Anti-Divorce
    Children are effected by divorce in such ways as
    Stunted educational growth
    Higher rates of drug abuse, suicide, and are more likely to drop out of highschool/college
    A more likely chance of a failed marriage in the future
    Joint custody is an option
    Court disputes are often arguemental and end with bitter feelings
    Places children in the middle of two homes
    Creates an unstable enviorment to grow up in
  • 10. Anti-Divorce cont.
    Divorce puts the responsibilities of two parents on the shoulders of one
    The family relies on the income of one person
    Parent has to play the role of father and mother
    Family is often put into poverty within a year of the divorce
    Religious practice is dropped drastically or all together when only one parent is raising the children
    Religious worship has been linked to longer, happier, and more successful marriages
  • 11. Religious Aspects
    The Church views divorce as a grave evil
    It goes against the natural law
    Defiles the covenant made with God when vows are receited
    When two people are joined in marriage they promise to God that they will stay together
    “Till death do us part.”
    “A ratified and consumated marriage cannot be dissolved by any human power or for any reason other than death.” (Iuris Canonici 1141)
  • 12. Religious Aspects cont.
    So many people these days are getting married without really getting to know eachother
    Couples who live together before getting married have a higher chance of getting a divorce
    Marriage is more than just a choice, it’s a vocation that is created to last a life time and make you happy
    God designed marriage to make people happy
    Marriage was not meant to be a series of test trials
    God intended for us to find the one person that makes us happy and live the rest of our life with them
  • 13. Definitive Statement
    The Church views divorce as a moral evil, even though more than 50% of marriages end in divorce today, it is still wrong, it breaks the covenant with God and goes against the natural law.  
  • 14. Anecdote
  • 15. Thank you Any questions?
  • 16. Works Cited