The civil war, lincoln, lee

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  • 1. The Civil War Fighting began April 12, 1861 1 year after Abraham Lincoln became president Confederates fired on Union troops at Fort Sumter (Charleston Harbor) 4 years long General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant  Nearly 620,000 soldiers on both sides died  About 500,000 wounded
  • 2. Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 One of the most admired and respected U.S. presidents “Champion of Emancipation” Won presidency in 1860 1 year later, the Civil War began Assassinated while attending the theater in 1865
  • 3. Robert E. Lee 1807-1870 Graduated West Point with high honors One of the finest military leaders in U.S. Army Lincoln offered to make him head of Union army Lee refused, although he believed in the Union and opposed slavery and secession  Resigned from U.S. Army, commanded army of Northern Virginia instead; later all Confederates
  • 4. Literary Term: Diction A writer’s choice and arrangement of words Gives writing a unique quality; what makes an author’s writing his/her own
  • 5. “The Gettysburg Address” Battle of Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania July 1863 Union victory, turning point in war 51,000+ soldiers injured Lincoln gave a moving speech at the dedication of a military cemetery on the battlefield
  • 6. TAKE NOTES! Quiz after.
  • 7. “Letter to His Son” From Robert E. Lee to his son (obviously…) Talks about difficult decision he faces  Believes in the Constitution, believes in the Union BUT…  His loyalty is to Virginia  Wants to fight to defend his state
  • 8. TAKE NOTES! Quiz after.
  • 9. Reading Check Quiz1. (1) What happened 87 (four score and seven) years ago?2. (2) Why were the people gathered at the cemetery?3. (3) What is Lincoln’s overall purpose in “The Gettysburg Address”? What is he trying to do?4. (1) What gift did Lee’s son give him and why would “his spirit be grieved”?5. Why is Lee against secession?6. What does Lee say he will do if problems emerge within the government and the Union crumbles?
  • 10. Classwork p. 536, #s 1 & 6 p. 537, #s 1-2, 4