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17th & 18th Centuries
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17th & 18th Centuries



Published in Education , News & Politics
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  • 1. 17TH & 18TH CENTURIES
  • 2. 1625-1649 Charles I needs money for wars, Parliament won’t fund him Charles makes the poor fight, Parliament opposes his abuse of power Charles dissolves Parliament for 11 years Civil war breaks out: Parliament vs. King Oliver Cromwell = head of Parliament army 1647- Charles = POW, convicted of treason, beheaded in 1649
  • 3. English Commonwealth New government after Charles Led by Oliver Cromwell Cromwell dissolves Parliament in 1653 Names himself Lord Protector, rules as a dictator until death in 1658 Civil war ≠ free society…economic hardships, unrest Gambling, horse racing, newspapers, fancy clothes, public dancing, theater outlawed
  • 4. The Restoration 2 years after Cromwell’s death, Parliament gives crown to Charles I’s exiled son Charles II = king in 1660 Supported science and arts-brought in foreign musicians, painters
  • 5. Industrial Age Inventions  Power loom – spinning, weaving (run by steam engine)  Factories – mass production  Merchants selling goods world-wide  Huge increase in Britain’s wealth
  • 6. The Enlightenment Reason, Nature Attempt to determine order of the world Sir Isaac Newton = gravity
  • 7. 17th & 18th Century Literature Ben Jonson  turn from ornate Elizabethan style to a modern, strong voice John Donne  new, witty, cerebral style known as metaphysical poetry  Philosophy, science, law George Herbert  religious lyrics  Nature, love, God
  • 8. 17th & 18th Century Literature Puritan writers  John Milton  Political pamphlets, poetry, devotion to God  John Bunyan  Biblical writing The Age of Reason  John Dryden  Plays, poetry, satirical essays  Alexander Pope  Neoclassical = wit, elegance, moderation  Jonathan Swift  Satire  Daniel DeFoe  Fiction  Samuel Johnson  First English dictionary