Web 2.0 tools.


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Web 2.0 tools.

  1. 1. Web 2.0 ToolsBy: Marissa Schuettpelz
  2. 2. Bio Cube• readwrite.com• Create a bio cube about people, or other things.• You can use it for school to study people and play school study games.
  3. 3. Gliffy• Gliffy.com• Gliffy is where you can put your thoughts down and stay organized.• You can use it to prepare for an essay.
  4. 4. Voki• voki.com• You can use Voki to present presentations and study people and what they would say.• Voki you create different people or animals.
  5. 5. Bubbl.us• bubbl.us• You can use this tool for school so you can plan out what your are writing in an essay.• This tool is used to organize your thoughts.
  6. 6. Wolfram Alpha• wolframalpha.com• Wolfram Alpha has just about every answer for everything.• You can can check answers for assignment you do not get.
  7. 7. Student Publishing• studentpublishing.com• You can use student Publishing for school to write a paper/story or a presentation.• Student Publishing you can create your own book.
  8. 8. Wordle• wordle.net• You can use Wordle to see how many what words you used most in an essay, also you can use it for a presentation for school.• You create ascramble of words.
  9. 9. Youtube• youtube.com• You can use this for school to post vidoes for a project or look up a video school related, also we are now doing fliped classes with youtube.• Youtube you watch different kinds of• videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JINcBPZFYGg
  10. 10. Photobucket• photobucket.com• We can use this tool for school by making photos to add to slide shows or sharing photos with group members via e-mail.• Photobucket youcan edit photos.
  11. 11. SoundCloud• soundcloud.com• You can use SoundCloud for school to put a book report up or use it for a different language as a project.• SoundCloud you can look up different music or create your own.• http://soundcloud.com/ms16666/frenchness
  12. 12. Slide Bomb• slidebomb.com• Slide Bomb you can be used for school to share a presentation.• Slide Bomb is a slide show maker plus• more. http://slidebomb.com/sbo_acc_main.php
  13. 13. Photo Peach• photopeach.com• Photo Peach is a slideshow creator.• You can use this for school to create• slideshows for a school project. http://photopeach.com/album/mx96h3#
  14. 14. Webs• webs.com• This tool you can create your own web site.• You can use it for a presentation or help others learn.
  15. 15. Spruz• spruz.com• Spruz is a web site maker.• You can use Spruz for school to make web sites for presentations.
  16. 16. Quik Maps• quikmaps.com• Quik Maps is a tool where you can draw a line from point A to B.• Quik Maps can be used for school to make maps, and show where people lived or where they traveled, etc.
  17. 17. Penzu• penzu.com• Penzu you create an online Diary.• Penzu can be used for school to write papers for any class.
  18. 18. SlideShare• slideshare.net• Slideshare is a Web 2.0 tool that you can create a slide show.• Slideshare can be used for school to create a presentation.
  19. 19. Floor Planner• floorplanner.com