Energy and Conservation

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  • 1. Look Familiar? Keep it in mind
  • 2. The Mystery • It is in everything • Nothing happens without it • We buy it, we sell it, we use it, we waste it, everything depends on it • We can’t create it, we can’t destroy it • It can change form, it can go from one thing to another » REMEMBER THIS • We do, however, know how it behaves; therefore, we can predict what will happen because of it • What is it? •Energy
  • 3. Main Types of Energy • Potential Waiting Energy It has the potential to do something • Kinetic Happening Energy It is making things happen
  • 4. Forms of Energy Chemical - Stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules contained in foods, fuels, and chemicals Nuclear- Stored in the nucleus of an atom. Very large amounts of energy can be released when the nucleus is split apart
  • 5. Forms of Energy Sound- Energy that we can hear in the form of waves Radiant or Electromagnetic - Energy from waves
  • 6. Forms of Energy Electrical - Energy contained in electrons flowing through a wire or in the atmosphere Heat or Thermal -Energy contained in particles of matter as they move
  • 7. Forms of Energy Gravitational - Energy due to the position above earth Mechanical - Energy stored in objects by tension contained in a spring or elastic
  • 8. How Can I Remember? • Mechanical • Radiant (Electromagnetic) • Sound • Gravitational • Chemical • Heat (Thermal) • Electrical • Nuclear Mrs. G. Chen Who ?
  • 9. Remember? It Can Change Form • Potential energy can change to kinetic energy ck05_int_rollercoaster/
  • 10. Remember? It Can Change Form • Kinetic energy can change to potential energy
  • 11. Remember? It Can Go From One Form to Another
  • 12. Remember? It Can Go From One Form to Another • Can you pick out the energy transformations? • Too easy! • Here are some more
  • 13. What is the Significance? Law of Conservation of Energy Can You Come Up With It? Here’s a Hint! Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be changed from one form to another The amount of energy in the universe is the same now as it ever was and will ever be! Why?
  • 14. Food for Thought • Does it sound like another law? • Which one?