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2012 Kent School Growth Plan
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2012 Kent School Growth Plan


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2012 School Growth Plan presentation to the SD78 Board of Education on June 19, 2012

2012 School Growth Plan presentation to the SD78 Board of Education on June 19, 2012

Published in: Education, Sports
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  • Welcome – share the stories behind the words and numbersEvolution of our growth plan – added more SMART goals, more accountability Moving from qualitative to quantitativeAfterwards, if you have a question on actual growth plan, we can go over afterwards
  • Our vision remains the same
  • But how do we do this?
  • Quality teaching based on the most powerful tool we have: formative assessment
  • Adapting BC Performance Standards for Kent Teachers, Students, parentsPosting standards online and in classrooms (based on parent feedback and staff discussions)
  • Quality teacher, modeling a love of reading, targeted intervention
  • And there is more plans to come from this group.
  • Transparent criteria to guide teaching and learning
  • Using technology as a platform for writing.Websites, blogging, collaborative writing
  • Using Inquiry for reading, writing, learning
  • Focus on consistent standards, quality teaching, increasing the use of manipulativesParent communication around the “new math”
  • Lorna Williams: Every child has a gift, we need to nurture and bring out this gift in our children.Focus on encouraging strengths while challenging deficits
  • And there is more plans to come from this group.
  • Teachers teach in an area of passionStudent explore interests
  • No criteria, gradesAll about sharing who we are.
  • Smaller, local events.
  • Celebrating the strengths in our kids. Not taking away from academics and athletics, but adding to it.
  • Creating the conditions to lead
  • Try to embed FN culture rather than making it a “field trip”
  • Assessment, Growth Mindset, Lagging skills
  • Hard work, effort, risk taking, respond to setbacksWe are not born with fixed talents.
  • Movedaway from punishment and banning – toward coaching.Create conditions for students to be successful.Kids Do Well if They Can – lagging skills
  • More than involvement – voice in their child’s education
  • SPC meets once per monthFN Parent group before every honouring ceremony
  • THE most important thing we can do – build relationshipsOne hand up, the other hand inviting
  • Using tech to meet parents where they areCommunication WITH rather than TO
  • Transcript

    • 1. Kent Elementary School Growth Plan 2012-2015 “Focusing On Our Strengths” School Planning Council: Wendy Clark, Leah Ochoa, Kate Onos-Gilbert, Amber Kafi, Chris Wejr Staff, Parents, and Students of Kent School
    • 2. GOAL A: To work to ensure that each student masters the basic skills of numeracy and literacy.
    • 3. 3 Key Questions: 1. Where are we right now? 2. Where do we need to go? 3. How do we get there? Dylan Wiliam Image:
    • 4. Focusing more on Formative Assessment……becoming more consistent andtransparent with Summative Assessment
    • 5. Objective 1: To increase thenumber of students fully meetingin reading in grades 4-6 to 80% onreport cards, DART and FSA.
    • 6. Encouraging a Love of Reading
    • 7. Do you like to read? 97% 2012 End of Year Poll of Kent Intermediate
    • 8. Objective 2To increase thenumber ofstudents fullymeeting inwriting in grades4-6 to 80% onreport cards,DWW, and FSA.
    • 9. Writing.Connecting. Sharing.
    • 10. Challenging andPersonalizing Through Inquiry
    • 11. Objective 3:To increase the number of students fullymeeting in mathin grades 4-6 to 80% on report cards and FSA.
    • 12. Goal ‘B’ To provide a school culture thatrecognizes and nurtures the strength and/or interests of each child.
    • 13. Do you know astrength you have? 98% 2012 End of Year Poll of Kent Intermediate Students
    • 14. CHOICESPROGRAMteaching our passions,exploring our interests
    • 15. IDENTITY DAYshowcasingwho we are
    • 16. First NationHonouring Ceremonies
    • 17. Celebrating Our Strengths Assemblies
    • 18. Opportunities for Leadership
    • 19. Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement
    • 20. Culture Embedded in Our Learning
    • 21. Goal C: Work to ensure that eachstudent believes that he/she is a confident learner.
    • 22. I am a confident learner.I know that if I try hard I can learn.  100% 2012 End of Year Poll of Kent Intermediate Students
    • 23. Assessment for Learning Assessment explicitly designed to promote learning is the single most powerful tool we have for raising achievement. -- Black and Wiliam
    • 24. Developing a Growth Mindset DevelopingConfident Learners
    • 25. Coaching the Needed Skills
    • 26. Goal D: To provide a school culture that welcomes and fosters parent/family engagement in their childs education
    • 27. At The Table Dedicated PAC and School Planning CouncilFirst Nation Parent Groups
    • 28. Increase Opportunities For School-Family ContactsFamily-Teacher Evenings Family Learning Evenings Family Social Evenings
    • 29. Our Plan… in pictures
    • 30. Kent Elementary School Growing. Leading. Learning.