Top 10 Online Productivity Hacks


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Top 10 Online Productivity Hacks

  1. 1. When it comes to productivity online with your internet marketing, there are 10 things Irecommend that you get in order if you’re going to manage your time effectively.Productivity Hack #1 Automate anything you can: From autoresponders to webinar replays, there are thousands oftools that can do repetitive work for you. Stop manually doing any task you can use a robot for!Productivity Hack #2Use templates: Stop rebuilding the layout of every email you send. Set up a template and use itover and over again. Firstly it build familiarity for readers and secondly it saves hours.Productivity Hack #3 Use a form filler: Filling out forms is a pain in my butt A form filler can pre-fill most of yourdetails for you. Better still, you can set up multiple profiles so that you can choose which detailsto fill in. 1 set of real details, another when you think you might be spammed.Productivity Hack #4 Use sequencing: Write your articles for the month or week in one sitting. When you’re in thegroove you get a lot more done in less time. Sequence them so they post to your blog or updateyour facebook status etc over time.Productivity Hack #5 Use Sites like this allow you to spread your RSS feed or updates to multiple social mediasites at once. You want to get your message out as quickly and efficiently as possible.Productivity Hack #6Use Google Alerts: Don’t spend hours researching for article content, Google will send youanything it finds that matches your search phrase for free! Daily, hourly or weekly.Productivity Hack #7Work Offline Often: When you’re constantly connected, you get distracted by bells andwhistles going off all the time. Being online doesn’t mean living online. Constant connection willdraw you away from what is important.Productivity Hack #8Implement Dropbox: Stop moving files all over the place. Sign up for and 1/2
  2. 2. download the software. Install it on all your computers and log them all in with the same username and password. Now anything you save into dropbox will appear on all your computers at once. This means you can start work on your laptop, save then open and finish at home or work on your other computer or ipad etc. Productivity Hack #9 Evernote: Signup for Evernote and download the app. Everytime you find an example of good layouts, articles you like, sales copy that’s good, etc tag it into Evernote so you can refer to it later. Think of it like a manilla folder full of examples. Productivity Hack #10 Use Tabs: Funnily enough,not many people realise that you can have one browser window open with multiple websites showing in tabs. This is perfect when you’re working on your site as you can make edits, switch to another tab and refresh to see if it looks right. Tabs save time reordering windows. So there’s my latest top 10 online productivity hacks. What do you think? Do you have any ideas to add? if so, please send them to me via facebook or email. Click Here for The Full Indepth Article Now! Top 10 Online Productivity Hacks 2/2Powered by TCPDF (