Brad Hauck - 10 Steps for More Business Online Worksheet


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Complete the worksheet to learn how to get more business online thru your website.

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Brad Hauck - 10 Steps for More Business Online Worksheet

  1. 1. [1] www.dotcomaholic.comLINK!Brad Hauck - MrWebMarketingDiscover the Power thatGuarantees Your OnlineBusiness Success Today!IT’SANUNEVENPLAYINGFIELDFORSMALLBUSINESSONTHEWEBWhen small business start marketing themselves online, most believe that they’re playing on a level playingfield. This is so far from the truth that it’s not funny.You’re not just competing with the guy down the road that sells a similarproduct. You’re competing, in some cases, with the whole world but you don’tknow it.Internet marketers from all around the world are competing for the traffic thatyou’re trying to get. You might think someone in England wouldn’t be interestedin being found in your local area but what you don’t realise is that the localdirectory might not be owned by someone local. The websites advertisingtourist attractions or accommodation might be based in India or North America.Not only are they trying to get your traffic, they’re trying to get every localbusiness’s traffic and then they’ll probably turn around and offer to sell thosevisitors to you.Serious Internet marketers will compete in almost any niche market. Becausetheir business is 100% online, they can spend every waking minute working ontraffic generation. Where you are proud of your 10 page site, they will build a 100,000 page website to competeagainst you across a vast range of keyword searches.Yes, I said a 100,000 page website!One of the key things that serious marketers do that small business don’t, is set up a web of sites some of which arespecifically designed to grab as much traffic as they can even if that means that Google burns them. This means thatthey get dropped from Google’s rankings. An Internet marketer may build 50 or more sites like this just to target yourniche. They will link those to their main site through a series of feeder sites. If one site does get burnt, they just buildmore to replace it.This web of linked sites all direct traffic back to the main site which is protected. When I say protected, I mean thatthe site has everything done legally and properly so that they give Google no reason to drop it. All of the linked sitesare set up across a range of servers all around the world, quite often under different names, so that there is noobvious link back to the owners of the protected site.So now you can see why I say it’s an uneven playing field for small business online. It doesn’t mean you can’t getgood rankings for organic traffic in Google and the other search engines. It does mean that you might like to think alittle bigger and keep an eye on what the people around you are doing to steal the traffic from your small business.Social MediaMarketingSearch EngineOptimisation TrafficGeneration LeadConversionPh 07 56414143
  2. 2. [2] www.dotcomaholic.com1.Has your website design been updated in the last 2 years?2.Is it obvious what you want someone to do when they visit your site?3.Can you edit your own website?4.Do you know how to edit your website?5.Do you have over 50 pages in your website?6.Does your website get over 100 visitors a day?7.Is your highest traffic keyword your name or business name?8.Do you write a page titles that attract Google traffic?9.What long tails are you trying to achieve?10.Do you deep link on your website?11.Do you promote your business to Australia with a your website sticky?13.Do you send an email to your mail list every month?14.Is your social media marketing automated?15.Do you know how many sites are linking to you?16.Have you ever completed a course about internet marketing?17.Do you follow a formula when writing new articles or pages?18.Does your site have a high bounce rate?19.Are you proud of your website?20.Is your website the laziest member of your staff?HOWGOODISYOURINTERNETMARKETING?Take 120 seconds to answer the following questions with a simple Y or N.
  3. 3. [3] www.dotcomaholic.comLIST9THINGSYOUSPECIALISEINTake 90 seconds to think about what it is that you really specialise in helping people with. Don’t stress too much over it,just write down the first thing that comes to mind.PLACESTOLINKFROMEvery time you add a new page to your website, you should go to each of these places and build a link back to it.S BDel.icio.usDiggStumble UponPropellorA DEzineArticles.comArticleRich.comSubmityourarticleArticlebase.comF BAdd it to your Fan Pageand make sure all yourfans know.F STake a feed from yoursite and use it to build aset of feeder .comBuild a free blog andadd your page rewrittento it then link to yourfeeder sites.B BBuild a free blog andadd your page rewrittento it then link to yourfeeder sites.