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Assigment 2
Assigment 2
Assigment 2
Assigment 2
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Assigment 2


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  • 1. European University of LefkeFaculty of Economics &Administrative Computer Information Systems MIS 404Management Information Systems Prepared by Merve KAVLAK 285019 14.03.2012 2011-2012 Spring Semester 1
  • 2. Assigment 2: Research What laws affect the use of computers in your home country and Whocontrols the internet?Prohibitions Internet in TurkeyAmazing world in the late 1980s on the internet is a rapidly growing is based on, newproblems began to emerge on the Internet. By this time the Internet into our daily lives,inevitably, the Internet culture, habits and affected our works on a regular basis. Thissituation has an impact alter the source of the concept. In other words, the understanding ofthe resource center, although some exceptions, the road parallel to the floor as though theworld of internet has changed radically. Resource center of books from the past, themind,encyclopedias, libraries, schools or departments of education would be, but theintroduction of the internet many aspects of life passed into the hands of another dimensioncontrol. This change became more apparent in nearly thirty years, have led to the virtualworld and its people have changed the structure of peoples thinking, so that any computerliterate person has become itself a source of information.Some sites on the Internet the owner / designer of an item in any context by is extremelyeasy to install and there is a unit responsible for oversight of them, the number and type ofthese resources has been greatly expanded in recent years. New applications in the virtualworld, have contributed to the process mentioned. Over the Internet to share with otherpeople or to explain what they think a person is not required to have a web site, private orcommercial. For this, a door opening and makes it easy for membership websites. In fact,some internet sites allow members to create personal pages with their own names. Inaddition to any charge, BlogSpot, Webnode, while allowing for the Webs installations theywant users to sites like YouTube, Myspace and some as not only gives the right tomembership.Since the emergence of Internet commerce, entertainment, arts, communications, includingserves many areas, but this short period the "virtual noise" increases. In this direction withthe negative effects of a virtual society, away from pollution and harmful content andinappropriate content to keep the virtual pollution cleanup sites to take some precautionsagainst the authorities has become a current issue. But the real problem has been theimplementation of this initiative. Because the values and beliefs of this website areinappropriate and unacceptable by the authorities to prevent their access to the mainaction. There are definitely some of the reasons for resorting to the authorities and theimplementation of this road and some features may vary by country. The details of the issueto better understand the world in general, take a look internet bans necessary.Prohibitions in the world InternetSeen as harmful to block access to these sites sites and take control of the authorities indifferent countries, to be valid within the borders of their countries, refers to blocking and 2
  • 3. censorship. This practice is not only unique to underdeveloped or developing countries anddeveloped countries can be seen. Reasons for such an application the countries political,religious, cultural or moral values and beliefs vary according to (Noman, 2008). Sitescontaining items of this type of work and the countrys economic, social, political andreligious values, örtüşmüyorsa, blocking or censorship can take the circuit. For example, thePeoples Republic of China, Islamic Republic of Iran, South Korea, Tunisia, Denmark, Italy,Austria, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Norway, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom,United States (U.S.), France, blocking or censorship in countries like Canada are among theapplicant countries for the implementation of Samples can be seen that both developingblocking or censorship, but also available in developed countries, but the reasons vary fromcountry to country. In order to understand these differences in both developed anddeveloping countries is necessary to look at a few examples.Prohibitions Internet in TurkeyFrom the internet prohibitions in Turkey, for some reason so farnumber of Web site shut down, it is possible to say that the people accept this situation, theusual. Opened nearly a thousand pages of the sites decision to blockdarkened, and thehistory there and the corresponding number of the decision taken by the courts, as wellas visitors to the sentence meets the red block.Legal Justification for the ApplicationMay 4, 2007 adopted the legal rationale for the prohibitions of the Internet inTurkey5651 Regulation of Internet Publications and Combating Crimes CommittedThrough this Publications Law. This law, the scope of the prohibitions on the internet and toprevent the possible causes are identified by references to relevant laws are: according tothe law to prevent such situations are subject to the criminal.1. Directing suicide (Article 84),2. Sexual abuse of children (Article 130, first paragraph),3. Facilitating the use of narcotic or psychotropic substances (Article 190),4. Supply of dangerous substances for health (Article 194), 173WORLD DATA Internet Prohibitions Turkey, 2009, 10 (2)5. Obscenity (Article 226),6. Prostitution (Article 227),7. And providing opportunity for gambling (Article 228),8. No. 5816 dated 07/25/1951 on Crimes against Ataturk Crimes mentioned in the law(Carpenter, 2008) 3
  • 4. Internet Prohibitions Of 22 AugustInformation Technologies and Communication Council (BTK) drafted "Principles andProcedures for the safe use of the Internet" will enter into force on August 22, 2011. Withthis application, users have to choose one of ICTAs determined to leave 4 internet filter.Circumvent the filter considered a crime. Filter criteria are completely determined by theICTA to enjoy. This application in the world of the Internet as China, Cuba, Iran "arrested" incountries where being used. What is the basis?4th and 50th articles of the Law No. 6 of 5809 dated 28.07.2010 with 27 655 in the OfficialGazette under the provisions of article 10 of the Electronic Communications SectorConsumer Rights Ordinance prepared by BTK "Safe Use of Internet Draft Principles andProcedures "was approved by decision No. 2011/DK-10/91 on February 22, 2011," Principlesand Procedures for the safe use of the Internet, "the decision was made to enter into forceon August 22 in 2011.More precisely, the state will be launched on August 22 in the system to the Internet "BTK"accessible by selecting one of the four filter types. Be considered a crime to work toovercome or circumvent the filter. Internet service providers are also blamed for the filtersto prevent users from exceeding the expected heavy fines on them otherwise.According to the regulation will be four types of filters. Family child at home and thestandard package. Internet subscribers will have to select each one of them. This type offilter applied to Internet cafes, "Websense" filter to imitate. In other words, sites candetermine not only be able to enter the internet cafe. Even without this kind of problemwith content filtering systems are known by many site users filter is installed. 4