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Culminating Project
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Culminating Project


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My culminating project's slideshow. The adress to the Noodle Tools bibliography is

My culminating project's slideshow. The adress to the Noodle Tools bibliography is

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Publication By: Clayton Kochmer
  • 2. ● Always liked writing fiction. ● Could be good possibility for career ● Good hobby at least Why I Chose Publication
  • 3. Three Main Types 1. Traditional 2. Self 3. Digital
  • 4. Traditional Publishing Pro’s ● paid up front ● have experienced and well known group advertising your book Con’s ● Takes a large amount of time
  • 5. The Big 5 Hachette Book Group Harpercollins Macmillan Penguin Random House-formed Simon & Schuster Not as open to unasked for submissions
  • 6. Smaller Publishers Generally easier and faster to get published in, but more specific in what they want.
  • 7. Query Letters ● 1 page formal letter addressed to a specific editor, with contact information and addressed return envelope ● needs to be engaging fast ● make it look professional
  • 8. Literary agents Extremely helpful for getting published, publishing houses use them extensively to help sort through the volume of books
  • 9. Signs of a Good Agent ● List of books they’ve helped get published ● No upfront fees, they get a cut of what you get, not a flat fee
  • 10. Self-Publishing Pro’s ● Easier to start Con’s ● Expensive up front ● All advertising is self-advertising
  • 11. Digital Publishing Several large companies digitally publishing,such as amazon Many smaller groups/sites Pro’s: ● Much easier to get published in the first place Con’s: ● Less income in best case scenario of the three
  • 12. Lengths Around 250 words goes to a page Short Story:1000-7,500, 4-30 pages Novelette:7,500-20,000, 30-80 pages, Not the easiest to get published Novella:20,000- 50,000, 80-200 pages, Good length for a non-fiction piece and for online publishing Novel:50,000-110,000, 200-440 pages, An ideal length for an adult fiction book is around 80,000 to 90,000 words Epics:110,000+, 440+ pages
  • 13. My Story 1533 words. Would be around 6 pages long. Another 35-40 of similar length to make into novel sized book. Best path would be to publish digitally.
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