Which color kurti suits you as per your complexion
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Which color kurti suits you as per your complexion






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  • www.mruga.com
  • www.mruga.com

Which color kurti suits you as per your complexion Which color kurti suits you as per your complexion Presentation Transcript

  • Which Color Kurti Suits YouAs Per Your Complexion? Www.Mruga.com
  • How to dress to suit your skin tone• There are many skin tones. There are many things to take into note when choosing which colors to wear. Take a look at how skin tone can contribute to colors that look smart. The color you should and should not choose to wear it’s depending on your skin tone, hair color & eye color.
  • Indentify your skin toneFor Indian women there are three basic skin types• Dark Skin• Medium skin• Fair Skin
  • Skin tone• 1,2,3,4 numbers are consider as Fair skin tone• 5,6,7,8 numbers are consider as medium skin tone• 9,10,11,12 numbers are consider as dark skin tone
  • Dark Skin Tone What to Wear • Rich golden, Spicy and earthy colors kurti will accent your complexion • Select sand, olive, light gold and chocolate color kurti What not to wear • Must avoid tropical color kurti • Avoid Dark Color Kurtiwww.mruga.com
  • Medium Skin ToneWhat to wear• If you have medium skin tone you can wear almost any shade attire• light and dark colors kurti will contrast nicely with your color• Try different colors like light plum, purple, aqua, burgundy and forest green designer kurtiWhat not to wear• Only colors that you should avoid wearing are those that blend too closely with your skin tone, for example if you have an olive colored complexion - avoid this shade!
  • Fair Skin ToneWhat to wear• Light and softer colors compliment your skin-tone as they are relaxed and soft so think sand, steel blue, butter, lilac and ivoryWhat not to wear• Avoid orange, lime green and yellow color kurti