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See what's hot this month and where you can save. You can logon to www.beautybargains-oriflame.in and place your orders.

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Oriflame catalogue5-2013

  2. 2. fragranceEvery day should have its golden touch, its little extra dash ofsparkle that makes you feel more beautiful, more feminine andseductive. More by Demi gives me all that…and more.Make your lifeyour own fairy taleEvery day should have its golden touch, its little extra dash ofsparkle that makes you feel more beautiful, more feminine andseductive. More by Demi gives me all that…and more.2
  3. 3. ቢባDemi Moore presents:NEWTRY ME!Rub the bottle andtry the fragrance!HollywoodLAUNCH OFFER`800ባ More by Demi Eau de ParfumEmbody a world of pure Hollywoodmagic with More by Demi Eau de Parfum.Bewitching Tahitian ylang-ylang, elegantjasmine sambac and creamy sandalwoodentwine in a seductive embracecapturing the incomparable glamour andsophistication of Demi Moore. 50 ml.23624 ` 2690`1890ቢ More by Demi DeodorisingBody SprayIndulge in an exciting dose of Hollywoodallure with the luminous, velvety notesof More by Demi Body Spray. Ideal for asubtle touch of scent or with More byDemi Eau de Parfum for even longer-lasting cinematic glamour. 75 ml.24457 ` 198`179SAVE UP TO3
  4. 4. make-upDramatic eyes are not only incredibly powerful, but easy to achieve whenyou’ve got the right products. Get our popular Wonder Lash Waterproof0DVFDUD IRU IXOO RQ ODVKHV DQG .RKO 3HQFLO IRU D SUHFLVLRQ ¿QLVKIn focus withStunning ImpactModeliswearing:OriflameKohlPencil23858Black,OriflameBeauty2FXMascara20362Black,OriflameBeautyWonderLashWaterproofMascara15027Black,OriflameBeautyStudioArtistFoundation22909OliveBeige,OriflameBeautyPerfectBlush21651GlowingPeach.44
  5. 5. NOW ORNEVERቢባmake-up50off%23859NudeSpend ` 500 in this month’scatalogue and achievestunning impact eyes withthese discount products atቢ Oriflame Beauty Kohl PencilEnhance and define your eyes with creamy,colour-rich eyeliner.The nude shade acts asan eye opener for a bright, young look.Theintense black adds dramatic definition. Safeto use even for sensitive eyes. 1.3 g.` 198`99ባ Oriflame Beauty Wonder LashWaterproof MascaraWaterproof mascara that defines, lengthens,separates and volumises without smudging,smearing or running. Flake-proof complexfor flake free lashes. 8 ml.15027 ` 398`19923858Black15027Black*Buy any or both products at 50% off,when spending Rs.500 in this catalogue.5
  6. 6. ቢባቤብ ቦ“Beautiful skin is aluxury we all deserve.”ባ Royal Velvet Radiance Powder Scrub40 g.23823 ` 690ቦ Royal Velvet Repairing Night Cream50 ml.22814 ` 1290ቤ Royal Velvet Creamy Cleansing Milk200 ml.22421 ` 690ቢ Royal Velvet Firming Eye ContourCream15 ml.22815 ` 649ብ Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF 1550 ml.22424 ` 1190MONICA BELLUCCIWorld famous actressskin care6
  7. 7. 40+S K I N - F I R M I N G M AG N I F I C E N C ERoyal Velvet Ultra Firming CapsulesLight yet deep-nourishing blend of 5 precious oilsand Black Iris Infusion leaves your skin immediatelysmoothened and velvet soft, with fine lines andwrinkles visibly reduced. Follow with your RoyalVelvet Day or Night Cream. 28 capsules to be usedin 4 weeks. 28 pcs.24547 ` 1690`1190FIVE PRECIOUS OILSFOR A SKIN-FIRMINGRITUALIN4WEEKSTwist or cut capsule tip andmassage its contents ontothe cleansed face and neck,then follow with your RoyalVelvet Day or Night Cream.Bring your skin-firming routine to a newlevel! NEW Royal Velvet Capsules deliverunsurpassed potency to smoothen andfirm your skin –with BLACK IRIS INFUSIONin every precious drop!HOWTO USE:FINE LINESAND WRINKLESAPPEAR MINIMISED 83%**Consumer effectiveness on 94 womenFOR ALLSKIN TYPESRED CARPET DEAL!`500SAVE7
  8. 8. ቢባ ቤ40+skin careቢ Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti-BreakoutDay/NightCentella Asiatica and Salicylic Acid clear pores,targets breakouts, and fade away post-blemish scars.Apply morning and evening to cleansed face. Non-comedogenic to suit all skin types. 30 ml.23770 ` 1890ቤ Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair NightNourishing lifting night cream containing PureRetinol that works on a cellular level to deliver deeplifting action to sagging skin. 30 ml.21356 ` 1790ባ Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate DayConcentrated lifting day cream with Pure Retinol.Contains SPF 15 to protect the skin’s defencemechanisms.Works to deliver instant and lastinglifting action to sagging skin. 30 ml.21353 ` 1690FOR ALLSKIN TYPESSKINPROBLEMADULTBREAKOUTSSERIOUS SOLUTIONS toSERIOUS SKIN PROBLEMSFOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT:oriflame.com/bioclinic8
  9. 9. 40+Bioclinic Fade Away Active EssenceNightConcentrated cream to reducepigmentation at the cellular level and evenout skin tone. Contains Tone Down™featuring patented lightening Dioic acidand melanin-inhibiting Rumex occidentalis,with flavonoids for a younger look. Darkpatches get visibly lighter after 8 weeks ofconsistent use. 30 ml.24191 ` 1890`1390REDUCE HYPERPIGMENTATION.RESTORE SKIN EVENNESS”Hyperpigmentation is caused by excessivelocal production of melanin in the skin.Bioclinic Tone Down™ Technologyacts at the cellular level to improve skinclarity and lighten dark patches of skin”.*skin colour changes observed after 8 weeksDrAlain Mavon,PhD,Bioclinic Research Director.AFTERBEFOREInspired by aesthetic medicine3YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHBREAKTHROUGH CELLULARTECHNOLOGYCLINICALLY PROVEN REDUCTIONIN PIGMENTATION*HollywoodLAUNCH OFFERNEWSKINPROBLEMDARKSPOTS`500SAVE9
  10. 10. MUST HAVE1535IN THISCATALOGUE:Wrap your lips in pure satin!40% off!PAGEAll Day Freshness starts atOnly`99PAGEQ Quick buy:23718, ` 99Q Quick buy:23725, ` 99Niklas FriskVice President Head of SouthAsia and Managing Director,IndiaWhere Hollywood Fairytales Come TrueOriflame is one of the fastest growing direct selling companiestoday.Over 45 years of Swedish beauty expertiseCombining the wisdom of nature with the latestscienceCharity and education programs across the worldExclusive business opportunity through OriflameABOUT ORIFLAMEQ Quick buy:24940,24942,24944-47, ` 23912-19 HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY REPORTNow you can get the looks that shookthe red carpet!20-35TOILETRIESGet“In-Trend” with natural beauty36-43 MAKE UPMust-have tools for superstar looks44-49VERY MEAn eye for attraction50-67 SKIN CAREGorgeous skin that glows like a star68-73 FRAGRANCEPerfumer secrets revealed!74-81 MEN’S CORNERGrooming for All-Star men 5( +27 $53(7 3,.6Don’t miss these A-list deals!Hello and welcome to this month’s ultra glamorous catalogue of the year with astar-studded“Hollywood Style” theme.,Q WKLV FDWDORJXH 2ULÁDPH LV LQWURGXFLQJ D VWXQQLQJO DPD]LQJ IUDJUDQFH HQGRUVHG E RQH RIHollywood’s legendary actress - Demi Moore.There will also be plenty of moreQHZ SURGXFWV HQGRUVHG E +ROOZRRG VWDUV JLYLQJ WKLV FDWDORJXH SOHQW RI EX]]and excitement!RQ·W IRUJHW WR FDWFK WKH KRWWHVW ORRNV IDLUWDOH SULFHV DQG WUHQGLHVW SURGXFWVexclusively inside this month’s catalogue. Enjoy a Hollywood-like shoppingexperience!10
  11. 11. WE LOVECRAZY DEAL99551947PAGESUKANYA LERTPRASERTPAKORN,6HQLRU DWDORJXH 3ODQQHU$VLD 3DFLÀF:“After a tiring working day, I usually like to end it with a soothing and aromaticskin regimen by Pure Nature Patchouli andYlangYlang.These products give mean uplifting skin ritual that puts a smile on my face!”MARKETERS INSIGHT:NEWQ Quick buy:16977, ` 590Q Quick buy:23555, ` 299Indulge in glowingwhiteness now at30%off!Beauty is skin deep!40% off!Fast Easy wayto deal withimperfections!`138Q Quick buy:21278-79, ` 138PAGEPAGEPAGEQ Quick buy:24470, ` 265Q Quick buy:24471, ` 289Q Quick buy:24472, ` Patchouli Ylang Ylangessential oils11
  12. 12. skin careHOLLYWOOD LOOKS WITHRADIANT SKINPorcelain white skin looks lit up the red carpet this season.Now you can glow with radiance and enjoy a brighter,younger complexion through Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening.Get this whitening solution suitable for all skin types.12
  13. 13. 35+ቢባskin careEcollagen [3D+] WhiteningResurfacing ExfoliantUnique exfoliant formula thattargets darkened, uneven skintone, fine lines and wrinkles. 75 ml.22406 ` 990`890Ecollagen [3D+] WhiteningIntensive MaskCleansing, hydrating andbrightening mask that leavesyour skin incredibly soft andwonderfully radiant. 75 ml.22408 ` 990ባ Ecollagen [3D+] WhiteningNight Restorative EssenceConcentrated formulation to help restore theskin’s evenness and promote uniform skin tonewhile you sleep. Infused with Hyaluronic acidand Tri-Peptide Complex to reduce wrinkles.Apply to the face and neck in the evening aftercleansing. 30 ml.17498 ` 1690`1190STEP 2 INTENSIVE MASK1.Apply after Ecollagen [3D+]Resurfacing Exfoliant to faceand neck.2. Rinse off with water.3. Use 1-2 times a week.How to use:1.Apply to clean, dry skin.2. Remove with light, sweepingmovements to createexfoliating spheres and rinse well.3. Use 1-2 times a week.How to use:RESURFACING EXFOLIANTSTEP 1Leave on for10-15 minutes.Leave on for1-2 minutes.FOR ALLSKIN TYPES30%OFFHollywood Style is backUP TOቢ Ecollagen [3D+] WhiteningAnti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15A unique, patented formula with SMARTWhitening Complex promotes even, brighterskin tone, for a more youthful glow. Infusedwith Tri-Peptide Complex and Hyaluronic acid,it reduces wrinkles in length, depth and width.Contains SPF 15. 50 ml.17533 ` 1590`1099“These products workedvery well in improvingmy complexion”13
  14. 14. make-upHOLLYWOOD LOOKS WITHSMASHING COLOURDPHUD ÀDVKHV ORXG VSHFWDWRUV DQG UHG FDUSHW YLEH EHFRPHWKH FHQWUH RI DWWHQWLRQ ZKHQ RX JR LQVWOH ZLWK RXU IDEXORXVPDNHXS VHOHFWLRQ 0DNHXS IRU RXU HHV DQG OLSV ± HYHUWKLQJRX QHHG IRU VPDVKLQJ ORRNVOriflame Beauty HyperStretch Mascara8 ml.24306 ` 39824306BlackModel is wearing: Oriflame Beauty Power Shine Lipstick 24944 Ultra Pink,Oriflame Beauty Hyper Stretch Mascara 24306 Black, Oriflame BeautyColour Pro Eye Shadow Trio 22920 Bronzed Taupe.14
  15. 15. ቢባmake-upProfessional Concealer/LipBrushMaterial: Nylon,Aluminium,Wood.Dimensions: 170 mm.24144 ` 179`129Professional Double-endedEye Shadow BrushMaterial: Pony Hair,Aluminium,Wood. Size: 180 mm.24147 ` 179Oriflame Beauty WonderLinerIntensely pigmented liquid eye linerwith a multi-dimensional applicatorfor a range of long-lasting looks.Shake well before use. 2.5 ml.21648 ` 379`29922918Smoky Black22919Smoky Brown22920Bronzed Taupe22921Sheer Purple22921SheerPurple22922ShimmeringGreen22923Royal Blueቢ Oriflame Beauty Colour ProEye Shadow TrioSix spectacular palettes, each with threepre-matched shades. Includes two highquality applicators. 2.7 g.` 479`33524942 Satin Clover24940 Nude Lustre24940NudeLustre24944 Ultra Pink24944UltraPink24945 Red Lustre24945RedLustre24946 Satin Mauve24947 Brown SheenWonder Colour Lip Liner0.3 g.` 24924035 Perfect Pink 24038 Real Red24039 Dark Plum 24040 Cream Chestnut24038RealRedባ Power Shine Satin LipstickThe world’s first ever lipstick using powdercore technology gives the shine benefitsof Power Shine with a new satin twist.Sparkling Power Shine core, created with3D light reflecting technology, is edged byconcentrated powder pigment, bringinglong-wearing intense colour with a satinfinish. 1.6 g.` 398`23940%OFFHollywood Style is backUP TO“Stock up on thesebeauty essentialsfor a price too hotto miss!”15
  16. 16. HOLLYWOOD LOOKS WITHILLUSTRIOUS LOCKSWith so many styles on the red carpet, why not try somethingdifferent? Whether your looking for coloured hair, wavy or curlyhair, and maybe side parting for a relaxed look. Whatever style youchoose, HairX will transform your style with maximum results!toiletries16
  17. 17. ቢባቤብቦቦ HairX Styling Ultimate StyleHairsprayInstantly strong, non-sticky, spray for 12 hourhold without residues. Spray from 30 cm away.200 ml.20374 ` 398`359* curl retention study** based on consumer evaluation on women menbetween the age of 20-45 who style their hair.ብ HairX Styling Flex Style Hair GelLong lasting, non sticky**, all day style holding*gel for wet or dry hair. Blow dry after if wet.Style with fingers when dry. 100 ml.18898 ` 329ቢ HairX Cushion BrushCreate those soft, feminine looks that always attractattention. It’s also perfect for everyday use forsmooth looks for men or women.With cushionedbristles and non-slip handle for ease of styling.Length: 24.5 cm, width: 6.3 cm.16181 ` 229`219ባ HairX Colour Protect ShampooKeep coloured hair looking gorgeous and lustrouswith this protecting shampoo. 250 ml.14707 ` 249`229ቤ HairX Colour Protect ConditionerNourishing conditioner for great-looking hair andlonger lasting colour. 250 ml.14708 ` 249`229Our Expertise – Your Beautiful HairCOLOURPRO+UV FiltersColourProtectiveFilmConditioningAgentstoiletries10%OFFHollywood Style is backUP TOSeal your locks incolour protectingcare formulated withColourPro+ Complex.17
  18. 18. toiletriesHOLLYWOOD LOOKS WITHGLOWING BEAUTYThe stars are now aligned; its time for you adapt a bath andshower routine that will give your star-studded skin. SilkBeauty is formulated with conditioning and whiteningextracts to transform the skin you’re in.18
  19. 19. ቢባቤብtoiletriesባ Silk Beauty White GlowAnti-perspirant 24H Deodorant50 ml.22714 ` 179ቢ Silk Beauty White Glow Soap Bar100 g.22715 ` 99ብ Silk Beauty White GlowBody Wash200 ml.22713 ` 379`299ቤ Silk Beauty White GlowBody Lotion200 ml.23555 ` 429`299Cherry Blossomfragrantly helps bringthe out skin’s naturalglowWhite Mulberryextract reduces skinpigmentation andwhitens the skin“Silk Beauty willchange the way youfeel about your skin!”30%OFFHollywood Style is backUP TO19
  20. 20. toiletries1.Restore beauty and keepyour feet radiant and smooth.Exfoliate your feet using a footscrub to soften hardened areas.2. Remove the hard skinfrom your feet. To do so use aIRRW ¿OH UXE RXU VNLQ JHQWODQG ULQVH RII WKH ÀDN UHVLGXH3.Use the Pumice Brush for agreat combination tool forsmoothing down calluses andhelping to rinse the feet whilecleansing.4. After scrubbing andDSSOLQJ FXWLFOH FUHDPfollow-up by massaging richfoot cream between the toes andover the entire foot.:LWK D IXOOUDQJH RI IRRW FDUH )HHW 8S KHOSV FDUUyou through life so you can move and expressRXUVHOI )HHO SRVLWLYH DQG OHW HYHUERG VHH WKLVTake your happy feet for aRED CARPET STRIDE46WHSV WR +HDOWK )HHWKeeps feetsmooth and silkySmoothing footcream to improveyour feet overnightExfoliates softens feetFeet Up Advanced 2 in 1 Deep ActionFoot ScrubAnti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle and Intensive CareComplex purify and revitalize your feet. 100 ml.23277 ` 329Foot FileThis handy turquoise foot file efficiently removesdead skin cells from feet, leaving them feelingsmooth and soft. 19 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm.9588 ` 149Foot Care Pumice BrushEffective 2-in-1 foot tool smoothes down callusesand cleans feet. 16.5 x 3 x 3.5 cm.9587 ` 179Feet Up Overnight MoisturisingFoot CreamBrings softness and helps soothe overnight, withAvocado Oil and AloeVera. Use just before bedtime.75 ml.20554 ` 249`21910%2))Smoothes downcalluses20
  21. 21. TOILETRIESቢባtoiletriesHappy Feet For TwoFAMILY PAMPERS FROM HEAD TO TOE Q PAGE 20-35ቢ Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel RepairFoot CreamRepair cracked heels with softening actives andIntensive Care Complex. Use twice daily. 75 ml.21889 ` 329`279ባ Feet Up Advanced Stimulating CoolingRelief Crackling Leg MousseInnovative cooling Mousse for tired legs with HorseChestnut, Lemon, and Intensive Care Complex.150 ml.21905 ` 449Intensive Care Complex: unique protecting,hydrating complex with Vitamin E, Glycerin,and Bisabolol.`37915%OFF21
  22. 22. toiletriesHappy Skin nourishing bodycream extra dry skinIntensive body cream that helps torelieve dry and rough skin.This richformula, with a lush and creamytexture, nourishes and conditionswith Pumpkin Seed Oil while giving asumptuous feeling upon application.200 ml.23734 ` 379Happinessin the skin you’re inHOW TO CHOOSE MY MOISTURISER?SENSITIVESKINNORMAL- DRY SKINEXTRA DRYSKIN*Instrumental testYOUR SKINCONDITIONYOURVISUALAPPEARANCEYOURSOLUTIONGive your skin a reason to be happy. No matter what your skintype there is a 24h moisturiser* just for you. Developed to leaveyour skin soft and smooth throughout the day, whether you havesensitive, normal-dry or extra dry skin.dryness and feelingof discomfortrough, tight andÁDN VNLQconstant roughness,scaling cracklingof the skinCaring Body Lotionwith Linseed Oil tohelp soothe andprotect skinHydrating BodyLotion with SesameOil to help moisturiseand soften skinNourishing Body Milkwith Pumpkin SeedOil to help restoreand condition skin22
  23. 23. ቢባቤቢ Happy Skin caring body lotionsensitive skinA mild body lotion developed to protect and carefor sensitive skin with soothing Linseed Oil to helpreduce the feel of irritation, this moisturiser leavesskin softer to the touch. 400 ml.23729 ` 490`390ባ Happy Skin hydrating body lotionnormal dry skinA fast absorbing body lotion for normal to dry skin.Formulated with Sesame Oil which helps soften andleave skin feeling hydrated with a lasting feeling ofsmoothness. 400 ml.23730 ` 490`390ቤ Happy Skin nourishing body milkextra dry skinIntensive body milk that helps to relieve and reducedry and rough skin. Offering lasting nourishmentthis moisturiser contains Pumpkin Seed Oil whichnourishes and conditions skin. 400 ml.23733 ` 490`390400 ml.24hMOISTURE*20%OFFA TREATFOR YOUR FEET!23
  24. 24. ቢባቢባቤtoiletriesባ Feminelle Refreshing IntimateWash with Pink Hibiscus ExtractDelicately fragranced and wonderfullyinvigorating Pink Hibiscus is combinedwith hydrating Lactic Acid in this wash topromote a healthy intimate area.Allergen-free fragrance let’s you cherish yourfemininity. 300 ml.23951 ` 379ቢ Feminelle Gentle Intimate WashExtra mild cleanser, with natural lactic Extragentle cleanser for the intimate area. pH-balanced and gynaecologist tested with ahypoallergenic fragrance. 300 ml.11101 ` 379Feminelle’s low pH value and allergen freescents respect the natural balance of yourintimate area as Lactic Acid protects.TrustFeminelle for everyday care.Gaze at the horizon where the azure skymeets the shimmering Aegean Sea, breathein the sea air as you recline in a secretsandy bay…ቢ Discover Santorini Blue ParadiseSoap Bar100 g.21190 ` 89ቤ Discover Santorini Blue ParadiseShower Gel250 ml.21188 ` 298ባ Discover Santorini Blue ParadiseBath Foam400 ml.21189 ` 398A bright, fresh cocktail ofFLWUXV DQG ÀRUDO VFHQWV with women in mind24
  25. 25. ቤtoiletriesDelicate intimatecare for herቤ Feminelle Soothing IntimateCreamMoisturising cream with active ingredients,natural lactic acid, shea butter and milkprotein, specially created for women’sintimate area. Dermatologically andgynaecologically tested. 75 ml.15240 ` 329Shea Butter’s unique composition acts asan emollient, leaving skin soft soothed,whilst nourishing and protecting simultaneously.Milk Protein promotes moisturisation.Subtly conditioning, these organic proteinshelp to retain the skin’s moisture.are mild enough for every dayknown to condition and moisturisegynaecologically tested25
  26. 26. ቢ ባtoiletriesNurture with natureባ Oriflame EcobeautyHand CreamA hand cream that offers immediatenourishment with Fairtrade OrganicCoconut Oil and Fairtrade SheaButter, helping to soften skin andprotect against the effects ofenvironmental stressors. Containsmoisturising Organic Glycerin andmineral UV filters. 75 ml.24276 ` 329ቢ Oriflame EcobeautyShower GelMoisturising soap-free shower geldeveloped with mild surfactantsderived from plants, softens skin.Organic Glycerin, Organic FairtradeCoconut Oil and Fairtrade Sugarcombine with a natural and lightscent leaving you feeling refreshedand hydrated. 200 ml.24278 ` 398ImprovesSkin FeelAfterShowerNoticeablySofterHandsBeautiful you… …beautiful planet1DWXUDO RVPHWLF FHUWLÀHG E Ecocert Greenlife DFFRUGLQJ WR(FRFHUW 6WDQGDUG DYDLODEOH DW http://cosmetics.ecocert.comECOBEAUTY SURGXFWV DUH YHJDQ IULHQGO DQG EHDU TheVegan SocietyŒ7KURXJKTheVegan Society™,ZH JXDUDQWHH DOO UDZ PDWHULDOV DQG ÀQDO SURGXFWV DUH IUHHIURP DQLPDO WHVWLQJDQLPDO IDWJHODWLQ RU DQ LQJUHGLHQWVGHULYHG IURP DQLPDOV7R OHDUQ PRUH DERXW WKH GLIIHUHQFH(FREHDXW DQG9HJDQ PDNHJR WRZZZRULÁDPHFRPHFREHDXW26
  27. 27. ባቤብቦቢtoiletriesIndulge in thepurest luxuryቢ Milk Honey Gold LiquidHand SoapSumptuous liquid hand soap with organicmilk honey extracts. 300 ml.15578 ` 298ብ Milk Honey Gold CreamySoap BarCleansing soap bar that locks moisture intothe skin for long-lasting hydration. 100 g.18953 ` 55ቦ Milk Honey Gold NourishingHand Body CreamRichly moisturising, luxurious cream forhand and body. 250 ml.15570 ` 479ባ Milk Honey Gold SmoothingSugar ScrubExfoliate and reveal softer skin with thisrich scrub with organic Milk Honeyextract to soften and condition. 200 ml.17556 ` 449ቤ Milk Honey Gold MoisturisingShower CreamCleanse and condition with this sumptuousshower cream. 200 ml.15579 ` 398Milk and Honey extracts are certifiedorganic, produced under strictregulations, to provide a natural andecological way to achieve beauty.27
  28. 28. NATUREቢባቤtoiletriesHow to use NatureHair Oil with 100%Coconut Oil:3.Wash out next daywith shampoo andconditioner.1.Apply oil to dryhair, massage in allthe way to theroots.2. Leave overnight, forat least 4-5 hours.ቢ Nature Secrets Shampoo for Dry andDamaged Hair Wheat Coconut250 ml.21860 ` 229ባ Nature Secrets Conditioner for Dry andDamaged Hair Wheat Coconut250 ml.21862 ` 229ቤ Nature Secrets Hot Oil for Dry andDamaged Hair Wheat Coconut15 ml.22698 ` 69WHEAT COCONUTNature Hair Oil with100% Coconut OilSoftening, strengtheningovernight oil treatment withCoconut oil andVitamin E.Use 1-2 times weekly. 100 ml.21712 ` 149Pure.Luscious.Irresistible!– the bliss of simplicity –28
  29. 29. ቢቢቢባ ባ ባቤቤቤtoiletriesALOEVERA WATERMELON JOJOBA MANGOMINT RASPBERRYባ Nature Secrets Shower Gel withMoisturising Aloe Vera Watermelon250 ml.24203 ` 379ቢ Nature Secrets Soap Bar withMoisturising Aloe Vera Watermelon75 g.24204 ` 79ቤ Nature Secrets Body Cream withMoisturising Aloe Vera Watermelon200 ml.24205 ` 398ባ Nature Secrets Exfoliating Shower Gelwith Energising Mint Raspberry250 ml.22667 ` 379ቤ Nature Secrets Soap Bar with EnergisingMint Raspberry75 g.22668 ` 79ቢ Nature Secrets Anti-perspirantDeodorant with Energising Mint Raspberry50 ml.22669 ` 159ቢ Nature Secrets Shower Cream forSensitive Skin Jojoba Mango250 ml.22671 ` 379ቤ Nature Secrets Soap Bar for SensitiveSkin Jojoba Mango75 g.22672 ` 79ባ Nature Secrets Hand Cream forSensitive Skin Jojoba Mango75 ml.23401 ` 198A rich, smoothway to sootheRefresh, energise,and enjoyHydrate, softenand smooth skinBring nature’s pleasures to your bathroom29
  30. 30. toiletriesHairX Styling ExtremeVolume MousseAll day volume mousse withPanthenol and Jojoba.Add to wethair, style and blow dry. 200 ml.18872 ` 379HairX Volume BoostShampooEffectively boosts thin, flat hairfor the richly volumised look youdeserve. 250 ml.15580 ` 249HairX Volume BoostLeave-in ConditionerSpray onto damp, washed hairwithout rinsing, for beautifullyvolumised, manageable locks. Pumpit up! 150 ml.15581 ` 329HairX Shine BoostShampooUsing the ProShine Systemthis shampoo gently cleanseshair, resulting in a healthiershinier appearance. 250 ml.23700 ` 279HairX Shine BoostConditionerUsing the ProShine Systemthis conditioner nourishes hairto improve surface condition,thus enhancing shine. 250 ml.23701 ` 279HairX Shine BoostSerum for Dark hairInfused with black pearl andcontaining the ProShineSystem, this serum creates aboost of healthy shine in darkhair. 50 ml.23706 ` 649Brilliant Beautifulshine!Who says volumising isa big problem?HairX Round BrushA professional styling tool is all yours! HairExpert Round Brush is ideal for volumisingand creating big, curly hairstyles. Its perforatedcentral tube speeds up hair drying, and the non-slip handle makes styling easier. Length: 24 cm,diameter: 3.5 cm.16183 ` 279Our Expertise – Your Beautiful Hair30
  31. 31. ቢባtoiletriesConditionerthatdetanglesdamaged hairNourishes andrepairsdamaged hairቢ HairX Repair Therapy ShampooRepairing shampoo with Hydrolysed Wheat Proteinthat helps replenish the cuticle layer of yourhair; nourishing, strengthening, and improving theoverall appearance of damaged hair as part of theNutriRepair System.A new start! 250 ml.14710 ` 279ባ HairX Repair Therapy ConditionerNourish, repair, and strengthen damaged hair withthe NutriRepair system.This effective conditioner,enriched with Hydrolysed Wheat Protein andspecial actives detangles and helps protect damagedhair, bringing back shine. 250 ml.14711 ` 279Who says your hairis beyond repair?ReparativeWheat ProteinReplenishingMoleculesProtectiveFilmSo many things can damage your hair; weather,bleaching, dyeing etc. but now there’s HairXRepairTherapy, the complete NutriRepairsystem, which helps maintain healthy looking hair.The shampoo and conditioner containHydrolyzedWheat Protein to repair weak spotsand defend against stresses.We also have aspecial serum for split ends. It’s a trulycomprehensive hair repair system (72% agree *).* Effectiveness tested on 61 women using shampoo and conditioner for2 weeks.31
  32. 32. ADVANCEDቢ ባtoiletriesTranslucent gelwith yummystrawberry flavourቢ Optifresh Fluoride ToothpasteCavity ProtectionCleans and helps fight cavities and plaque, for oralhealth.With Fluoride. Fresh Spearmint flavour. 75 ml.20538 ` 89ባ Optifresh Fluoride ToothpasteWhiteningCleans teeth, helps fight plaque, and improves theall-over whiteness of your teeth.With Fluoride tohelp reduce acid production and a mild abrasiveto reduce stains. Cool Peppermint flavour. Fluoridelevel 1000 ppm. 75 ml.20539 ` 99Smile bright!Optifresh Kids Fluoride ToothpasteEffective, fruity kids’ toothpaste that helps preventcavities and protect. Fluoride helps strengthen toothenamel, making teeth more resistant to bacteria.Specially formulated for children 2-7 years of age.50 ml.24050 ` 856PLOH ZLWK FRQÀGHQFHMake brushing fun!Daily Hand CreamMoisturising, softening hand creamwith Glycerin and Sweet Almond Oil.Compact tube, take it anywhere! 50 ml.18962 ` 179Pro-Youth Hand CreamYouth prolonging Hand Cream withTriple Protection Complex. Defendsagainst UV, hydrates, evens skin toneand conditions. 50 ml.20357 ` 329Reveal the true beautyof your handsRestores youthto your handsHandyhandcare foryour handbagNourish. Protect. Renew.32
  33. 33. LASTTIMEብቤቢባBABYtoiletriesብ Baby Cleansing BarUltra mild Cleansing Bar for baby’s sensitiveskin (and yours, too).With Linden extract.75 g.12777 ` 79ቤ Baby OilWonderfully mild Baby Oil for delicate skin.Enriched with calming Linden extract andVitamin E. 150 ml.12762 ` 298ቢ Baby Hair Body WashGentle 2-in-1 Hair Body Wash withLinden extract for delicate skin. 250 ml.12763 ` 379Gentle as amother’s touchOriflame Baby rangeis guaranteedTear-Free Wethoroughly testall bath productsfor eye irritationAllergen-FreepH balanced,irritant free,suitable forsensitive skinGentleCarefullyselected mildcleansers andmoisturisersAllergen-Free Our Baby range is pH balanced and free fromirritants that can disturb sensitive, delicate skin.ባ Baby TalcSoft Talcum Powder, dermatologically testedfor delicate skin. Soothing formula withLinden extract. 75 g.12772 ` 119Last time for the whole range in this catalogue33
  34. 34. ቢ ባtoiletriesEffective protectionIRU FRQ¿GHQFH‡$17,²:+,7( 0$5.6‡ 0,1(5$/ 3527(7 203/(;- reliable anti-perspirant protectionto ensure all day freshness whilecaring for your skin.‡$/2+2/ )5((‡ (50$72/2*,$//7(67(ባ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h DeodorantPure CareSpray-on formula with a unique Caring Agent,balances skin for a smooth and soft feel whileprotecting against wetness. 150 ml.23719 ` 229*Effectiveness based on consumertest from 69 to 86 women.ቢ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h DeodorantInvisible SprayEffective protection with Anti-White Marks spray-onformula to leave clothing free of marks. 150 ml.23727 ` 22934
  35. 35. MUSTHAVE90%97%ቤብtoiletriesSTEAL THELIMELIGHTAT ONLYBecause you shouldn’tleave home without usingthis dandy anti-perspirantfor all-day freshness. Amust-have deal that willJLYH RX FRQ¿GHQW UHVXOWV` 99ብ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h DeodorantInvisible ROD50 ml.23725 ` 149WHITE MARKSPROTECTION*SMOOTHAND SILKYSOFT UNDERARMS*FORALL SKINTYPESቤ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h DeodorantPure Care50 ml.23718 ` 149EACH35
  36. 36. make-up1.Make sure to remove alltraces of old polish with NailPolish Remover. It won’t justclean your nails but will smoothand soften the skin around them.2.To remove any left overstains and leave nails whiter useNail Whitener. Apply and peeloff after 3 mins.3.Apply Nail Food or Growthbooster depending on your nailneeds. This will revitalise andhelp restore weak nails.4.Apply Crystal Top Coat overyour nail polish. Tip: Apply nailpolish, wait 60 seconds, thenapply top coat.Nail the look with the perfect manicure! Weoffer a wide range of nail care to help youSUHSDUH RXU QDLOV IRU D VKRZVWRSSHU ¿QLVKYour very-ownRED CARPET MANICURETip-Top Nail CareRemoves polishquickly gentlyOriflame Beauty Nail WhitenerBrush-on and rub-in water based gel with HydrogenPeroxide to help brighten and whiten stained ordiscoloured nails. Contains nourishing AloeVera, andD-Panthenol for supple, flexible nails. 7 ml.24696 ` 229Vitamin injectionfor nailsOriflame Beauty Nail Food18937 ` 229Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base Top Coatfinishin one Long-lasting - up to 7 day wear. 7 ml.18927 ` 219Oriflame Beauty Nail Polish Remover18939 ` 329Amazing 2-in-1formulaFormulated toremove stains andbrighten nails36
  37. 37. MAKE-UPmake-upOriflame Beauty All-over Make-upRemoverAn improved formula that efficiently removes all nonlong-lasting face and eye make-up whilst being kindto the delicate eye area.Your skin is left feeling softand refreshed, and you feeling like a million dollars!Efficiently removes Wonder lash mascara. 100 ml.22860 ` 349ENHANCE YOUR LOOKS Q PAGE 36-43Improved formula that allows your skin tobreathe, resulting in a healthier and more radiantcomplexion. Your face is left make-up-free,wonderfully moisturised and completely refreshed.Leaves nothingbehind but beauty`29815%OFF37
  38. 38. FOUNDATIONLIPSTICKCONCEALERቢባብቤብ Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Lipstick4 g.` 379ባ Oriflame Beauty Studio ArtistFoundationSPF 15. 30 ml.` 598ቤ Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer10 ml.` 249ቢ Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist LoosePowder7 g.24079 ` 59822907Porcelain22908Fair Nude22909Olive Beige22910Natural Beige23051Light23052Medium23053Darkmake-upMalin is wearing: 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW /RRVH 3RZGHU 2ULÁDPH%HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW )RXQGDWLRQ )DLU 1XGH 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVWRQFHDOHU /LJKW 2ULÁDPH %HDXW 6WXGLR $UWLVW /LSVWLFN 3LQN 1XGHCarry it off like a cover girlZLWK ÀDZOHVV ORRNV
  39. 39. ባቧቦቦ Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Face PrimerSilky soft skin and an even complexion for easiermake-up application and a truly flawless result.30 ml.22862 ` 429`319ቧ Oriflame Beauty Studio ArtistPressed PowderPerfect for setting your make-up or touchingup during the day. Light diffusing pigments blurimperfections and its ultra fine texture flawlesslyblends with your skin for a natural look, withoutcaking or settling into fine lines. 8 g.` 598`419 23056 Light23057 Medium23058 Dark23056 LightInspired and developed by JONASWRAMELL30%OFFPERFECT DEAL FORCOVER GIRL LOOKSUP TO39
  40. 40. ባቤLASTTIMEቢFOR FACE26658DarkBurgundy26656JuicyPlum26655CherryCompote26654LovelyLilac26657DaringBerryPURE COLOUR INTENSE FOR LIPS26654Lovely Lilac26655Cherry Compote26656Juicy Plum26657Daring Berry26658Dark Burgundy26659Warm RustPure Colour IntenseLipstickHigh coverage lipstick inthe most popular shades.Concentrated colour forgreat pay-off. Comfortableand moisturizing formulagives a smooth lip feel.Friendly prices let youindulge in all your favouriteshades. 2.5 g.` 149ቢ Make-Up BrushWrap CaseDimensions: 95 x 205 x 25 mm(folded).24143 ` 590ቤ Professional EyebrowBrushSize: 170 mm.24145 ` 149ባ Professional FanPowder BrushSize: 170 mm.24149 ` 22912807Light/Medium12809Porcelain12809Porcelain12810Natural IvoryOriflame Beauty MatteControl Foundation30 ml.` 44912807Light/Medium12808Medium/DarkOriflame Beauty MatteControl Pressed Powder8 g.` 449Oriflame Beauty Gloss Booster12 ml.` 298ACCESSORIESOriflame Beauty KajalEye Liner2.5 g.17473 ` 329FOR LIPSOriflame Beauty Eternal Gloss5 ml.` 42922532 Pink Lady22529CranberryBlush22530Clover Haze22532Pink Lady22537Red Copper22540Red Devotion22542Irresistible Red22549Maiden Fawn22550Chestnut Glory22551ChocolateMousse22552Violet Fairy22554PerpetuallyPurple22555Plum SurpriseOriflame Beauty Wonder ColourLipstick4 g.` 349Last time in this catalogueOriflame BeautyWhitening PowderFoundation6 g.` 49822191Fair Light22192Bright Rose22191Fair LightFOR EYESPencil SharpenerMaterials: polystyrene and PP.24383 ` 99make-up23847Pear23831EternalPink23831Eternal Pink23832Supreme Pink23833Absolute Coral23835Divine Berry23834Timeless Red23847Pear23848Lychee23850Watermelon23851Cherry23852Grape23849Peach40
  41. 41. PURE COLOUR FOR NAILSOriflame Pure Colour Nail PolishGlossy, high shine nail polish in a wide rangeof exciting shades. Gorgeous finish, fantasticcolours – and what’s more, it’s unbelievablevalue! Why not try them all?! 8 ml.` 16923160 Baby Pink23161 Clover Haze23163 Intense Pink23162 Nude Pink23165 Pearly Purple23167 Burgundy23169 True Red23170 Passion Red23171 Dark Brown24105 Light Silver24106 Pearly Beige24107 Natural Bronze23168 Coral Redmake-up23161CloverHaze23163 Intense Pink23160BabyPink23168Coral Red24809 Sand GreenPure Colour Eye Shadow PaletteA world of colour, incredible value! Eye shadowpalette bursting of wearable shades in gorgeouscolour combinations. Combine or use your favouriteon its own.Applicator included. 4.8 g.` 47924808 Nude Grey24810 Midnight PinkPURE COLOUR FOR EYESPURE COLOUR FOE FACE23208 Light23209Light/MediumOriflame Pure ColourPressed PowderTouch yourself up with this ultra-fine powder and give you a naturalcomplextion. Its lightweightformulation contains the mineralzeolite to help smooth the skin. Forcombination/oily skin. 20 g.` 19823208 Light24423 Pastel Pink24424Lavender Shimmer24425 GlossyTaupe41
  42. 42. ባቢmake-upGiordani Gold Age DefyingFoundation30 ml.` 890Giordani Gold SupremePressed Powder7 g.` 990Giordani Gold PowderBrush12 cm long.23258 ` 34921621Porcelain21622Light Ivory21623Natural Beige22851Translucent22740Natural22741Medium21688Tender Nude21702Mauve Quartz21691Copper Desire21704Velvet Plum21700Ruby Red21697Opulent Rose21701Red Fatale21705Midnight FuchsiaGiordani Gold Ruby LipstickA luxurious lipstick infused with realruby powder for perfect radiance in arange of classic colours. Moisturisingqualities and SPF also mean your lipswill be smooth and protected as wellas luscious. 4 g` 52922851Translucent21697OpulentRoseቢ Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara8 ml.24097 ` 54921720Shiny Blackባ Giordani Gold Liquid Eye Liner7 ml.21720 ` 549“Outstanding glamour withevery stroke”Model is wearing: Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 23763Natural Peach, Giordani Gold Liquid Eye Liner 21720 ShinyBlack, Giordani GoldVolume Delight Mascara 22743 Black,Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick 21688Tender Nude.Giordani Gold BronzingPearls25 g.` 99021632NaturalRadiance21633NaturalBronze23763NaturalPeachFOR FACEACCESSORIESFOR EYESFOR LIPS21633NaturalBronze24097Black42
  43. 43. ባቢLASTTIMEmake-upStriking elegance23439MossGreen23440OnyxGrey23438MidnightBlue22743Black40%OFFUP TORED CARPET DEAL!ባ Giordani Gold Eye PencilClassic shades with great colour payoff anda refined formula. Use to define eyes, orwith the smudger for a softer look. 1 g.` 498`399ቢ Giordani Gold Volume DelightMascaraPremium high-volume bristle brush with aunique formula that nourishes and pampersyour lashes. 8 ml.22743 ` 498`299Last time in this catalogueEYE PENCIL23438Midnight Blue23439Moss Green23440Onyx Grey43
  44. 44. very me1.Soften your eye pencil byrolling its tip between your thumbDQG IRUH¿QJHU IRU D IHZ VHFRQGVThis will allow a softer line andhelp eliminate tugging on the eyearea.2.Matching eye shadow to youreye colour is a good idea to makeyour eyes stand out. Go for contrast!Dark eyes look good in blues, purplesand greens. For light eyes go forbrown, taupe or brown shades.3.Use less mascara on lower lashesthan on top lashes. Or skip the mascaraon lower lashes for a more casual look.%HDXW LV KRZ RXU IHHO LQVLGH DQG UHÀHFWV LQ RXUeyes. Showcase your inner beauty through dazzlingeyes for superstar attraction!Dramatize withDRAMATIC EYES!Fab Make-up Tips!Very Me Fat Lash MascaraGet amazingly thicker, more luxuriouslashes with this lash-amplifyingmascara and state of the art brush.8 ml.20533 ` 29820422Mocha Loca20423Goddess Green20421Night Glow20424Blue Lagoon20425Electric Purple20345PrettyGreen20392CocoaGlaze20533BlackVery Me Eye Envy Eye ShadowRelease your inner artist! LustrousEye Envy Eye Shadow duos in all theshades of who you are. 1.9 g.` 279Very Me Double TroubleEye PencilsTurn up the heat with double thecolour in one pencil for the hottestlooks. Perfect for lining your innerlash line . Five new colour combos forultra dazzle. 1.38 g.` 22920425 Electric Purple44
  45. 45. VERY MEvery meFOR THE YOUNG AND HIP Q PAGE 44-49Very Me Mood Lip GlossGet in the mood! Shimmering medium-coverageJORVV ZLWK H[FLWLQJ ÁDYRXUV IRU HYHU VKDGH RI KRZRX IHHO :LWK QDWXUDO PRRGHQKDQFLQJ H[WUDFWV PO` 24924592RQÀGHQW%RRVW24593(QHUJ6KRFN24594FeelTheLove24595+DSS*ORZ24596DaringSpirit24597JustRelaxFind the lip gloss shade that suits your mood andcharacter best with affordable Very Me Mood Lip Gloss.Get the lips you’vealways dreamt about!`19924596DaringSpirit20%OFF45
  46. 46. 1.2.Very Me Peach MePerfect Body GlowGive your body the peachtreatment! Fabulous lightlyshimmering body cream witha fresh peach fragrance.Moisturises, softens andilluminates. 150 ml.24267 ` 349Mahsa, Beauty Product DeveloperBEAUTYADVICEFROM OUR EXPERT:HOWTO APPLY?1.LUSTROUS FACE :Start blending along thecentre of the face andcontinue past the jaw lineto the neck to createevenness of skin tone.2. SHIMMERINGBODY: Apply all over thebody evenly to moisturisethe skin with a healthynatural glow.Peach Me Perfect is perfect forgiving your skin a fresh radianceand natural glow.Best of all,theygive off a delicious peach fragrance.ILLUMINATINGBODYMOISTURISER46
  47. 47. ³»·20531MatteLight20532MatteLatte20529 Light 20530 DarkMATTIFIES SKIN HELPS CONCEAL BLEMISHESᕡ Very Me No Time for ShinePowderMattifying formula absorbs oil andkeeps skin looking fresh when youneed it. Conceals imperfectionswithout hiding your natural skin tone.9 g.` 298`239· Very Me Cover Up ConcealerHide imperfections with easy-to-useconcealer stick for a fresh, natural look.Contains tea tree oil to soothe and calmblemishes. 1 g.` 229`138CONCEALERSTICKWITHSOOTHINGTEATREEOILPUT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE!TINTED MOISTURISER» Very Me Peach Me PerfectSkin GlowTinted gel moisturiser brings out the bestin you. Lightly tinted for sheer coverageand a peachy, natural glow. 30 ml.` 329`27921278PerfectLight21279 Dark Secret21278 Perfect Light20531MatteLight20529 LightGIVE YOURSELFA PEACHY GLOW40%OFF47
  48. 48. ·³³·Very Me Cherry My CheeksAccentuate those gorgeous cheeks withpowder blush in fresh shades. Goes onsmooth and soft for perfectly rosy cheeks.5 ml.` 32924350PrettyPink20435BlackMASCARAEYE LINER20435 Black20437Black20438Grey20440Blue20441Green20437Black³ Very Me ClickitMascara/HQJWKHQLQJ DQG GHÀQLQJmascara for fuller, thickerlashes. Click with yourfavourite eyeliner or lipproduct. 3.5 ml.` 189· Very Me ClickitEyelinerGive your eyes electrifyingallure with high-glosseyeliner. Combine with clickitmascara for ultra glamour.3.5 ml.` 189Very Me Clickit ConnectorClick together your must-haveclickit products with the clickitconnector and you’re ready to go.20418 ` 7920437 Black20386Porcelain20387Ivory· Very Me SpongesSet of 2 sponges. 4 x 4 x0.5 cm.23265 ` 89³ Very Me SmoothieFoundation30 ml.` 29820386PorcelainVery Me Lip CrayonCreamy, glossy, mediumcoverage lip pencil in shadesto coordinate with LipmaniaLipstick. 1 g.` 14924608Fuchsia24607Pink2.TOP COATCRACKLE EFFECT1.BASE COATINTENSE COLOUR³ Very Me Nail*UDIÀWL %DVH RDW8 ml.` 198· Very Me Nail*UDIÀWL 7RS RDW8 ml.` 19824599Pink24600Black24598Blue24601Silver24602Fuchsia24603Gold24604Nude24606Nougat24605Coral24351 Sweet Coral24604Nude20435Black48
  49. 49. Ultra Glam Eau de ToiletteLet the rhythm take control with theseductive oriental vanillic fruity notesof Ultra Glam. 30 ml.23614 ` 990`79020%RED CARPETDEAL!OFF49
  50. 50. CLEANSER,TONERAND SCRUBskin care1.Cleansing is an essential skincare stepand should be done in the morning andevening for healthy, radiant skin. This helpsfree the skin from excess oil, dirt andpollutants that may clog the pores.2.Did you know using Toner helps prepthe skin to receive other skincare products?Toning should be done immediately afterFOHDQVLQJ 7KLV KHOSV UHPRYH WKH ¿QDO WUDFHVof make-up, leaves skin tighter, and makespores less noticeable.3.Add this special skin care step once or twicea week after cleansing. Scrubbing helps removesdead skin cells to improve cell restoration.Leaving your skin vibrant, smoother, healthierand more youthful looking.Make dream skin your destination this season witha skin care routine designed especially for you. Nowyou can wear the skin that will showcase yourred-carpet look!STAR-DAZZLING SKINThe Ultimate Skin RegimenCreamyformulaOptimals Normalising TonerGentle, effective formula, enriched withComforting Complex and ElderflowerExtract. For all skin types. 200 ml.22469 ` 479Light refreshingtonerOptimals Clarifying ScrubScrub with large blue particlesremoves dead skin cells from skinwithout damaging it.You immediatelynotice your new radiant and revitalisedcomplexion. For all skin types. 75 ml.18182 ` 349DeeplycleansingscrubOptimals Foaming CleanserFoaming cleanser with Elderflowerextract purifies and tones your skinpreparing it for day or night creamapplication. 200 ml.14698 ` 449`39910%OFFCLEANSER,TONERAND SCRUB50
  51. 51. SKIN CAREskin careOptimals White is a powerful skin whitening range.Enriched with Whitening complex and Liquorice extract,this full range helps visibly brighten and lighten skin. Skincomplexion appears perfectly even, visibly lighter!Get visibly lighterskin in 4 weeksOptimals White Day Fluid SPF 15Powerful, quick-absorbing moisturiser thatsignificantly decreases skin pigmentation whileproviding SPF 15 sun protection. Enriched withliposomes to help lighten skin, and anti-oxidantvitamin E. 75 ml.12552 ` 549FOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGES`46915%OFF51
  52. 52. ቢ ባብቤskin careFair skin is a beautywe all should embrace“I love smoothnessand lightness!”ባ Optimals White Clarifying TonerThis gentle toner lightens, refreshes and tonesskin. 200 ml.12554 ` 449ቢ Optimals White Foaming CleanserLightening foaming cleanser that removesimpurities. 200 ml.12553 ` 449ቤ Optimals White Body LotionNon-greasy moisturising body lotion enrichedwith botanical Whitening Complex andLiquorice Extract naturally lightens skin toneday by day. UV filters help to reduce futurepigmentation. 200 ml.17590 ` 549ብ Optimals White SerumRich, soothing capsules to help lightenand immediately smoothen the skin. Silkyformulation with Liquorice extract andWhitening Complex. Convenient capsules fordaily use. 28 capsules.22813 ` 109052
  53. 53. FAIRER SKIN IS YOURSAT25%OFFFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESOptimals White Night CreamLightens skin throughout the night.Formulated with natural actives tohelp reduce skin pigmentation andmoisturising ingredients that restoremoisture levels to daylight-exposedskin. 50 ml.12551 ` 590`439Optimals White is a powerful skin whiteningrange. Enriched with Whitening complex andLiquorice extract, this full range helps visiblybrighten and lighten skin. Skin complexionappears perfectly even, visibly lighter!Rich,hydratingnightcream53
  54. 54. ቢባskin careHave your skin lost its bounce andvitality? Give it some extra supportwith rejuvenating micro-elastin(soy proteins) and active micro-collagen that improves skinHODVWLFLW DQG ÀJKWV ZULQNOHVቢ Optimals BioMaximum+™ Eye CreamImproves firmness, suppleness and elasticity of skinaround the eye, and helps prevent wrinkles. 15 ml.22472 ` 549ባ Optimals BioMaximum+™Night CreamPowerful formula with collagen and elastin boostersgives the skin incredible strength and firmness for avisibly younger look.Apply before sleep to cleansedface and neck in light upward movements. 50 ml.16978 ` 1090BIO MAXIMUM+™54
  55. 55. WELOVE40+skin careTRY IT NOW YOU’LLLOVE IT TOOOur favourite daytime skin boost:Try Optimals BioMaximum+™Day Cream40%Optimals BioMaximum+™ Day CreamGive maximum support to your skin by naturallyrestoring the dermal structure! Micro-Collagenboosts collagen production, while Micro-Elastinfrom soy protein improves elastin matrix of theskin. Proven effectiveness: within 4 weeks your skinregains youthful suppleness. ContainsVitamin E foranti-oxidant properties. 50 ml.16977 ` 990`590Anti-wrinkleDayCreamFOR ALLSKIN TYPESOFFWhy you should try it:If you are looking for an effectiveweapon to fight off wrinkles we’ve gotthe perfect skincare you’ll just love.Bio Maximum+TM combines the bestof science and vitamin E to bring you ananti-ageing product that naturally fightsoff wrinkles and takes care your skin.55
  56. 56. ብEVEN OUT™MATTETOUCH™ቢባቤቢባቤskin careቢ Optimals Matte Touch™Day Gel-CreamSPF 10. 50 ml.19899 ` 549ባ Optimals Mattifying Toner200 ml.19969 ` 449ብ Optimals Matte Touch™Night Gel-Cream50 ml.20277 ` 590ባ Optimals Even Out™Day Cream SPF 20SPF 20. 50 ml.18826 ` 790ቢ Optimals Even Out™Dark Spot FadingConcentrateSPF 20. 10 ml.18977 ` 649ቤ Optimals Even Out™Night Cream50 ml.22457 ` 890FOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESFORCOMBINATIONTO OILY SKINALLAGESቤ Optimals MattifyingFoaming Gel150 ml.19946 ` 44956
  57. 57. ቢባskin careNourishing Beauty Elixirቢ Milk Honey Gold Cleansing MilkCreamy cleansing milk with Milk and Honey, gentlyremoves make-up and impurities, leaving skin clean,nourished and moisturised. Softly massage onto faceand neck, then remove with water or damp cottonpad before applying day or night cream. 200 ml.24733 ` 398ባ Milk Honey Gold Night CreamA nourishing night cream, that delivers intensehydration while you sleep. Milk and Honey Extractsreplenish skin’s natural beauty by helping to fadeaway signs of fatigue and reducing tightness, leavingskin radiant and rested in the morning. 50 ml.24732 ` 498Cleansing MilkFOR DRY TOVERY DRY SKINALLAGESNight CreamIntenselyMoisturisingCleansing MilkGentleFaceWashLegendary beauties have used Milk Honey for centuries as a skin caretreatment to hydrate, nourish andcare for skin. We now proudlyintroduce our remarkably rich Milk Honey Gold nourishingNight Cream, a luxuriousmoisturiser that replenishes your skinthroughout the night while your bodynaturally preforms skin cellreparation.To start off yournightly beauty routine,our gentle milk cleanser will cleanyour skin in preparation for optimalmoisture absorption. With a propercleanser and rich moisturiser yournight regime is complete, leaving youlooking refreshed and radiant in themorning.Milkis rich innutrients andcontains LacticAcid,which isproven to hydratedry skin.Honeylocks in moistureand containsvitamins andminerals that helprevitalisethe skin.ORGANICALLYSOURCED57
  58. 58. ቢባቤብቦቢባ ቤብskin careGently soothing AloeVera ArnicaThe complete dailyroutine for oily skinFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESቤ Pure Nature OrganicAloe Vera Arnica ExtractSoothing Toner150 ml.18919 ` 279ብ Pure Nature OrganicAloe Vera Arnica ExtractSoothing Face Cream75 ml.18920 ` 298ቢ Pure Nature OrganicAloe Vera Arnica ExtractSoothing Cleansing Pads25 pcs.20162 ` 129ብ Pure Nature Organic TeaTree Rosemary PurifyingWash Tone Gel150 ml.21350 ` 349ቤ Pure Nature Organic TeaTree Rosemary PurifyingSoap Bar100 g.23468 ` 99ባ Pure Nature Organic TeaTree Rosemary PurifyingOil10 ml.21352 ` 479ቦ Pure Nature Organic TeaTree Rosemary PurifyingBlemish Solver14 ml.21347 ` 349FOR NORMALTO OILY SKINALLAGESቢ Pure Nature OrganicTea Tree Rosemary OilPurifying Face Cream75 ml.23675 ` 379Botanical extracts, natural beautyባ Pure Nature OrganicAloe Vera Arnica ExtractSoothing Face Wash150 ml.18918 ` 27958
  59. 59. ቢባቤብ15+ቦskin careTime to get more deeplyinvolved?ብ Pure Skin 1 Clarifying Scrub 2Purifying Mask2 x 6 ml sachets.22418 ` 89ባ Pure Skin Face Wash150 ml.20164 ` 379ቤ Pure Skin Scrub Face WashDeep Action150 ml.20194 ` 429Deeply cleansingmattifying tonerቢ Pure Skin Spot SOSGel Deep Action6 ml.24752 ` 169ቦ Pure Skin Blackhead TonerDeep ActionThis powerful blackhead toner deeply cleansesand greatly reduces enlarged pores.Apply oncotton wool and sweep over face. Removesexcess oil, dirt and dead skin to prevent theappearance of blackheads. 150 ml.20166 ` 449`405FOR PROBLEMTO OILY SKINDetectTechnologyAn anti-bacterial andsebumregulatinginvention!For pure skin.Helps controlthe skin’s owneco-system.10%RED CARPET DEAL!OFF59
  60. 60. ቢባቤብቦቢባቤቢባskin careቢ Sun Care Cream SPF 20Light, waterproof, silky and moisturising formula.ContainsVitamin E and Sunflower Oil to keepthe skin supple and protected. 50 ml.1815 ` 349ባ Sun Care Lotion SPF 10Light, waterproof, silky and moisturising formula.ContainsVitamin E and Sunflower Oil to keepthe skin supple and protected. 50 ml.1814 ` 279FOR ALLSKIN TYPESFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESALLAGESFORMULATED WITH CARE. APPLY WITH LOVE.FOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESባ Essentials Fairness Cream SPF 8Moisturises, brightens, and prevents UV-inducedpigmentation. Rich formula with skin lighteningcomplex, vitamin E and SPF 8. Suitable for all skintypes. 50 ml.23760 ` 129ቢ Essentials Fairness LotionUltra-light fast absorbing formula to hydrate andhelp to brighten skin tone.With skin lighteningcomplex and vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types.50 ml.23764 ` 119ቤ Essentials Fairness 5-in-1 Gel WashGentle, soap-free formula with skin lighteningcomplex and vitamin E brightens, cleanses, refreshes,nourishes, and comforts your skin. Suitable for allskin types. 125 ml.23754 ` 279FOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESFORMULATEDWITH CARE.APPLYWITH LOVE.Moisture boost forthirsty skinGive lightness to yourskin every daySuncare you can trustTENDER CARETender Care15 ml.1276 ` 229Special carefor sensitive areasቤ Essentials Daily Scrub CleanserRefreshing scrub with multi-vitamin complex.Suitable for daily use. For all skin types. 100 ml.23744 ` 279ቦ Essentials Nourishing Night CreamRicher formulation for overnight hydration withmulti-vitamin complex. For all skin types. 75 ml.23745 ` 379ቢ Essentials Moisturising Day CreamHydrate, nourish, protect. Light formula with multi-vitamin complex. For all skin types. 75 ml.23747 ` 298ብ Essentials Eye Contour GelSoothe, nourish, moisturise, and cool. Specialformulation for eye area with multi-vitamin complex.All skin types. 15 ml.23749 ` 198ባ Essentials Gentle 3-in-1 CleanserCleanse, nourish, and help moisturise. Soap freeformula with multi-vitamin complex. For all skintypes. 150 ml.23753 ` 27960
  61. 61. skin care$ ÀDWWHU WLJKWHUWXPP LQ ZHHNVPerfect Body Firming Bust Décolleté Gel50 ml.18436 ` 1190Perfect Body Tight TummyToning GelHelps refine and reshape yoursilhouette. Slackened skin on yourtummy feels firmer, tighter and appearsmore toned. For better results massageinto the skin after shower with gentlecircular motions every morning andevening. 125 ml.18426 ` 1190`890The future of your new bodyFirms,tightens tones tummy areaROSEMARYOILCAFFEINEVEGETABLEPROTEINFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESCAROLINEWOZNIACKIWorld top tennis player:“Achieving my dream to become a top world tennis playerhas taken a huge amount of passion and determination. ByZRUNLQJ ZLWK 2ULÁDPH , KRSH , FDQ LQVSLUH RWKHU ZRPHQ WRdo the same – to perform at their best in whatever they do.$V D ZRPDQ , ORYH WR IHHO JRRG DERXW P ERG DQG , ZDQWWR ORRN JUHDW7KLV LV ZK 2ULÁDPH·V 3HUIHFW ERG UDQJH DQGme are a perfect match!”$V RQH RI WKH :7$·V VWDU WHQQLV SODHUV DUROLQHXQGHUVWDQGV KRZ WR JHW JUHDW UHVXOWV 6R VKH·V SURXG WRHQGRUVH 2ULÁDPH·V 3HUIHFW %RG UDQJH“TO BETHE BESTYOU HAVETO USETHE BEST”RED CARPET DEAL!25%OFF61
  62. 62. ቢባቤskin careባ Oriflame EcobeautySmoothing Day CreamInnovative and natural, this multi-actionanti-oxidant day cream helps replenishyour skin and reinforce its protectivebarrier to fight imperfections. Securedin airtight packaging. Dermatologicallytested. 50 ml.23404 ` 1290ቤ Oriflame EcobeautySmoothing Night CreamThis multi-action anti-oxidant nightcream intensely nourishes, protectsand rejuvenates your skin while yousleep. Secured in airtight packaging.Dermatologically tested. 50 ml.23406 ` 1390ቢ Oriflame EcobeautySmoothing Eye CreamExclusive, lightweight and naturalformula that smoothens fine lines andreduces puffiness dark circles aroundthe eye. Dermatologically tested. 15 ml.23407 ` 690FOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESPerfect skin sustained by natureECOBEAUTY skincare contains nourishing Fairtrade Organiccoconut oil and Fairtrade Shea Butter.Through Fairtrade wecontribute to local communities in India and Africa to help thembuild a better future for themselves and their families.To learn more about the differenceEcobeauty and Fairtrade make, go towww.oriflame.com/ecobeautyNatural Cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according toEcocert Standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.comWITHNATURAL PRO-BLEND™62
  63. 63. ቢባ ቤብቦቧ30+Hydration is the key tolasting youthskin careብ Aqua-Ryhthm Intense HydrationYouth Preserve Day Cream50 ml.18662 ` 1290ቢ Aqua-Rhythm Intense HydrationYouth Preserve Visible Skin Renewer50 ml.20648 ` 1390ባ Aqua-Rhythm Intense HydrationYouth Preserve Light Day Cream SPF 1550 ml.23743 ` 1390Intense HydrationYouth PreserveFOR ALLSKIN TYPESFURCELLARIALUMBRICALISYEASTTREHALOSEHow to use:-Apply mask to facefor 10-15 minutes.- Rinse off with water.Hydrates skin,reduces puffiness andunder-eye circlesCooling geltextureቤ Aqua-Ryhthm Intense HydrationYouth Preserve Night Cream50 ml.19681 ` 1390ቧ Aqua-Rhythm Intense HydrationYouth Preserve Gel MaskImmediately refreshing gel face mask thatintensely hydrates the skin and reducesthe appearance of fine, dry lines. Containsunique Hydro-Protect Complex™ thatcaptures and locks in moisture. 75 ml.21596 ` 790`549ቦ Aqua-Rhythm Intense HydrationYouth Preserve Eye Contour BalmAge-defying Eye Balm to lighten darkcircles, and decrease puffiness around theeye. 15 ml.18675 ` 749`449RED CARPET DEAL!UP TO40%OFF63
  64. 64. 35+skin careEcollagen [3D+]Transforming Anti-AgeingCleanser150 ml.20246 ` 890Ecollagen [3D+] RevitalisingAnti-Ageing Toner200 ml.20273 ` 890FOR ALLSKIN TYPESEcollagen [3D+]Anti-Wrinkle Day CreamSPF 1550 ml.20196 ` 1490Ecollagen [3D+]Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream50 ml.20213 ` 1590Ecollagen [3D+]Anti-Wrinkle Eye Care15 ml.20224 ` 749Ecollagen [3D+] IntensiveAnti-Wrinkle TreatmentMask75 ml.22822 ` 990Ecollagen [3D+] EnergisingCocktail30 ml.19893 ` 159064
  65. 65. Diminishes deepeye area wrinklesPlumps out deepfacial wrinklesቢባ35+skin careቢ Ecollagen [3D+] DeepWrinkle Corrective CareCorrect deep wrinkles, plumping fromwithin to smoothen and rejuvenate.WithTri-Boosting Complex to boost collagenproduction, cell renewal, and hydration.50 ml.24135 ` 1490ባ Ecollagen [3D+] DeepWrinkle Corrective Eye CareDiminish deep wrinkles, smooth crow’s feetand give a more youthful appearance.WithTri-Boosting Complex to boost collagenproduction, hydration, and cell renewal.Specially created for sensitive eye area.15 ml.24339 ` 890`625FOR ALLSKIN TYPESDeep wrinkles corrected injust 28 days*74%*71%*73%*EYE(CROW’S FEET)FOREHEADMOUTH/LIPSNOSE AREA74%** 4 weeks consumer effectiveness tested on 96 panellists30%RED CARPET DEAL!OFF65
  66. 66. skin careRediscoverYouth PotentialIn Your GenesA superior anti-ageing nutrientderived from Soy, which acts at agenetic level. Selected afternearly a decade of extensiveresearch. Encapsulated to reachdeeper skin layers. Proven totarget all needs of mature skin.*Aquaporin,CD44 and Cadherin Genes.The limitless youth potentialof your skin is encoded in the3 skin Beauty Genes™.*GenisteinSOY,an advancedDQWLDJLQJ FRPSRXQGLGHQWLÀHVand empowers your BeautyGenes™.Re-activated,theyhelp you retain that youthfulappearance you were born tohave.skin care66
  67. 67. ቤቢባቤ45+ቤ Time ReversingSkinGenist™ Night CreamA powerful anti-ageing formulawith encapsulated genisteinSOYprolongs the skin’s youthfulappearance. Rich, luxurious texturenourishes and renews your skinovernight, boosts skin resilienceand diminishes wrinkles. 50 ml.24184 ` 1790ቢ Time ReversingSkinGenist™ Day NightEssenceA unique skin care treat withrevitalising concentrate ofgenisteinSOY. Stimulates BeautyGenes™ to promote the skin’sregeneration, resulting in restoredcomplexion, reduction of lines andwrinkles and more vibrant, supplerand firmer skin appearance. 30 ml.24217 ` 1290ባ Time ReversingSkinGenist™ Day CreamSPF 15Extra-pure encapsulatedgenisteinSOY acts on the skin’sBeauty Genes™ to help maintainplump, supple skin that radiatesvitality and youthfulness. Protectsagainst free radicals and the sun.50 ml.24181 ` 1690Luxurious Elixirs toRe-awaken Youth in Mature Skinskin careskin careFOR MATURESKINLuxurious silky elixirof youthRich night cream toprolong skin’s youthImproves skinUDGLDQFH ÀUPQHVV67
  68. 68. ቢቢባባfragranceOne of the most renowned pastry chefs in the world,Christophe Michalak quickly caught the attention of theculinary world with his inventive interpretations of classicpastries. He’s worked at some of the world’s most famoushotels and patisseries, including the Hotel Negresco,Fauchon, Maison Ladurée and the Hotel Plaza Athenée inParis, the home of his signature dessert, the Power Flower.This beautiful, delicate pastry is the inspiration for DelicacyEau de Toilette.The inspiration to escape into another world: a Magicworld full of dark mysteries spells. A secret andsensual woman bewitched all people she meets thanksto her talisman: The Precious Perfume , a magicalobject that unveils the mystery, memories, andsecrets. A sophisticated fragrance with a darkness ofVHGXFWLRQ RI D SRLVRQRXV ÀRZHU«Precious Moments is a celebration of all the treasuredPRPHQWV LQ D ZRPDQ¶V OLIH SDUWLHV ZLWK IULHQGV KHU ¿UVWGDWH KHU ZHGGLQJ GD WKH ELUWK RI KHU FKLOGUHQ« ,WVsparkling and colourful top note recalls the excitement ofeach moment thanks to a slightly fruity opening note made ofEODFNFXUUDQW EODFNEHUU DQG UHG DSSOH 7KH KHDUW LV D ÀRUDObouquet of magnolia, Sambac jasmine commemorating eachblessed event. The base notes are reminiscent of a sweet,comfortable memory with a musky, woody and slightly edibledrydown that lingers beautifully.Make yourself utterly irresistible just like theHollywood stars with scented masterpieces. Perfectfor the day and night, get the most fashionable andversatile accessory you can own!Set the stage forRED-CARPET SCENTS3HUIXPHU¶V 6HFUHW ,QVSLUDWLRQVቢ Mirage Eau de Parfum50 ml.19798 ` 1990ባ Mirage Body Spray75 ml.23560 ` 179ቢ Delicacy Eau de Toilette50 ml.22446 ` 1890BLACKCURRANT, RASPBERRY,VANILLA BOURBONELEMI, ROSE,VETYVERባ Delicacy Hand Cream75 ml.22799 ` 298Christophe MichalakFrancoise CaronBernard EllenaRED APPLE, MAGNOLIA,BLONDE WOODSPrecious MomentsEau de Parfum50 ml.18957 ` 1990Shake before use.68
  69. 69. FRAGRANCEfragranceImagine a world of silky breezes andriches beyond your wildest dreams.Escape to anexotic paradiseEXPRESS WHO YOU ARE Q PAGE 68-73Felicity Eau de ToiletteEscape to an exotic land scented with the heat ofcinnamon, ethereal jasmine and gourmand vanillawith seductive Felicity Eau de Toilette. 50 ml.21673 ` 1790`1490CINNAMON, JASMINE,VANILLA`300SAVE69
  70. 70. fragranceSurrender todesire’s scent…PERFUMER’S INSPIRATIONGINGER, COCOA FLOWER,CHOCOLATEThe ideal of Love Potion was to create afragrance based on an accord of towingredients that are symbols of love,sensuality and sexuality.Ginger helps toevoke desire both for women and men.Asfor chocolate,romantic lore commonlyLGHQWLÀHV LW DV DQ DSKURGLVLDFKRFRODWHV DUHmost often associated with the simplesensual pleasure.Perfumer,Jean Jacques70
  71. 71. Love Potion Eau de ParfumPure passion is yours with Love Potion Eau deParfum. Set the mood for a night of passion withthis seductive oriental scent and succumb to anirresistible awakening to the pleasures of the flesh.50 ml.22442 ` 1890`1790FALL INTO TEMPTATION`100SAVE7171
  72. 72. fragranceBy Marcel Eau de Parfum50 ml.22444 ` 2490Amber Elixir Body Cream250 ml.18950 ` 498Amber Elixir Eau de Parfum50 ml.11367 ` 2190Ice Eau de Toilette30 ml.22434 ` 849Air Eau de Toilette30 ml.22436 ` 849Fire Eau de Toilette30 ml.22435 ` 849Grace Eau de Parfum50 ml.16987 ` 2490Giordani GoldEau de Parfum50 ml.24169 ` 1890Giordani Gold DeodorisingBody Spray75 ml.24170 ` 198Giordani Gold Body Cream250 ml.24172 ` 498Giordani Gold FragrancedBody Talc100 g.24173 ` 99Amber Elixir Body Spray75 ml.23558 ` 179Giordani Gold Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant50 ml.24171 ` 179Felicity DeodorisingBody Spray75 ml.21674 ` 198Muse Eau de Toilette50 ml.21671 ` 1890Midnight PearlEau de Parfum50 ml.19851 ` 269072
  73. 73. ቢባቤቢባቤfragranceEnjoy the glamorous lifePINK PEPPER, JASMINE PETALS, MUSKቢ Paradise Body CreamMoisturising body cream thatconditions and fragrances yourskin with the long-lasting, opulentscent of Paradise. 250 ml.24352 ` 498ባ Paradise DeodorisingBody SpraySumptuously scented body sprayinfused with the chic vibrancy ofParadise. For use all over body.75 ml.24353 ` 198ቤ Paradise Eau de ParfumEmbrace a life extraordinary withthe eclectic allure of Paradise Eaude Parfum.The delicate beauty ofpeony mingles with jasmine petalsand spicy rosé pepper beforeevolving into a trail of sensualcedar and musks as soft and airyas silk. 50 ml.23853 ` 249073
  74. 74. men’s corner1. Men’s skin tends to be muchoilier and has the increasedtendency to sweat throughout theday. Don’t forget to cleanse yourIDFH DW OHDVW WZLFH D GD IRU ÀDZOHVVhealthy and radiant skin.2.Is your facial skin tone unevenand have discoloration? Improveyour skin tone and capture a fairercomplexion using this soap bar forthe face. A refreshing fragrance withrefreshing effects!3.After cleansing your face it isessential to immediately moisturise inorder to compensate for the loss ofwater in the skin. This lotion nourishesand brightens your complexion.Get the smartest look of the season when you take control of yourfacial skin routine with North For Men. Specially formulated usingArtic Plants and protective technology to give you a burst offreshness and more radiant complexion!ALL-STAR LOOKFOR MENMen’s Facial Careextreme care for every man.North For Men Active FairnessFace WashThe first step in your whitening routine that ensuresa lighter, brighter, cleansed complexion.With naturalmenthol for an invigorating kick, protective ArcticPro Defence, and Polar White Complex.Wash yourface and rinse off with water. 150 ml.20159 ` 398North For Men Cleansing FairnessSoap BarKick-start your day with freshly scented fairnesssoap. With Polar White Complex to help brightenskin tone and improve skin complexion. Energisingformula developed specially for men’s skin. 100 g.18297 ` 99North For Men MoisturisingFairness LotionFast-absorbing face lotion with Polar WhiteComplex and moisturising agents makes skin visiblyfairer. UV-filters prevent darkening of the skin. 50 ml.16560 ` 279Clenaser for abrighter skin toneVisibly fairerskin toneA fresh solutionto fairer skin74
  75. 75. MEN’S CORNERmen’s cornerTHE BEST SELECTION FOR EVERY MAN Q PAGE 74-81Within every man burns anancestral spirit waiting to be set free.Explore yournative heartNative Force Eau de ToiletteThe call of discovery beckons you into theunknown, sparking your curiosity for what liesbeneath the placid surface. Native Force Eau deToilette drives you forward with the cool radianceof cardamom spiced with kaffir lime and palo santo.Dare to delve into your hidden depths. 75 ml.23828 ` 1590CARDAMOM, KAFFIR LIME, PALO SANTO`1290`300SAVE75
  76. 76. men’s cornerGiordani Man is a new interpretation of modern malesophistication.Based around vetiver,an iconic rawingredient in men’s fragrances,Giordani ManUHSUHVHQWV DQ DXWKHQWLFLW DQG VHOIFRQÀGHQFH WKDW LVaccessible for every man.Italian neroli and bergamotlend the fragrance an exclusive touch of theMediterranean to the scent’s heart,which heightensWKH VFHQW·V DXUD RI UHÀQHPHQWRRO VSLFHV EOHQGperfectly with the vetiver and give the scent elegantbalance.Amber softens the drydown,faceting it andheightening the scent’s undeniable sensuality.Marc BuxtonPERFUMER’S INSPIRATIONABSINTHE LIQEUR, BLACK PEPPER,HAITIANVETIVERThe newmale sophistication76
  77. 77. Giordani Man Eau de ToiletteWith its refreshing, luxurious notes ofItalian neroli and bergamot blended withblack pepper and marine accords, GiordaniMan’s delivers the ultimate in modernmale elegance and sophistication.Warmsandalwood and musk give it a distinctivelyamber character. 75 ml.17328 ` 1990`1790UNIQUE STYLE.OUTSTANDING VALUE!`200SAVE77
  78. 78. men’s cornerFuse Anti-perspirant24H DeodorantEffective 24H deodorant with theenergising scent of Fuse Eau deToilette.Non-whitening formula. 50 ml.23841 ` 179Fuse Eau de ToiletteTranscend boundaries with theenergising scent grapefruit-cypress-wood mix of Fuse Eau de Toilette.Theultimate scent for the man who knowsno limits. 75 ml.23825 ` 1990Rebel Body SprayTimeless masculine Body Spray in analcohol-free formulation. Spray all overbody after bath and during the day forthe confidence you desire. 75 ml.8048 ` 179Eikon Eau de ToilettePossess the wild energy andfreedom of Eikon. Oud wood,suede and patchouli embody itsmasculine sensuality. 75 ml.22916 ` 1990Glacier Body SprayFresh and energetic with crispherbal and woody notes, GlacierBody Spray captures the vigour ofthe thrill seeking man. 75 ml.23562 ` 179Eclat for Men Body SpraySubtly elegant with fresh notes ofbergamot, warm exotic woods andamber, Eclat for Men Body Spraycaptures the heart and soul of theclassic gentleman. 75 ml.23564 ` 179Eclat for MenEau de ToiletteThis fresh, refined scent is a classicdisplay of male sophistication.75 ml.13835 ` 1890I.D. BeatsEau de Toilette SprayHot ginger, exotic coconutand cedarwood release thethumping groove in you with I.DBeats. 150 ml.24163 ` 298I.D. EnergyEau de Toilette SprayWant to keep her on her toes?Girls like a guy who’s always onthe go.With sparkling yuzu, freshginger root and cucumber, I.D.Energy will keep you buzzing 24-7!The longer you spray, the moreintense the scent. 150 ml.24162 ` 298Ascendant Eau de ToiletteCapturing the essence of malebeauty, this robust fragranceoverflows with energy andsensuality.Ascendant combinesfresh notes of bergamot withsweet fennel and soft vanilla for amodern interpretation of a classicoriental scent. 75 ml.10919 ` 1790Ascendant FragrancedBody TalcSmooth, absorbent body talcfor him with the robust scent ofAscendant. 100 g.22151 ` 99Ascendant FragrancedBody SprayRobust and energetic with notesof bergamot, sweet fennel andvanilla,Ascendant Body Sprayembodies the essence of masculinesensuality. 75 ml.23563 ` 179Voyager Eau de ToiletteVoyager Eau de Toilette’s excitingblend of bergamot and tangerineevoke the warmth of the desert.Cool facets of cardamom, greentea and Namibian myrrh are a lightbreeze on your skin. Its wild spiritcomes through with sandalwood,vetiver and amber. 75 ml.21707 ` 1690Voyager Anti-perspirant24H DeodorantRoll-on anti-perspirant/deodorantwith the invigorating scentofVoyager. Provides all-dayprotection and reduces whitemarks on clothing. 50 ml.23173 ` 17978
  79. 79. ቢባmen’s cornerWelcome to theDashing Life!ባ FlamboyantEau de ToiletteLive the limitless life with thevibrant woody citrus notes ofFlamboyant Eau de Toilette. 75 ml.19639 ` 1690`1190GRAPEFRUIT, ESSENCE DE BAYLEAF, CARDAMOMPAPRIKA, INCENSE, COFFEEቢ Signature HeritageEau De ToiletteExciting facets of paprika, blackcoffee and incense curls captureSignature Heritage’s journey forthe man who always travels instyle. 75 ml.23837 ` 1890`1490RED CARPET DEAL!SAVE UP TO`5007979
  80. 80. LASTTIMEቢባቤባቤmen’s cornerቤ North For Men – ActiveFace WashInvigorating, non-drying face wash enrichedwith Arctic Pro Defence.150 ml.14651 ` 349ቢ North For Men CleansingSoap BarExtreme cleansing soap bar leaves skinclean, soft and revitalised. 100 g.15543 ` 99ባ North For Men – Normal SkinShaving GelUltra-rich men’s shaving gel with Glide-Tech technology, for a smoother shave andless irritation. 60 ml.21477 ` 129Last time in this catalogueextreme care for every man.80
  81. 81. ቢቤባቤ North For Men Spray DeodorantAnti-perspirantAntiperspirant 24H deodorant sprayenriched with Arctic Pro Defence leavesunderarms feeling cool and fresh – withoutwhite marks. Rapid drying formula. 150 ml.15549 ` 279`259ቢ North For Men Total AgeControl CreamAdvanced moisturiser with Arctic ProDefence that reduces the appearance ofwrinkles, firms skin and restores radiance.50 ml.16687 ` 990`690DISCOVER NORTH FOR MENmen’s cornerባ North For Men – After ShavingMoisture BalmDual-action after shave soothes, protectsand provides 24-hour moisture. 50 ml.14654 ` 229`169RED CARPET DEAL!UP TO30%OFF81
  82. 82. CLEANSERS,ቢባGETTHEMNOW– BEFORETHEY’RE GONE!Botanical extracts, natural beautyቢ Pure Nature Organic Blueberry Lavender extract Calming TonerToner with blueberry lavender extract for allskin types. 150 ml.15948 ` 349`175ባ Pure Nature Organic Blueberry Lavender extract Calming Face WashSoft gel cleanser with blueberry lavenderextract for all skin types. 150 ml.15960 ` 329`249WHILE STOCK LASTS!Optimals Gentle Peeling CreamGentle exfoliating cream with algae-based micro-particles developed specially for dry and sensitiveskin prone to irritation. Leaves skin perfectlycleansed, smooth and soft. Contains CalmingComplex. 75 ml.18188 ` 329`197FOR DRY ANDSENSITIVE SKINALLAGESFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGES40%OFF82
  83. 83. ቢባቤ+ORDER TODAY! – SAVE UP TO 50%!Limited stock.Offers valid till stocks last!HOT PRICE! ` 275Swedish Spa Earth range willhelp you to find balance andharmony while deeplycleansing, purifying andrebalancing your skinthrough a 3-step at-homefacial treatment.MalachiteClaySwedish Spa Smoothing Face ScrubSmooth and improve skin with exfoliating particlesas Hydracare+ softens and Malachite harmonises.75 ml.20371 ` 549Your Home –Your Spaባ Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder OilVersatile oil with Ginger, Coconut and SweetAlmond Oils, Hydracare+ andVitamin E formassage or bathing or haircare. 150 ml.18765 ` 498`374ቤ Swedish Spa Night Renewal HandCreamNourishing overnight hand cream withHydracare+ and oils of tonic Ginger andsoothing Sweet Almond. 75 ml.18484 ` 259`181ቢ Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body ScrubBody Scrub with exfoliating granules,Hydracare+, Ginger and Sweet Almond Oils andVitamin E. 150 ml.18483 ` 549`329FIRE–WARM SENSUALITY40%OFF83
  84. 84. GETTHEMNOW– BEFORETHEY’RE GONE!WHILE STOCK LASTS!GG RetractableLip Brush11 x 0.8 cm.15359 ` 329BRUSH HOT PRICE!` 165TwistandlockPUMPSkin looksREFRESHED**7 out of 10 agree, tested on 98 womenOriflame Beauty Oxygen BoostFoundationRevitalising oxygen foundation for abrighter complexion.With algae extractand revitalising, cooling microspheres.30 ml.18373 ` 498`29918373Porcelain40%OFF84
  85. 85. +Limited stock.Offers valid till stocks last!HOT PRICE! ` 99ORDER TODAY! – SAVE UP TO 50%!Delicacy Soap BarSumptuous soap bar caresses your skin with thecaptivating scent of Delicacy. 100 g.23183 ` 89`62North For Men Protective Lip Balm SPF 6Moisturising, nourishing and protecting lip balm withArctic Pro Defence complex and vitamin E. SPF 6.4.5 g.20160 ` 198extreme care for every man.30%OFF85
  86. 86. GETTHEMNOW– BEFORETHEY’RE GONE!WHILE STOCK LASTS!FEET UP HOT PRICE!` 209Lightweight cream for normal skin. Natural Holly Leafextract makes skin look fresh and provides powerful anti-oxidative effect. 75 ml.17344 ` 349`175Natural Calendulawith purifyingpropertiesCalendula Bur-MarigoldBur-Marigoldnourishes andcalmsHolly LeafNatural Holly Leafwith anti-oxidativeeffectDeeply nourishes dry hands withnatural sweet almond oil. 100 ml.11287 ` 259`181nourishes*Re-conditionsExfoliates and conditionshands with almond shellpowder and sweet almondoil. 75 ml.11289 ` 298`179Almond shellexfoliatefeel smootherlook radiantBrings softness and helps sootheovernight, with Avocado Oil andAloeVera. Use just before bedtime.150 ml.20564 ` 349JUMBO40%OFF86
  87. 87. +FairnessቢባORDER TODAY! – SAVE UP TO 50%!Limited stock.Offers valid till stocks last!HOT PRICE! ` 89Mulberry Vitamin EFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESቢ Essentials Fairness LotionDesigned especially for oily skin, this light, non-greasy formula leaves skin looking visibly brighter in2 weeks. 50 ml.13644 ` 119ባLight, fast-absorbing cream leaves skin looking visiblyfairer in 2 weeks. 50 ml.13643 ` 11987
  88. 88. ቢቤባskin careRED CARPETCENTRALDo you ever wonder how yourfavourite celebrities get that pricelessglowing complexion? It’s quite simpleactually,and we’ve got the secrets!One of the secrets is to work up aregular skin cleansing routine andexfoliate to rid dead cells leaving anatural glow.Sparkle like a star with luxurious DiamondCellular skin treatments. Improve theappearance of your skin with skin carethat’s pure value!Red CarpetPicks!Leave your skinpristinely cleanRestore skin brilliancewith diamondsFOR ALLSKIN TYPES 40+88
  89. 89. ብብ Diamond Cellular NightRestorative TreatmentApply before sleep for the overnighttreatment. Use every night. 30 ml.18437 ` 2390`1690ባ Diamonds CellularAnti-Ageing CreamThis exceptionally rich cream targets thevisible signs of ageing to reveal skin thatdefies its age. 50 ml.13659 ` 2290Complete care for brilliant skinቢ Diamond Cellular MicellarSolution CleanserLuxurious all-in-one cleanser, toner andmake up remover. Clears impurities in onesweep without water. 200 ml.21339 ` 1090ቤ Diamond Cellular ExfoliatorExfoliate and improve your skin, smoothingaway old skin cells, revealing radiant skinbelow. Diamond Elixir brightens, tonifies,and evens skin tone. Diami particles polishskin for a healthy, younger look. 150 ml.24199 ` 1090`790Exfoliate your skinto perfectionRejuvenate your skinwhile you sleep`700SAVE UP TORED-HOT SALE!89
  90. 90. ቢባGo on a shopping splurge for discountedPure Nature products! Infused withnatural ingredients like Pomegranate,White Tea and Burdock; here’s yourchance to pamper like a star.Red CarpetPicks!FOR NORMAL TOCOMBINATIONSKINGently cleansesand protectsRED CARPETCENTRALDo you ever wonder how yourfavourite celebrities get that pricelessglowing complexion? It’s quite simpleactually,and we’ve got the secrets!One of them is to cleanse your face atleast twice a day and moisturise.Alsouse a facemask occasionally to keepskin younger and fresher.skincareProtects skinagainst dailypollution90
  91. 91. ቤብBotanical extracts, natural beautyቢ Pure Nature Organic Açai Pomegranate AntioxidantFace WashRefreshing face wash containing extractsof Açai berry and Pomegranate that gentlyremoves make-up and impurities from theskin. 150 ml.21556 ` 329`279ባ Pure Nature Organic Açai Pomegranate AntioxidantDay CreamNourishing day cream containing extractsof Açai berry and Pomegranate that helpsprotect skin against premature ageing.75 ml.21557 ` 379`355ብ Pure Nature Organic BurdockExtract Purifying Clay MaskPurifying clay mask with burdock extractfor normal to oily skin. 50 ml.16358 ` 298`209ቤ Pure Nature Organic White TeaExtract Moisturising Gel MaskMoisturising gel mask with white teaextract for all skin types. 50 ml.16356 ` 298`209Hydrate your skin withWhiteTeaDeeply cleanse yourskin with BurdockFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGESFOR NORMALTO OILY SKIN30%UP TOOFFRED-HOT SALE!91
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  93. 93. ቤብቤ Oriflame Beauty Perfect BlushThe delicately soft texture sculpts yourface and cheeks are left in a state ofpure radiance - suited to all skin tones.4 g.` 529`369ቢ Oriflame BeautyLip Spa TherapySuper hydrating lip balm that offersimmediate relief to dry lips. Dualcore texture boosts moisture andhelps protect lips from environmentalstresses. SPF 8. 1.6 g.12286 ` 249`179ብ Blush BrushThe perfect blush brush. Goat hairbristles with wooden handle. 180 mm.23255 ` 279`229ባ Oriflame BeautySmooth DefinerThe retractable lead delivers creamy,vibrant colour in five flattering shades.0.3 g.` 29821649Fresh Pink21649 Fresh Pink21650Classic Rose21650 Classic Rose21651Glowing Peach21651 Glowing PeachPERFECT BLUSH Perfect Colour,softest texture21649Fresh Pink30%UP TOOFFRED-HOT SALE!93
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  95. 95. ቤብቢ Nature Secrets ShampooAnti-Dandruff with Burdock Grapefruit250 ml.22694 ` 229`209ባ Nature Secrets ConditionerAnti-Dandruff with Burdock Grapefruit250 ml.22695 ` 229`209ቤ Nature Secrets Shower Gelwith Relaxing Lavender Fig250 ml.23409 ` 379`285ብ Nature Secrets Soap Bar withRelaxing Lavender Fig75 g.23410 ` 79– the bliss of simplicity –pH balancedformulaMoisturisingGlycerin25%UP TOOFFRED-HOT SALE!95
  96. 96. ቢባtoiletriesDelightfullysweet melodiousscentTANTALIZING TALCS!– the bliss of simplicity –Take pleasure in the freshness of Nature Secretsirresistible new talcs. Naturally soft, eloquentlyfragrant and effortlessly absorbent, theseall-over body powders offer a wonderfultouch, to keep you feeling fresh.ቢ Nature Secrets TalcFloral BouquetFloral scented body powder thatabsorbs moisture, leaving your skinfeeling smooth and dry. 100 g.25440 ` 59`55ባ Nature Secrets TalcFloral BouquetFloral scented body powder thatabsorbs moisture, leaving your skinfeeling smooth and dry. 400 g.25441 ` 169`159ቤ Nature Secrets TalcTropical BurstBody powder that leaves yourskin feeling smooth and dry, witha wonderfully tropical fragrance.100 g.25442 ` 59`5596
  97. 97. ቤብቦቧExotic fruityÁRUDOIUDJUDQFH:RQGHUIXOOZDUP OXVKDURPDቦ Nature Secrets TalcForest GladeAbsorbent body powder thathelps leave you dry and with astimulating forest scent. 100 g.23709 ` 59`55ቧ Nature Secrets TalcForest GladeAbsorbent body powder thathelps leave you dry and with astimulating forest scent. 400 g.23710 ` 169`159ብ Nature Secrets TalcTropical BurstBody powder that leaves yourskin feeling smooth and dry, witha wonderfully tropical fragrance.400 g.25443 ` 169`159NEWHollywoodLAUNCH OFFER` 55STARTING FROM97
  98. 98. Soothe tired winter skin with aromaticMoisturising Patchouli and Ylang Ylang with itssoothing properties turn your daily skin careinto an aromatic skin nourishing ritual.Patchouli YlangYlangessential oilsPatchouli is renownedfor its skin-protectiveand moisturisingproperties. It’s alsowidely used inaromatherapy for itsrelaxing and mood liftingvirtues. Fragrant YlangYlang protects your skinand uplifts the senses.skin care98
  99. 99. ቢባቤቤ Pure Nature Face CreamPatchouli Ylang YlangLight yet nourishing face cream withPatchouli andYlangYlang essential oilsto moisturise and protect your skin.75 ml.24470 ` 379`265ቢ Pure Nature 2-in-1 CleanserPatchouli Ylang YlangFormulated with Patchouli andYlangYlang essential oils to gently removeimpurities and makes your skin silkysoft. 150 ml.24471 ` 329`289ባ Pure Nature Face MaskPatchouli Ylang YlangRelaxing and calming mask, rich inPatchouli andYlangYlang essential oils,protects and hydrates the skin. Leaveon for 10 minutes, then rinse off. 50 ml.24472 ` 298`249Mild creamycleanserIntenselyhydrating maskNourishing facemoisturiserNEW LIMITED EDITIONFOR ALLSKIN TYPESALLAGES30%OFFHollywoodLAUNCH OFFERUP TO9999
  100. 100. +277,36+277,36+277,361R -XQH -XQH ‡ +RW WLSV WR VWD EHDXWLIXO LQWKH XUEDQ RXWGRRUV DOO VXPPHU ORQJ%H LQVSLUHG E%ULQJ EDFN QDWXUHORYLQJHOHPHQWV LQWR RXU FKLF EHDXWUHJLPHQ DQG OLIHVWOH85%$1-81*/(%HDXWPure Colour23545CoralRose23551TemptingBrown23543DesertRose23548RadiantRed23552MinkBrown23546VintageRose23549VintageNude23547RichRed23550SoftCaramel23544WarmFuchsia23554RipePlume23553BlackCherry` 25© 2013 Oriflame Cosmetics SAOriflame is a proud member of theIndian Direct Selling Association,reflecting our commitment to practisingthe highest level of business ethics.We have never tested ourproducts on animals and neverwill. We adopted this policy when welaunched in 1967 and, to this day, allingredients in our cosmetic productsare animal friendly.Through our collaboration with theRainforest Alliance, we strive to ensurethat all the paper in ourcatalogues originates from wellmanaged forests.Our ongoing charity initiatives supportchildren and young womenthrough a diverse range of educationprograms.ZZZIDFHERRNFRPRULÁDPHLQWZLWWHUFRPRULÁDPHBLQGLDYOUR BEAUTY CONSULTANTHead Office: Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd.,Ground Floor, Corporate One, Plot No 5, NHCC, JasolaNew Delhi -110076, INDIATel. +91 114 054 9500 Email: query@oriflame.co.inwww.oriflame.co.inNEWORIFLAME BEAUTYEVERLASTINGFOUNDATIONComing inJune, 2013Such is the belief in our quality that we offer a100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completelyhappy with your product you may return itwithin 30 days for a full refund.` 99RED CARPET DEAL!ONLYEACHGreat colour– great price!Oriflame Pure Colour LipstickSmooth, conditioning lipstick in a huge spectrum ofcolour. Bold shades, creamy texture. 4 g.` 139