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  • All of these had a religious undertones, and were often commissioned by churches.
  • What kind of social theme can you think of that would warrant a mural?Have you seen any murals around town?What were they about?
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Mural Project Mural Project Presentation Transcript

  • The Mural ProjectHistory, Styles, Techniques, Street Graffiti, And Planning of a Mural
  • The Beginnings of Murals• What is a Mural? • A mural is a painting, drawing, or art that is painted on a wall, building, or large area • First mural is in Chauvet Cave, 30,000 years ago in Southern France • These images are taken from a cave in Mexico, and are outlines of hands • The San Bartolo murals are the first images of Mesoamerica San Bartolo mural.jpg Chauvet Cave Cave Drawings in Mexico, ( Tymon Emch ave)
  • Murals throughout Time Cave Drawings in Mexico, The Last Supper by Leonardo DiVincci ages/dec2006/bonampak.jpg o/lastsupp.jpg The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo judgment-wga-350.jpg
  • Techniques in Making Murals• A Fresco: paint is applied on plaster. • Buon Fresco: pigment with water on thin, wet, plaster • Then dries and the plaster will pick up the pigment A Fresco Mural roman-frescoes-mosaics.html • A Secco: painting done on a dry wall • Materials: Sometimes mixed with beeswax, resin, eggs 16th century started to use oil paints A Secco Mural 94_e6dde50864.jpg
  • Significance of Murals• Murals can be made for many different reasons • Aesthetics (because they look good) • Politics (some governments would pay artists to make specific murals) • Religious (many churches or religious states would Social Commentary (Bansky) commision pieces) 2/art-of-war-banksys-revolution/banksy-21/• Social Commentary • What does “social commentary mean?” • What themes can you think of that would be the topic of a mural? Totalitarian Murals (Hugo Chavez) offa/albumid/5535637870902921873/photoid
  • Mexican Mural Movement• The 1930’s Mexican Mural Movement redefined murals for the world.• It included “los tres grandes:” Diego Rivera, José Orozco, and David Siqueros La Historia de México (Rivera)• Related to a political and post-revolutionary time of Mexico mages/2006/Mexico%2520historical%2520mural% 2520by%2520Diego%2520Rivera.jpg• A method to teach, as everyone (even those who couldn’t read) could learn and understand history The Epic of American Civilization (Orozco Mural de David Siqueros nel16.gif
  • Diego Rivera The National Palace (Diego Rivera)
  • Diego Rivera Detroit Industry (Diego Rivera)
  • Jose Orozco Hidalgo (Jose Orozco)
  • David Siqueiros National Museum (David Siqueiros))
  • Modern Murals – Street Art• The Mexican Muralism redefined what public art can mean • No longer was art reserved for the rich, and high class • Murals made art for everyone, for the public, for the masses • Was able to define a political or social movement Various Public Art by Bansky graffiti-1.jpg
  • Modern Murals – Street Art Os Gemelos (de Brasil)
  • Modern Murals – Street Art Shepard Fairey – Various Images
  • Our Process• Come up with a theme • What does Vose mean to you? What do you want the community to represent? What makes this school special?• Draw an image • We will then take these images, and talk about what we like on each one • The rest of the class will vote on who’s mural they like the best • We will then take that image, scan it, and alter it digitally• Painting the image • We will take that digital image, project it onto the wall, then trace it • We will then fill it in with colors Bend Community Center Cada|casa’s The Mural Project (Tymon Emch)
  • Other Murals
  • Other Murals