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Street Art PowerPoint

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  • All of these had a religious undertones, and were often commissioned by churches.
  • What kind of social theme can you think of that would warrant a mural?Have you seen any murals around town?What were they about?
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  • Mural Project

    1. 1. The Mural ProjectHistory, Styles, Techniques, Street Graffiti, And Planning of a Mural
    2. 2. The Beginnings of Murals• What is a Mural? • A mural is a painting, drawing, or art that is painted on a wall, building, or large area • First mural is in Chauvet Cave, 30,000 years ago in Southern France • These images are taken from a cave in Mexico, and are outlines of hands • The San Bartolo murals are the first images of Mesoamerica San Bartolo mural.jpg Chauvet Cave Cave Drawings in Mexico, ( Tymon Emch ave)
    3. 3. Murals throughout Time Cave Drawings in Mexico, The Last Supper by Leonardo DiVincci ages/dec2006/bonampak.jpg o/lastsupp.jpg The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo judgment-wga-350.jpg
    4. 4. Techniques in Making Murals• A Fresco: paint is applied on plaster. • Buon Fresco: pigment with water on thin, wet, plaster • Then dries and the plaster will pick up the pigment A Fresco Mural roman-frescoes-mosaics.html • A Secco: painting done on a dry wall • Materials: Sometimes mixed with beeswax, resin, eggs 16th century started to use oil paints A Secco Mural 94_e6dde50864.jpg
    5. 5. Significance of Murals• Murals can be made for many different reasons • Aesthetics (because they look good) • Politics (some governments would pay artists to make specific murals) • Religious (many churches or religious states would Social Commentary (Bansky) commision pieces) 2/art-of-war-banksys-revolution/banksy-21/• Social Commentary • What does “social commentary mean?” • What themes can you think of that would be the topic of a mural? Totalitarian Murals (Hugo Chavez) offa/albumid/5535637870902921873/photoid
    6. 6. Mexican Mural Movement• The 1930’s Mexican Mural Movement redefined murals for the world.• It included “los tres grandes:” Diego Rivera, José Orozco, and David Siqueros La Historia de México (Rivera)• Related to a political and post-revolutionary time of Mexico mages/2006/Mexico%2520historical%2520mural% 2520by%2520Diego%2520Rivera.jpg• A method to teach, as everyone (even those who couldn’t read) could learn and understand history The Epic of American Civilization (Orozco Mural de David Siqueros nel16.gif
    7. 7. Diego Rivera The National Palace (Diego Rivera)
    8. 8. Diego Rivera Detroit Industry (Diego Rivera)
    9. 9. Jose Orozco Hidalgo (Jose Orozco)
    10. 10. David Siqueiros National Museum (David Siqueiros))
    11. 11. Modern Murals – Street Art• The Mexican Muralism redefined what public art can mean • No longer was art reserved for the rich, and high class • Murals made art for everyone, for the public, for the masses • Was able to define a political or social movement Various Public Art by Bansky graffiti-1.jpg
    12. 12. Modern Murals – Street Art Os Gemelos (de Brasil)
    13. 13. Modern Murals – Street Art Shepard Fairey – Various Images
    14. 14. Our Process• Come up with a theme • What does Vose mean to you? What do you want the community to represent? What makes this school special?• Draw an image • We will then take these images, and talk about what we like on each one • The rest of the class will vote on who’s mural they like the best • We will then take that image, scan it, and alter it digitally• Painting the image • We will take that digital image, project it onto the wall, then trace it • We will then fill it in with colors Bend Community Center Cada|casa’s The Mural Project (Tymon Emch)
    15. 15. Other Murals
    16. 16. Other Murals