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Class in Brave New World
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Class in Brave New World


by Avery and Pavel

by Avery and Pavel

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  • 1. CLASSES
  • 3.  
  • 4. SOCIETY
    • All are happy to be who they are, they don’t want to belong to another caste
    • Programmed (Like Robot) to be glad that they do not belong to other castes
    • All are equal , all work as hard as the next person
    • Everyone is created for every one (most communist saying)
    • People are “programmed” in their sleep
    • Everyone “hangs out” with their own caste
    • All people are literally made , thanks to new technology in bioengineering
    • History is “bunk”
  • 5. Alpha & Betas
    • Alphas are better, they are made to “rule”, Alpha++ are world controllers
    • Alphas are beautiful
    • Alphas and Betas are not mass produced
    • Alphas and Betas have the higher positions, due to their intellect, but they are no more important than an Epsilon or a Delta
    • Both Alpha and Betas are like individuals, have their own personality
  • 6. Gamma, Delta & Epsilons
    • - All are equally important, difference is their types of job
    • -Gammas, machine operators, butlers, semi-though-provoking jobs
    • -Deltas, helicopter attendants, cold pressers, screw-cutters, package packers; are mass produced and have no individuality
    • -Epsilons, can’t read or write, mass produced, have no individuality
    • -Epsilons, are stupid, without a personality, they like robots, manual labor all they are used for (tool)
    • -Epsilons’ embryos are starved of oxygen and given alcohol when they are fetuses
    • -All are happy to be who they are
  • 7.  
  • 8. REAL LIFE
  • 9. Social structure
    • All people are absolutely different
    • Everyone can be whoever they choose
    • Some people are more important than others (Workers and CEOs)
    • Not all people have same possibilities
    • In this society you need to work hard to become an important person
    • Everybody “hangs out” with whom they like
  • 10. Class system
    • Middle class
    • Support our economy, and system, without middle class, world would be very different
    • Upper class
    • Provide jobs for middle class
    • Upper class depends on the middle class, middle on the upper
    • “ Poor class”
    • Live in bad conditions, don’t have to be an epsilon to be there, even smart people can be in that situation
  • 11. Aldous Huxley wanted to tell the people how the society will look in the future
    • - There is still partial segregation, not as extreme as in the book
    • -Class segregation, upper class, middle class, poor class
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  • 15.  
  • 16.
    • Huxley was right to some extent about the two societies, both have some partial segregation, such as different clothing or types of lives, but his was too extreme
  • 17. THE END