Hasselblad Product Catalogue V2


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Hasselblad Product Catalogue V2

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Hasselblad Product Catalogue V2

  1. 1. Hasselblad Product Catalogue
  2. 2. Photo: Lyle OwerkoHasselbladMedium FormatPhotography. 3It’s been decades since the first And today’s Hasselblad System, And if your images didn’t start out inHasselblad camera was launched, and defined by the H4D family of digital the digital world, the Hasselblad linefor decades thereafter the Hasselblad cameras, has also evolved, and now of Flextight scanners – for overV System cameras, with their distinc- leads the digital imaging field, deliver- 15 years a must have in professionaltive black and silver look, their com- ing stunning images from outstanding film based photography – can help youpactness and central lens shutters, photographic performances, just like get them there.defined photography for the profes- its famous predecessors. Today’s Hasselblad - uncompro-sional photographer. Whether shooting Speaking of which, we also offer mising image quality, delivered from arock stars or coal miners, landscapes advanced digital capture solutions system that is designed to help pho-or lunar vistas, the 6x6 Hasselblad for the classic V camera system, tographers get the most from theirnegatives raised the bar for light including both the CFV line of digital photography, both technically andtables around the world, one stunning backs, as well as a clever interface for creatively. That’s where we startedimage after another. the renowned Carl Zeiss lenses that and that’s where we have chosen Photography is now digital, and enables them to be used on today’s to stay.today’s incredible images boast even H4D camera line.more incredible detail and are inspect- All Hasselblad digital cameras areed, evaluated and approved at 200% supported by our powerful Phocuszoom, every pixel of every Raw image imaging software, which perfectsable to be tweaked and perfected in raw images and provides advancedsoftware environments with tools that camera control for tethered shoot-outperform yesterday’s photo labs ing. Phocus Standard, Phocus Lighthands down. and Phocus Quick. Available for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  3. 3. Photo: Bang Peng4 5 H4D cameras feature sensors ranging from 31 to 60 mega-pixels and provide a platform whose components can be exchanged as needs and technologies develop. Hasselblad cameras stand out from other professional cameras in many The H4D important aspects, including: The H system lens line, with its unmatched optics, central lens shut- Camera System. ters, and integrated communication with the camera. True Focus, for perfect focus when recomposing at open apertures. The Medium Format Hasselblad H system, with its flagship the H4D, Photo: Tom Hagemeyer uses extra large sensors, with an impressive number of pixels, to support Modularity, offering flexibility and con- venience for a range of photographic the shallow depth-of-field shooting that characterizes so much high-end needs. shooting, and to provide the ultra-high resolution demanded by today’s Multi-Shot, offering non-interpolated most discerning professionals. colors and ultra-high resolution.
  4. 4. true foCus and absolute Position loCk H4d-50ms – multi sHot system The H4D-50MS - Uncompromising detail and color single shot multi shot The multi-shot technology enables the (1-shot mode) (4-shot mode) capture of still life subjects with all detail detail details represented in true color and extreme resolution. By capturing a sequence of shots, each offset by a pixel increment, every aspect of the subject is rendered with its true red, green, and blue color components. This allows true detail and true color to be acquired without interpolation of any kind. This is the ultimate capture mode for still photography, and multi- Hasselblad’s True Focus feature helps solve one of the most shot cameras have become the cameras of choice for many high-end lingering challenges facing serious photographers today: studio photographers and most of the true, accurate focusing throughout the image field. world’s most renowned museums. It the color data from the sensor. A raw ments of the sensor. By combining simply doesn’t get any better than this. single-shot delivers one color per pixel, several shots, each offset by a single A typical auto-focus camera can only correctly measure focus Naturally, the H4D-50MS can also and the remaining colors must be esti- pixel or a fraction of a pixel, the Red, on subjects that are in the image center. To focus on a subject be used for normal single-shot mode mated and calculated using a best- Green, and Blue of each separate photography, inside or out, as well. guess strategy. Hasselblad cameras do point on the subject matter are outside the center area, you must first lock focus on the this by using algorithms that optimize obtained in a given sensor resolution.6 subject and then re-compose the image. At close focusing H4D - Single Shot color rendering and sharpness for the The result is full color information for 7 distances particularly, this re-composing causes focus error, The key to the quality of single shot range of perception of the human eye. every pixel on the sensor with none of as the plane of sharpness follows the movement of the exposures from a CCD sensor is the artifacts (such as moiré) that are camera, perpendicular to the axis of the lens. found in the Bayer Mosaic filter. This H4D - Multi Shot common with single shot capture. is a specific layout that is used in In multi-shot mode, high precision conjunction with software to interpret piezo motors control pixel-size move- modularity The traditional solution for most DSLR To overcome this problem, Hasselblad Working with View-Cameras cameras has been to equip the camera has used modern yaw rate sensor All H4D cameras have been designed with a multi-point AF sensor. Such multi- technology to measure camera move- to allow the digital capture unit to be point AF solutions, however, are often ment in an innovative way. The result is detached and used on a view camera tedious and inflexible to work with and the new Absolute Position Lock (APL) by way of an H system adapter. In this in addition, due to the physics of an processor, which forms the foundation configuration, the digital capture SLR-camera, the off-center focus points of Hasselblad’s True Focus feature. The device can be used with electronic offered are clustered relatively close to APL processor accurately logs camera shutters from Rollei, Schneider, and the center of the image. The photo- movement during any re-composing, others, either stand-alone using the grapher is still forced to focus first and uses these exact measurements to flash sync signal from the shutter or Tilt/shift photography then shift the camera to reframe, with calculate the necessary focus adjust- tethered to a computer with full Used with the H4D cameras, the HTS the resulting loss of focus as a result. ment, and then issues the proper control of the electronic shutter from 1.5 tilt/shift adapter (patent-pending) commands to the lens’s focus motor so the computer. provides clever tilt/shift capabilities it can compensate. The APL proces- for a range of H System lenses, sor computes the advanced positional A choice of bright viewfinders including the 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, algorithms and carries out the required One of the most important and 80mm, and 100mm lenses. focus corrections at such rapid speed appreci-ated advantages of the Integration of digital sensors on all that no shutter lag occurs. The H4D’s medium format is the extra-large and moving parts provide constant firmware then further perfects the focus bright viewfinder image, enabling feedback as to the exact tilt/shift using the precise data retrieval system extremely precise com-positions and movements, enabling the Hasselblad principles with the latest in digital found on all HC/HCD lenses. easy operation in dim lighting. An digital lens correction technology to image control to not only solve the upper image shows the result when not using true focus. While this image interchangeable waist-level viewfinder, optimize corner-to-corner image quality technical challenges, but to provides looks relatively sharp, the lower image the HVM, is also available for the for the given lens working at a given exciting creative opportunities that will where true focus has been used, is razor entire range of H4D system cameras, focusing distance. This ingenious help you take your photographic sharp. allowing top-down viewing if desired. device combines well-known optical expression to entirely new levels.
  5. 5. H system Cameras H4D-60 H4D-50MS H4D-50 H4D-408 9 Professional Medium Format DSLR camera for Professional Medium Format DSLR camera for Professional Medium Format DSLR camera for studio Professional Medium Format DSLR camera for studio controlled lighting studio photography featuring a studio photography featuring a 50-megapixel and location photography featuring a 50 megapixel. and location photography featuring a 40 mega-pixel 60-megapixel sensor to support the utmost in sensor. In addition to standard single-shot sensor. Versatile capture with up to 32-second sensor. Versatile capture, with up to 256 second digital capture. Outstanding color rendering, both captures, multi-shot capture mode supports still exposure time. Sensitivity 50 to 800 ISO. exposure time. Sensitivity 100 to 1600 ISO. when shooting with flash and with Tungsten photography with the most accurate color rendering lighting. Maximum exposure time is 32 seconds. and resolution available in the market today. Item no. 70480542 Item no.70380554 Sensitivity 50 to 800 ISO. Sensitivity 50 to 800 ISO. Item no. 70480543 Item no. 70490543 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Sensor size 60.1 Mpixels (6708 x 8956 pixels) Sensor size 50 Mpixels (6132 x 8176 pixels) Sensor size 50 Mpixels (6132 x 8176 pixels) Sensor size 40.0 Mpixels (7304 x 5478 pixels) Sensor dimensions 40.2 x 53.7 mm Sensor dimensions 36.7 x 49.1 mm Sensor dimensions 36.7 x 49.1 mm Sensor dimensions 32.9 x 43.8mm Pixel size 6.0 μm Pixel size 6.0 μm Pixel size 6.0 μm Pixel size 6.0 μm Image size RAW 3FR: 80 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit: 180 MB Image size RAW 3FR: 65 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit: 150 MB Image size RAW 3FR: 65 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit: 150 MB Image size RAW 3FR: 50 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit: 120 MB True Focus Yes True Focus Yes True Focus Yes True Focus Yes Shooting mode Single Shot Shooting mode Single / Multi Shot (4x) Shooting mode Single Shot Shooting mode Single Shot ISO speed range ISO 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 ISO speed range ISO 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 ISO speed range ISO 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 ISO speed range ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 Shutter Speed 32 sec. - 1/800 Shutter Speed 32 sec. - 1/800 Shutter Speed 32 sec. - 1/800 Shutter Speed 256 sec. - 1/800 Color depth 16 bit Color depth 16 bit Color depth 16 bit Color depth 16 bit Color management Hasselblad Natural Color Solution Color management Hasselblad Natural Color Solution Color management Hasselblad Natural Color Solution Color management Hasselblad Natural Color Solution CF storage capacity 8 GB CF card holds 100 images on average CF storage capacity 4 GB CF card holds 60 images on average CF storage capacity 4 GB CF card holds 60 images on average CF storage capacity 4 GB CF card holds 75 images on average Capture rate 1.4 sec. per capture. 31 captures per min. Capture rate 1.1 sec. per capture. 33 captures per min. Capture rate 1.1 sec. per capture. 33 captures per min. Capture rate 1.1 sec. per capture. 50 captures per min. Color display 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color, 460 320 pixels Color display 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color, 230 400 pixels Color display 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color, 230 400 pixels Color display 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color, 230 400 pixels Host connection type FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b) Host connection type FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b) Host connection type FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b) Host connection type FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b) The H4D-31 family also includes H4D-31. For further information please refer to pages 22/31.
  6. 6. Photo: Dirk Rees H System Lenses. First and foremost, today’s Hasselblad lenses are characterized by the finest grade of glass available, designed for optimal rendering of the finest detail, with perfect sharpness from corner to corner, for each and every image. All lenses have central lens shutters, and feature auto-focus, built around extremely rapid and accurate in-lens motors. A unique manual override design offers the convenience of working seamlessly between auto-focus and manual focus with all lenses.10 11 Central Lens Shutters All lenses, no matter how well designed, Solutions for Aerial Photography To enable flash shooting at fast shutter exhibit some minor flaws. It is not the A range of specialized industrial solu- speeds, all lenses are equipped with Hasselblad philosophy, however, to tions, in particular Aerial Photography, a central lens shutter. Central lens accept such shortcomings, no matter have developed around the H System, shutters have characterized Hasselblad how minor. That’s why we developed based upon the outstanding optical lenses for over 50 years, and still play Digital Lens Correction. Using exact results achieved with the H4D cameras a key role in the flexibility and creative knowledge of the design of each lens, and their HC/HCD lenses. For more application of the Hasselblad system. Hasselblad digital lens correction auto- information on these solutions, please matically corrects any traces of color contact us at industrial@hasselblad.dk Tilt and Shift, True Focus, Digital Lens aberration, distortion, or light fall off. Correction and More In addition, this feature enables 5 H Hasselblad lenses have evolved along- System lenses, ranging from 28mm side the digital age, incorporating new to 100mm, to now perform tilt and techniques such as digital lens correc- shift photography using the innovative tion and True Focus. Hasselblad HTS 1.5 tilt/shift adapter. Medium format lenses also have a shallower depth-of-field than 35mm DSLR cameras at the same aperture. A medium format camera therefore needs a very accurate focus control when working in near field with open apertures. Our True Focus feature does just that – and does it fully automati- cally.
  7. 7. H system lenses HCD 4/28 HC 3.5/35 HC 3.5/50-II HC 2.8/80 HC 2.2/100 HC MACRO 4/120-II HC 3.2/150 HC 4/21012 13 This retro focus lens has a A retro focus lens with 89° An all-round, wide-angle The 2.8/80 is the standard The 100mm is a fast lens The Macro 120mm has An ideal portrait lens, A universal telephoto lens 95° diagonal angle of view diagonal angle of view. This lens. A versatile all-purpose lens for the H system. particularly suited to low- exceptionally high providing the ideal with outstanding perfor- making it the most extreme lens offers outstanding lens, incorporating a mode- The high-performance light situations or for action performance making it a perspective for head and mance. The longer focal wide-angle lens presently corner-to-corner sharpness, rate wide-angle effect, and design ensures great color shots where higher shutter very versatile lens not shoulder portraits. length is excellent for available in the medium- low dispersion glass, even featuring advanced optical correction, a flat image speeds are required. only for close-up work but Also very suitable for tightly framed shots, format. Outstanding results illumination, and features design with rear focus plane, and low distortion. The slightly longer than general applications too landscape photography. enabling a shallow depth- are achieved throughout an advanced optical design mechanism. Corner-to- The large aperture facili- standard length coupled where a slightly long lens of-field to be used to make the focusing range with rear focus mechanism corner illumination is very tates photography in poor with its shorter depth-of- is required. Item no. 3023150 the main subject stand out exhibiting excellent corner- to ensure high performance even at all aperture set- light and provides a bright field makes it an interesting noticeably. to-corner sharpness. even at the close focusing tings, and distortion and viewfinder image. A lens choice for portraits too in Item no. 3023122 range. stray light are extremely well suited for almost any task many instances. Item no. 3023210 Item no. 3023028 controlled. in general photography. Item no. 3023035 Item no. 3023100 Item no. 3023052 Item no. 3023080 lens 35 mm equivalent HCD 4/28 22 mm HC 3.5/35 27 mm HC 3.5/50-II 39 mm The integral central lens shutters in every Hasselblad lens reduce camera HC 2.8/80 63 mm vibration, resulting in a more stable HC 2.2/100 78 mm platform and improved digital image quality, and allow flash sync at all HC 4/120-II 94 mm shutter speeds up to 1/800s, opening HC 3.2/150 117 mm the door to many creative shooting solu- tions that are otherwise impossible. HC 4/210 165 mm HC 4.5/300 235 mm HCD 4-5.6/35-90 27–70 mm HC 3.5-4.5/50-110 39–86 mm
  8. 8. H system lenses HC 4.5/300 HC 3.5-4.5/50-110 HCD 4-5.6/35-90 CONVERTER H1.7X ADAPTERS VIEWFINDERS14 15 The 300mm lens is the The HC 50-110mm zoom HCD 4-5.6/35-90mm The Converter 1.7 attaches Cf adapter Hts 1.5 HVd 90x viewfinder HVm viewfinder longest lens in the present lens has a range from The result of our constant between the lens and body for Carl Zeiss lenses tilt and shift adapter For 36×48mm sensor Waist-level viewfinder for all HC lens range. It has a fast wideangle to short striving for ultimate to increase the focal length The CF lens adapter allows The HTS 1.5 tilt/shift cameras or smaller. H cameras. autofocus reaction making telephoto. performance, the new by a factor of 1.7. This all C-type (lens shutter) adapter provides a powerful Item no. 3053330 Item no. 3053328 it suitable for certain sports This lens boasts HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90 zoom provides a convenient way lenses from the V system new focusing and creative and wildlife applications. exceptionally high image lens combines our to expand your range of to be used on any H tool that can help you take HV 90x viewfinder quality at all focal length advanced optical design lenses. system camera. your photographic For cameras using film. Item no. 3023300 settings, whether shooting models and the H-system’s expression to entirely new Item no. 3053326 film or digital, and is unique digital lens Item no. 3023717 Item no. 3043500 levels. The tilt/shift adapter comparable with correction with a new works with the following HV 90x-ii viewfinder corresponding fixed aspheric lens element range of lenses and For H4D-60. focal length lenses. design to create what we extension tubes. All Item no. 3053334 think is the highest movements are digitally Item no. 3023511 performing zoom lens on recorded as metadata for the market today. use with Hasselblads DAC lens corrections. Item no. 3023590 Correction lens holder Item no. 3043400 Holder for correction lenses for HVM viewfinder Item no. 3053348 Hts 1.5 (rear)
  9. 9. H system aCCessories Gil GPs tripod Quick Coupling extension tube H13 extension tube H26 Proshade adapter 77mm Proshade adapter 95mm rectangular mask for focusing screen Hs-standard Adds GPS coordinates to Facilitates rapid attachment 13mm extension tube for 26mm extension tube for Adapter with bayonet mount Adapter with bayonet mount Proshade 6095 V/H Spherical Acute-Matte D type the images. and removal of the camera close-up photography. close-up photography. for 77mm HC lens front. for 77mm HC lens front. Item no. 3053431 focusing screen. Central Item no. 3053300 to a tripod. Item no. 3053513 Item no. 3053526 Item no. 3043417 Item no. 3043419 markings for spot (Ø7.5 mm) Item no. 3043326 and AF metering area.16 17 Item no. 3043305 extension tube H52 flash adapter sCa3902 film magazine Hm 16-32 magazine film holder focusing screen Hs-Grid focusing screen focusing screen focusing screen Hxd-31/40 52 mm extension tube for Adapter for the Metz range Film magazine for 120 or Separate insert for film Spherical Acute-Matte D type Hxd -22/39/50 Hxd -22/39/50 Grid Spherical Acute-Matte D type close-up photography. of external flashes. Provide 220 film. magazine HM 16-32. focusing screen with grid and Spherical Acute-Matte D type Central markings for spot focusing. screen. Central Item no. 3053542 fulll TTL/OTF dedication. Item no. 3033016 Item no. 3053320 central markings for spot focusing screen. Central (Ø7.5 mm) and AF metering markings for spot (Ø7.5 mm) Item no. 3053393 (Ø7.5 mm) and AF metering markings for spot (Ø7.5 mm) area. With grid markings and and AF metering area. area. Grid provides a visual and AF metering area. masked for the format used Masked for the format used aid for various applications Masked for the format used in 22, 39 and 50 megapixel in 31 and 40 megapixel including technical and in 22, 39 and 50 megapixel cameras. cameras. architectural work. cameras. Item no. 3043311 Item no. 3043330 Item no. 3043310 Item no. 3043328 battery grip li-ion battery grip Cr-123 dC Power Grip remote release cord Removable and rechargeable Removable battery grip Removable H-camera grip Remote release cord for battery grip. Capacity of for three CR-123 Lithium with AC power adapter for use with H cameras. 1850 mAh. batteries. supplying camera power Cable Length: 0.5 m. Item no. 3043348 Item no. 3043340 from mains. Item no. 3043370 Item no. 3043350 focusing screen Camera strap H strap with quickplate H Hxd-31/40 grid Extra wide camera strap Improves comfort and Spherical Acute-Matte D with anti-slip backing. security in hand-held type focusing. screen. Item no. 3053616 photography. Attaches to the Central markings for spot grip. Can be used with tripod (Ø7.5 mm) and AF metering quick coupling H. battery charger tripod mount extender Proshade 6095 V/H Proshade adapter 67mm area. Grid provides a visual Item no. 3045154 for li-ion batteries for Hts 1.5 Professional bellows type Adapter with bayonet mount aid for various applications Charger for rechargeable Increases the clearance lens shade for all H- and for 67mm HC lens front. including technical and Li-Ion battery grip 3043348. between the camera body V-system lenses. Item no. 3043415 architectural work. Masked Item no. 3053568 and tripod head. Item no. 3040740 for the format used in 31 Height 30.5 mm. Features and 40 megapixel cameras. battery charger 1/4" camera lock screw and Item No. 3043312 for nimH batteries tripod connection with Charger for rechargeable quick-coupling shoe, NiMH battery grip. 1/4" and 3/8" threads. Item no. 3053564 Item no. 3043405
  10. 10. H system aCCessories 67mm uV-sky filter 77mm uV-sky filter 95mm uV-sky filter 67mm polarizing filter lens pouch HC/3 lens pouch HC/4 top cover camera body bottom cover camera body The 67mm UV-sky filter The 77mm UV-sky filter The 95mm UV-sky filter The C-pola 67mm filter Leather lens pouch. Lens pouch for HC 300. Top cover for the H camera Bottom cover for the H absorbs UV radiation and absorbs UV radiation and absorbs UV radiation and reduces reflection and Item no. 3053647 Item no. 3053649 body. camera body. reduces blue haze without reduces blue haze without reduces blue haze without increases color saturation in Item no. 3053340 Item no. 3053342 affecting colors. Protects the affecting colors. Protects the affecting colors. Protects the e.g. green foliage or the sky.18 19 front lens surface. front lens surface. front lens surface. Item no. 3053482 Item no. 3053470 Item no. 3053474 Item no. 3053478 77mm polarizing filter 95mm polarizing filter lens shade lens shade HC 50-110mm front cap camera body rear cover camera body Cover camera Protective cover The C-pola 77mm filter The C-pola 95mm filter HCd 28/HC 35 and HCd 35-90mm lenses Front cap for the H camera Rear cover for the H camera accessory mount battery grip reduces reflection and reduces reflection and Item no. 3053402 Item no. 3053427 body. body. Cover for the H camera Item no. 3053354 increases color saturation in increases color saturation in Item no. 3053344 Item no. 3053346 accessory mount. e.g. green foliage or the sky. e.g. green foliage or the sky. Item no. 3053349 Item no. 3053486 Item no. 3053490 lens shade HC 50 lens shade HC 80 lens shade HC 100 lens shade HC magazine cover Cover flash shoe rear lens cap H front lens cap H 67mm Item no. 3053406 Item no. 3053410 Item no. 3053412 macro 120 Cover for HM 16-32 Cover for the flash shoe Rear lens cap for HC/HCD Front lens cap for HC/HCD Item no. 3053414 film magazine. (HV 90x, HV 90x and lenses. lenses with 67mm front. Item no. 3053371 HVD 90x-II). Item no. 3053357 Item no. 3053360 Item no. 3053387 lens shade lens shade HC 300 lens pouch HC/1 lens pouch HC/2 front lens cap H 77mm front lens cap H 95mm Cover viewfinder Protective cover HC 150/HC 210 Item no. 3053423 Leather lens pouch. Leather lens pouch. Front lens cap for HC/HCD Front lens cap for HC/HCD Bottom cover for HV 90x, digital capture unit Item no. 3053418 Item no. 3053639 Item no. 3053643 lenses with 77mm front. lenses with 95mm front. HVD 90x, HV 90x-II and HVM Cover for the digital Item no. 3053362 Item no. 3053364 Item no. 3053384 capture units. Item no. 3053372
  11. 11. V system lenses Zeiss Distagon CFE 4/40 IF Zeiss Distagon CFi 4/50 Zeiss Sonnar CFi 4/15020 21 The V System camera An extreme retro focus lens The CFi50 is an all round, The classical portrait lens Indeed, these cameras with 89° diagonal angle of wide-angle lens. This lens which provides the ideal have become the very view. Suitable for applica- is ideal for landscape, perspective for head and symbol of medium format tion areas such as interiors, architectural, shoulder portraits. photography, with a design advertising, interior, and documentary The 150mm focal length that moved seamlessly industrial, aerial, land- photography. offers a moderate, but from modern cutting edge scape, and wedding clearly visible, telephoto to retro cool, picking up fan photography. An ideal Item no. 3020047 effect and the shallow after fan along the way. choice for digital depth-of-field can be used Today, the V System applications. to set distracting back- camera offering has been grounds off-focus. Can also concentrated to cover the Item no. 3020039 be used favorably in other chrome 503CW camera areas such as fashion and body, the A12 film maga- landscape photography. zine, and three Carl Zeiss lenses: Item no. 3020062 The Hasselblad V System. If you are one of the many V System fans out there wanting to enter the world of digital photography, but not willing to sacrifice your trusty V System gear to do it, Hasselblad offers 2 solutions: The iconic Hasselblad V System cameras were the number one choice of Add a digital film magazine to the V camera body. We have two models of the specially world-class photographers for decades. Thousand upon thousand of these designed CFV digital camera back, featuring either 39 or 50 megapixels that will transform your loved V camera to a modern high performance digital workhorse cameras are still out there working, still serving as the camera of choice providing image quality at a completely new level. for many top photographers. Use our CF Lens Adapter to enable you to use your V System Carl Zeiss lenses with the modern H4D cameras, featuring 40, 50, or 60 megapixel sensor options. Bringing your V System photography into the digital world allows you to process images using digital lens correction on all images captured with the Carl Zeiss lenses. This can take the image quality from these classic, favorite lenses from great to unbelievable. Even the tiniest traces of color aberration, distortion, or vignetting are effectively removed, providing an entirely new level of image perfection.
  12. 12. V system lenses diGital baCks CFV-39 CFV-5022 23 Digital Zeiss their central lens shutter, which is not autofocus lenses, but it does enable the The Hasselblad CFV line of digital backs are Natural Color Solution and 3F RAW file format, a – the classic V System lenses on the H4D the case with other cameras offering Carl H4D camera to provide focus confirma- custom designed to match the appearance and choice between tethered or untethered shooting, as The CF adapter allows you to work with Zeiss lens interface. tion in the viewfinder when using these functionality of the Hasselblad V System cameras. well as compatibility with view cameras. the V System’s classic CF-lenses on your All images processed with Hassel- lenses. Using a 39 or 50 megapixel sensor twice the size Our digital lens correction technology that H4D camera, bringing old school glass to blad’s digital lens correction software Naturally, should you feel the need to of full frame 35mm DSLRs, the CFV backs provide perfects the image can now also be used for the V a cutting edge digital platform. take the already amazing image quality work with auto-focus, the H4D cameras the ultimate in digital integration and image quality system Carl Zeiss lenses providing a new level of The CF adapter is not just is not just from these renowned lenses to even offer the full HC/HCD lens line, covering for all the classic Hasselblad V System cameras image quality. a mechanical socket that allows you to higher levels. 11 Auto-Focus lenses, all with central and lenses and turns your existing camera into a The CFV offers the choice of shooting to the plug your legacy lenses into a new body. The CF adapter does not, however, shutters. modern digital workhorse. classic and loved square format giving 29/38 The CF adapter allows the lenses to use transform your Carl Zeiss lenses into Inside the Hasselblad CFV, lies some of the megapixel images and the full rectangular format most cutting edge digital technology on the market, giving 39/50 megapixel images. such as tools for powerful digital workflow control using Hasselblad’s Instant Approval Architecture CFV-39 Item no. 3034214 H4D-31 (IAA) Other advanced features include Hasselblad’s CFV-50 Item no. 3034216 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS CFV 39 CFV-50 Sensor size 39 Mpixels (5412 x 7212 pixels) 50 Mpixels (6132 x 8176 pixels) 29 Mpixels (5412 x 5412 pixels) 38 Mpixels (6132 x 6132 pixels) Sensor dimensions 36.7 x 49.1 mm or 36.7 x 36.7 mm Pixel size 6.8 μm 6.0 μm Image size RAW 3FR: 50 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit. RAW 3FR: 65 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit: 150 MB TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Storage capacity 4 GB CF card holds 80 images on average 4 GB CF card holds 60 images on average Sensor size 31 Mpixels (4872 x 6496 pixels) Color definition 16 bit Sensor dimensions 33.1 x 44.2 mm ISO speed range ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 Pixel size 6.8 μm Image storage CF card type U-DMA (e.g. SanDisk extreme IV) or tethered to Mac or PC Image size RAW 3FR: 40 MB. RGB TIFF 8 bit: 93 MB Color display TFT 2.5” True Focus Yes Platform support Macintosh: OSX. Windows: XP (32 and 64 bit), Vista (32 and 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) Shooting mode Single shot Camera support All Hasselblad V System cameras manufactured since 1957. 2000 cameras and 201F with C lenses only. ISO speed range ISO 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600 202FA/203FE and 205FCC camera types need a minor camera modification to use F/FE lenses. Color depth 16 bit SWC cameras older than SWC/M and ArcBody cameras cannot be used. Professional Medium Format DSLR camera for studio All other cameras with Hasselblad V interface. Shutter Speed 64 sec. - 1/800 and location photography featuring a 31 mega-pixel sensor. Two models are available targeted at the Color management Hasselblad Natural Color Solution Host connection type FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b) high-end 35mm photographer, and the classic V camera CF storage capacity 4 GB CF card holds 100 images on average Battery capacity Sony™ InfoLithium L, up to 8 hours of shooting capacity. photographer. Versatile capture with up to 32 sec exposure time. Sensitivity 100 to 1600 ISO. Capture rate 1.2 sec. per capture. 42 captures per min. Operating temp. 0 - 45º C / 32 - 113º F Color display 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit color, 230 400 pixels Dimensions 91 x 90 x 61mm (W x H x D) Item no.70480522 incl. HC 80mm lens Item no.70480521 incl. CF lens adapter Host connection type FireWire 800 (IEEE1394b) Weight 530 g (Excluding battery and CF card)
  13. 13. Uncompromising Image Quality all Hasselblad’s HC and HCD lenses, In today’s digital environments, achiev- even with tilt/shift movements. DAC ing an efficient and effective workflow also works with all the Carl Zeiss is crucial to your photographic career. lenses from the classic V System, With this in mind, we have designed using manual settings. Phocus to be as intuitive and easy to use as humanly possible. Every Moiré Removal Technology aspect of the Phocus interface has With Phocus, the moiré that can occur been developed and designed to on even extremely high-resolution reflect the way that photographers files is effectively removed from your work and to help ensure that you images. Hasselblad’s leading edge can spend as much time as possible Moiré removal is performed auto- taking images – not processing them. matically and directly on the raw data, Phocus incorporates some of leaving image quality intact and elimi- the most common features found in nating the need to perform special the most popular image processing masking selections or other manual environments, combined with a collec- procedures, thereby saving hours of tion of advanced tools, all designed tedious post-production work. to easily provide you with optimum24 25 image quality – each and every time! Tools In addition to Hasselblad file sup- Phocus’s extensive tool palette is fully port, Phocus supports RAW files from customizable and flexible. The over more than 150 different cameras and twenty tools are conveniently grouped is available for free download from under tabs and can be rearranged, www.hasselblad.com. duplicated, made floating, or even temporarily deleted if you wish. Your Natural Colors own customized tool set layouts can Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solution be saved and easily recalled using (HNCS) enables you to produce out- keyboard shortcuts – or even auto- standing and reliable colors, so that matically triggered when a camera or skin tones, specific product colors, card reader is connected. and difficult gradations reproduce beautifully every time, straight out of the box. Perfect Viewing Quality Phocus uses the extra computational power from your graphics card to Phocus by Hasselblad – provide real time, full quality viewer updates when performing adjust- ments. In addition, the image viewing the final step towards quality in the Phocus Viewer matches every detail of the image with all cor- rections. This quality standard also ensures that what you see in Phocus uncompromising image quality. is what you will get later in your work flow chain, in Photoshop, for example. Digital Auto Correction (DAC) Hasselblad’s modern lens design has Think of Phocus as “The Beauty and the Beast”. been optimized for digital perfec- “Beast”, for the power, performance and advanced tools of the Hasselblad tion, including full correction of color aberration, distortion and vignetting. imaging software that forms the core of this amazing program, and “Beauty” Phocus makes use of its detailed for it’s easy and attractive working environment. knowledge of the lens design and calculates the optical corrections for every shot at the given distance and aperture setting. The result is clear: Phocus with DAC increases image resolution and delivers perfect images, thereby providing an ideal basis for optimal image rendering and further processing. Hasselblad DAC technology works automatically with Photo: Claudio Napolitano
  14. 14. It’s not our Phocus mobile for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Phocus it’s yours. Photo: Claudio Napolitano My Phocus Most assignments have some unique the adjustments browser offers a requirement. Requirements that can unique overview of your slow your workflow to a crawl. That’s adjustments variations as listed why we designed Phocus to be custom- history. adjustments can be used izable, allowing you to create what we as templates for other images. call “My Phocus” – your own personal version, in a form and layout that you know is right for the specific way that26 you work. Working with layouts in 27 Phocus this way lays the ground for a rapid and effective workflow. Layouts Our ‘layout’ concept controls the way a complete screen layout and it’s associ- ated views, tools layout, toolbar, and adjustments is compiled. This means Phocus Mobile Phocus Quick may be the solution No sidecar files structure is gener- that one simple click takes you to the the navigator & Zoom tool Phocus Mobile is an extension of the for you. Phocus Quick offers auto- ated. Furthermore, you are never proofs powerful when current Phocus software that will allow matic import and processing of your locked into a closed world of pro- viewing environment that your prefer, inspecting images. with the selected tools you need for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to Hasselblad files, directly into your prietary raw files, since Hasselblad job at hand, and unwanted tools and connect wireless to the Hasselblad’s preferred image application. Phocus raw files open directly in Apple’s or functions kept out of the way and out of image processing software Phocus. Quick is free of charge and available Adobe’s imaging environments. The sight. To get you started, we have even The remote application offers brows- for Mac and Windows in Q4 2010. basic metadata architecture in Phocus provided a few example layouts. Not ing, zoom and rating of images plus images follows the IPTC Core stand- matter what layout you choose, all tools advanced camera control options of The Hasselblad RAW file & Metadata ard with XMP In addition, the extended . and processing abilities are always pre- your Hasselblad camera, such as The Hasselblad 3F raw file provides metadata architecture provides for sent and accessible behind the scenes. remote capture. Phocus Mobile is free lossless image compression, which detailed and accurate image adjust- You merely get to choose when and how of charge and available for download reduces the file size and required ment, cataloguing, and indexing. All they enter your workflow. from the Apple App store in Q4 2010. storage space by 33%. This raw file your exported TIFF’s and large JPEG’s includes all the raw pixel data, all will carry most of this capture informa- Light, Standard, Browse, Tethered...or? Phocus Quick metadata created by the camera and tion with them, making it available for ‘My Phocus’ also means being able If you’re looking for an easy way from yourself, and the full history log of further post processing and archiving. to create and save your own layouts, captured image to final print, then your image adjustments. bring them with on location or import 3rd party file support them when using rented equipment. All Hasselblad digital camera products Phocus provides special are supported by Phocus. In addition, A list of all the options that could extended controls with which be included in ‘My Phocus’ layouts to remotely operate your Phocus for Apple computers allows would be too long to print here, as are Hasselblad camera during users to import RAW files from more the type of adjustments that could tethered use. than 150 different DSLR cameras, benefit by using a customized ‘My including cameras from Canon, Nikon, Phocus’ layout, such as importing and Leica, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Leaf, and exporting, for example. You are free more, as well as supporting the most to create a specific layout for each common file formats such as TIFF, specific situation or job if you wish. Photos: Claudio Napolitano JPEG, DNG, and PNG. This added file support results in a single, comprehensive – and free – solution that will enable all Has- selblad photographers to streamline their work process by working with both Hasselblad images and those captured with their 35mm DSLRs. All in one and the same application.