Great American Author Research Project
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Great American Author Research Project






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    Great American Author Research Project Great American Author Research Project Document Transcript

    • Great American Author Research Project Driving Question: Why are some American authors considered “great”? Objective: To research an American author, explaining how that author possesses characteristics of a “great” writer. What Should Be Included:  Author background information (brief): a one, maybe two, paragraphs explaining the life story of the author.  Analysis of one of the author’s “great works”: choose one work that is considered the author’s best work and do an analysis of it. Refer to the How to Analyze a Poem handout (Moodle) if necessary.  Explanation of the author’s “greatness”: explain what makes a writer great and how this work exemplifies that greatness. There are TWO Parts to the Project: 1. Research Paper: a researched, organized, cited paper including the information above. Purpose and audience will dictate length. It should be as long as it needs to be to adequately explore the three points above. 2. Real-World Component (pick ONE): a. Magazine Spread: create a 2-page magazine spread featuring your author, his/her work, and how he/she is great. This spread should be similar in design and layout to an article you’d find in an actual magazine. b. PSA: create a public service announcement talking about this great American author. It should include an overview of the author’s greatest works and life story. Should be 3-5 minutes in length. c. Speech to President: write and deliver a speech to the “President” convincing him/her that this author is a great author and should be given the honor of having his/her work read at the next presidential inauguration. The speech should include an overview of the essay component and be 3-5 minutes in length. Due Dates: Author Research: October 30th (Thursday) Literary Analysis Reading and Research: December 4th (Friday) Essay Rough Draft Due: December 16th (Wednesday) Essay Final Draft Due: January 7th (Thursday) Presentation of Interactive Components: January 13th and 14th (Wednesday and Thursday) Debriefing: January 15th (Friday)