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Poetry Powerpoint 2
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Poetry Powerpoint 2


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  • 1. What is poetry?
    rhythm, style, mood, sound devices, haiku, limericks, rhyming, thoughts, emotions, similes, metaphors, personification, tone, shapes, colors, beat, pattern, movement, imagery, alliteration, hyperbole, punctuation, onomatopoeia, laughter, tears,
    an expression of art through words
  • 2. Although poems can take many forms, they do have some elements in common.
    Figurative Language
    Sound Devices
  • 3. Figurative language includes similes, metaphors, personification, and hyperbole.
    Friendship by Emma Guest
    A friend is like a flower,
    a rose to be exact,
    Or maybe like a brand new gate
    That never come unlatched.
    A friend is like an owl,
    Both beautiful and wise.
    Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
    Whose spirit never dies.
    A friend is like a heart that goes
    Strong until the end.
    Where would we be in this world
    If we didn’t have a friend.
  • 4. Some sound devices used in poetry are alliteration and onomatopoeia.
    Poems by Mother Goose
    Animals Daddy’s Gone A Hunting
    Bow-wow, says the dog Bye, baby bunting
    Mew, mew says the cat Daddy’s gone a-hunting
    Grunt, grunt, goes the hog Gone to get a rabbit skin
    And squeak goes the rat. To wrap baby bunting in.
    Tu, whu, says the owl,
    Quack, quack says the duck,
    And what the cuckoo says you know.
  • 5. Mood refers to the feeling, spirit or tone of the poem.
    My Book Report Is Due Today
    My book report is due today.
    I haven’t finished yet.
    In fact, I haven’t started ,
    which I’m coming to regret.
    I haven’t even read the book.
    I put it off so long.
    I thought I’d have a lot of time.
    It looks like I was wrong.
    I’d ask my older brother
    What this book is all about,
    But he’s already left for school
    and cannot help me out.
    I’d hustle to the movie store
    And rent the DVD,
    But I don’t even have the time
    To watch it on TV.
    I guess I’ll have to fake it
    And pretend I read the book.
    Then write a bunch of nonsense
    And assorted Gobblyedygook.
    It’s either that, or do the thing
    My conscience knows is right:
    I’ll claim I’m sick and stay at home
    and finish it tonight!
    -Kenn Nesbitt
  • 6. Rhythm is the effect of certain patterns in repetition, timing, spacing, and accenting of words.
    A Limerick
    There was a young man from Peru
    Who found a large fly in his stew.
    Said the waiter, “Don’t shout
    And wave it about
    Or the rest will be wanting one too!”
  • 7. Style is characterized by the type of poem such as free verse, rhyming couplets, limerick, haiku, acrostic, etc.
    Bright, sunny,
    Laughing, playing, doing,
    Up in the east, down in the west-
    Talking, resting, sleeping.
    Quiet, dark
  • 8. Writing an original poem gives you a chance to share your feelings and create pictures in the minds of readers with carefully chosen words.
    Winter Poem- by Nikki Giovanni
    once a snowflake fell
    on my brow and I loved
    it so much I kissed
    it and it was happy and called its cousins
    and brothers and a web
    of snow engulfed me then
    I reached to love them all
    and I squeezed them and they became
    a spring rain and I stood perfectly
    still and was a flower
  • 9. Winter
    Winter has arrived
    Trees are empty sticks
    Waiting for the spring
  • 10. What is poetry?