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Nathan's poems


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  • 1. IF I WERE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLDIf I were in charge of the worldI’d cancel broccoliBedtimes at nineTests and trafficIf I were in charge of the worldThere would be more market daysMore allowance moneyAnd a robot to make a 3DSIf I were in charge of the worldYou wouldn’t have boredomYou wouldn’t have messyAnd no weekdaysOr “don’t eat that bowl of ice creamYou wouldn’t have to listen to them anywaysIf I were in charge of the worldA three story vanilla ice creamWith chocolate and nuts would be breakfastAnd every day you would get a giftAnd a boy who forgot his moneyAnd a boy who forgot to do his jobWould still be in charge of the world
  • 2. IF I WERE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLDIf I were in charge if the worldI’d cancel morningsSchool and winterAnd don’t forget being groundedIf I were in charge of the worldThere would be more SaturdaysMore moneyAnd a butler to serve all my mealsIf I were in charge of the worldYou wouldn’t have sicknessYou wouldn’t have boredomAnd no TuesdaysOr “Don’t eat the piece of pizzaYou don’t have to listen to themIf I were in charge of the worldA hotel with a water parkWould be my very own roomAnd every day you would get a lot of moneyAnd a boy who didn’t eat his vegetablesAnd a boy who didn’t clean his roomCould still be in charge of the world
  • 3. MY PET FISHYour scalesAre a hard and shiny rainbowYour eyesAre a deep and dark black holeYour bodyIs a small and shiny paperclipYour finsAre a very little motor boatYour mouthIs a tiny version of a piranhaYour faceIs tiny and a gleaming shapeYour friendshipIs the best of all of the other things you do
  • 4. Dragons Fast, Fearsome Flying, guarding, hunting Claws are razor sharpIgniting, fighting, gliding Frightful, myth Reptile
  • 5. SNOWBOARDING DOWN A HILLSnowboarding down a hillAs fast as can beShredding on a rampJust like Shawn White on TVSnowboarding down a hillJust me and the boardGo flying in the airGliding like a birdSnowboarding down a hillRiding like a rocketFlying by treesLeaving flames behindSnowboarding down a hillShredding as good as everRipping the snow apartI’m goanna need a new boardSnowboarding down a hillAlmost done with the willRiding by jumpsJust ripping up my boardSnowboarding down a hillFlying like a planeJust landed at the bottomNow I think I’m all done for today
  • 6. THINKING OF A POEMThinking of a poemIt’s really hard to doThinking of a poemI don’t even have a clueThinking of a poemYou’d have to be smartThinking of a poemIts goanna be a work of artThinking of s poemIt’s a work in progressThinking of a poemIt’s as hard as chessThinking of a poemI’d rather write a storyThinking of a poemI don’t even have a categoryNot thinking of a poemI just gave up the thoughtNot thinking of a poemI’d rather look at a dot
  • 7. RIDING A BIKERiding a bikeIt’s as easy as pieRiding a bikeLet it touch the skyRiding a bikeTake it on a hikeRiding a bikeIt’s really easy to likeRiding a bikeIt’s easy to rideRiding a bikeJust let it glideRiding a bikeIt’s hard to learnRiding a bikeJust let the tires burnRiding a bikeIt’s easy to buyRiding a bikeJust let it fly
  • 8. Salamander Slimy, tinyWalking, hiding, springing A very little creature Amphibian Snow Cold, whiteDropping, flying, forming Gliding like a bird Ice Lightning Bolt, hot Frying, falling, hiding It’s full of energy Energy
  • 9. Happy is like the white snowIt sounds like a yelp of joyIt tastes like a cheese pizzaAnd smells like the sent of springHappy looks like a kid having his birthday partyIt makes you feel glad
  • 10. NiceAthleticThoughtfulHandyAwesomeNice to everyone
  • 11. Spring has just arrivedTrees blossoms greet the morningSprings sent fills the air