Madison's poems


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Madison's poems

  1. 1. If I were to change the worldIf I were to change the worldI would change chocolate pieOr ice cream for breakfastFor lunch your favorite foodAnd for dinner cookies or cakeIf I were to change the worldI would play with my best friend NicoleAnd the friends you play with wouldLive with you but girls only have five friendsAnd boys only one best friend.If I were to change the worldSome vegetables would be gone.For a girl that sometimesforgets to brush her teethcan change the world.
  2. 2. KCHis fur is whiteFlakey snowHis eyes are blueBouncy ballsHis feet is clothesmade out of cotton.Do you knowWhat animal it is?CHOCOLATE PUDDING!Chocolate pudding
  3. 3. In a plastic cupSo sweet and tastyAnd messyChocolate puddingEat with silver spoonVery creamyChocolate puddingMany different flavorsVanilla, chocolate …Chocolate puddingBrown and whiteVery good snackAnd lunch treats Nicole Crazy, silly Playing, laughing, eating She is my friend Sister
  4. 4. KC Fuzzy, whiteSleeping, clawing, falling He is so funny Dog Mrs. Walbeck Fun, friendly Working, waiting, reading Works with fifth graders Teacher
  5. 5. Math Work, groupsWorking, adding, subtracting We have math groups Problems
  6. 6. Recess Fun, runRunning, playing, laughing Playing with my friends Outside Butterflies Colorful, camouflage Flying, blending, scaring So many colored butterflies Insects
  7. 7. ExcitedExcited is like friends playIt taste like warm pizzaIt smells like root beerIt makes me feel crazy!
  8. 8. Friendly Friendly is like a sun rising. It sounds like kids playingtogether. It tastes like a candy bar. It smells like a birthdaycake. It makes me feel funny andnice! FunnyFunny is like a circle of birds
  9. 9. It sounds like people having funIt tastes like sticky syrupIt smells like fried chickenIt makes me feel like butterfliesare in my stomach. BoredBored is like a lazy cat
  10. 10. It sounds like an ant walkingIt tastes like snow and iceIt makes me feel dumb. My cat muskratI have a catHis name is muskrat
  11. 11. He is so lazyAnd he likes to look at daisiesHe has brown fuzzy hairAnd he looks like a bearHe likes to eat corn cobsHe likes people how’s names are bobHe loves to play in the sandAnd he wants his own bandPlus he eats out of a can!He makes cards to sendAnd that’s the end. Friends
  12. 12. Playful, joyfulPlaying, laughing, running Having friends is nice Helpful, nice People
  13. 13. HelpfulExcitedAwesomeTrying very hardHealthyEncouragementRespectful
  14. 14. MagnificentAwesomeDaddy’s little girlIntelligentSweetOMGNice
  15. 15. AwesomeBraveIntelligentGreat friendAmazingInto fun thingsLucky
  16. 16. NiceIntelligentCoolOn a good friendshipLuckyExciting