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Organizational Development Intervention

  1. 1. OD INTERVENTIONS By: Sujeet Pandit
  2. 2. OD interventions are sets of structured activities in which selected organizational units engage in a series of tasks which will lead to organizational improvement. The intervention is the procedure the OD consultant uses, after diagnosing an organizational situation and providing feedback to management, to address an organization problem or positive future.
  3. 3. Interventions are actions taken to produce desired changes. There are one of four reasons why there is need for OD interventions: 1. The organization has a problem- some thing is “broken”, and corrective actions need to be taken i.e. it needs to be “fixed”. 2. The organization sees an unrealized opportunity: something it wants is beyond its reach. Enabling actions- interventions- are developed to seize the opportunity. 3. Features of the organization are out of alignment: parts of the organization are working at cross-purposes. Alignment activities- interventions- are developed to get things back in tune. 4. The vision guiding the organizational changes: yesterday’s vision is no longer good enough. Actions to build the necessary structures, processes, and culture to support the new vision- interventions- are developed to make the new vision a reality. • OD interventions are planned sets of actions to change situations
  4. 4. Criteria for successful intervention • Communicate more openly • Collaborate more effectively • Take more responsibility • Maintain a shared vision • Solve problems more effectively • Show more respect and support for others • Interact with each other more effectively • Be more inquisitive • Be more open to experimentation and new • ways of doing things
  5. 5. The most successful of them possess three key characteristics: 1. They are based on valid information about the functioning of the organization, usually collected by the employees. 2. The intervention (under the guidance of the change agent) provides employees with opportunities to make their own choices regarding the nature of the problems and their preferred solutions. 3. Interventions are aimed at gaining the employees personal commitment to their choices.
  6. 6. More Key Characteristics of Interventions….. Goal Specificity Programmability Level of Change Target Internal & External Support Sponsor
  7. 7. OD Intervention Categories Human Process Interventions T Groups Process Consultation Third Party Interventions Team Building Organization Confrontation Meeting Intergroup Relations Large-group Interventions Grid Organization Development Techno-Structural Interventions Structural Design Downsizing Re-engineering Parallel Structures High-involvement Organizations (HIO’s) Total Quality Management Work design
  8. 8. Human Resource Management Interventions Goal Setting Performance Appraisal Reward Systems Career Planning and development Managing workforce diversity Employee Wellness Strategic Interventions Integrated Strategic Change Trans organization development Merger and Acquisition Integration Culture Change Self-designing organizations
  9. 9. Classifying OD Interventions Diagnostic Activities Team-Building Activities Intergroup Activities Survey Feedback Activities Edu. & Training Activities Process Consultation Activities Grid Organizational Activities Third-Party Peacemaking Activities Coaching & Counseling Activities Structural Activities Life & Career-Planning Activities Planning & Goal Setting Activities Strategic Management Activities
  10. 10. Classifying OD Interventions in details….
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  13. 13. Robert Blake & Jane Mouton identified the following types of interventions based on the underlying causal mechanisms: 1. Discrepancy Intervention 2. Theory Intervention 3. Procedural Intervention 4. Relationship Intervention 5. Experimentation Intervention 6. Dilemma Intervention 7. Perspective Intervention 8. Organization Structure 9. Cultural Intervention
  14. 14. The following lists show some of the results one can expect from OD interventions… Feedback Awareness of Changing Socio cultural Norms Increase Interaction and Communication Confrontation Education Participation Increase Accountability Increased Energy and Optimism