2007 drawing conclusions


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2007 drawing conclusions

  1. 1. Drawing Conclusions 2007 By Mrs. Krauser’s 3rd Grade Class
  2. 2. Dylan You can have 3 guns at a time when you play me. I am a rated “M” game. I am an X-Box game. I have aliens and soldiers in me. There is blue and red blood in in me too. I am a fun game that Dylan likes to play with his friend Tyler. What game am I? Halo 3
  3. 3. LaVandis I am in a state. The state is in the northeast. I am in a city. I am one of the biggest buildings in the world. Most people mistake me for the Eiffel Tower. I am 110 stories high. What building am I? Sears Tower
  4. 4. David It has big teeth. It is over 80 feet tall. It has been dead a long time. It has been dead more than a million years. It was a meat eater. It had really small arms, big legs and large teeth. It’s nickname was “Terrible Lizard!” T-Rex
  5. 5. Deanna I’m not a very large state. My name rhymes with Deanna. She was born here. My nickname is “The Hoosier” state. The capital is Indianapolis. Our state football team is the Indianapolis Colts. I am next to Ohio and above Kentucky. I am a northeast state. What state am I? Indiana
  6. 6. Jon H. I transform into a truck. I am about the size of a dinosaur. I am red, blue and grey with flames on me. I’m in a movie. I destroy the bad transformers. Who am I? Actumus Prime
  7. 7. Warren We have guns and fight Iraqis for America. We also have tanks, choppers, fighter planes, submarines, war ships, fighter trucks and bombs. What are we? Military
  8. 8. Blake I am someone’s pet. I am orange and furry. I have sharp claws. I have a dog in the house with me named Odie. My owner dates a girl. Do you know who I am? Garfield
  9. 9. John N. Hi! My name is Sebastian. I hunt. I eat, sleep, and cry. I am orange, soft and cute! Who am I? Johns cat
  10. 10. Rey I am orange. You use me at Halloween. You put a light inside me. You decorate me like a monster. What am I? pumpkin
  11. 11. Hayden You go trick or treating on me. You dress up in a costume. I am a holiday. I happen on October 31st. I am a very spooky night! Halloween
  12. 12. Liam I have 4 different colors: red, blue, green and purple. There is a man called Yoda. There are Sith. There are Jedi. It is real life. What am I? Star Wars
  13. 13. Melissa I am Melissa and I have a big animal at my house. It has big ears and I can ride it too. It is black and white and has a blue eye and a brown eye. It has a big nose. What is it? Melissa’s dog
  14. 14. Beth I love sun flower seeds. I like to fly around the house. My worst enemy is a cat. I “cheep” and “squawk” all day and all night long. You feed me millet. I live in a cage where I feel safe. Who am I? Beth’s bird
  15. 15. Christopher I am very big. My scales are special. I blow fire a lot. I like fight a lot. I have not hairy at all. I really like to fight nights and destroy lives! What am I? A dragon
  16. 16. Frances I am very nice. I am smart. I am pretty. I help people learn. My last name starts with a “K”. Who am I? Ms. Krauser
  17. 17. Brianna I am big and nice. Some people love to ride me. I have a big tail and a lot of hair. Some people come and wash me. They have fun with me. When I talk I say, “Naaaa!” What am I? horse
  18. 18. Tyler It is an X-Box game. There’s fighting. There’s little and big dinosaurs. There are Indians and soldiers in it. There is a lot of blood in it. The initials are J.P. What game is it? Jurassic park the game
  19. 19. Daniel I float in the water. I have tentacles. The first letter of me is a “c”. I’m not an octopus. I am purple and I am the most intelligent invertebrate species. What am I? cuttlefish