Essential Skills of Leadership Preview


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Preview workshop facilitated by Susan Stamm

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Essential Skills of Leadership Preview

  1. 1. The TEAM Approach® Essential Skills of Leadership For audio call: 760/569-0800   Access Code- 776274# Susan Stamm
  2. 2. The TEAM Approach®A Leadership Mystery!Did you solve the pre-workassignment?We’ll begin soon!For AUDIO during our session call:760/569-0800   Access Code- 776274# 
  3. 3. The TEAM Approach® Essential Skills of Leadership For audio call: 760/569-0800   Access Code- 776274# Susan Stamm
  4. 4. The TEAM Approach® Searching for a cure?Frank and Ernest
  5. 5. The TEAM Approach®Goals for Preview Short experience ESLDiscuss customizationBroader curriculumUniversity of PhoenixCertification and TTTOffer an evaluationLeadership MysteryAffiliation- offline
  6. 6. The TEAM Approach® My First Jobretail manufacturinghospitality constructionfast food laborerhealthcare financialeducation insurancegovernment managementadministrative
  7. 7. The TEAM Approach®Why Work for You?
  8. 8. The TEAM Approach® Role of Team Leader Controller CoachMake people Remove do their job obstacles that get in way of doing jobCompliance Commitment Get by only Quality Product
  9. 9. The TEAM Approach® EE-IQ:pop quiz
  10. 10. The TEAM Approach® Session ObjectivesUpon completion of this module, you will be able to: • Maintain self esteem of your team members • Base discussions about team member’s performance and work habits on behaviors rather than personalities or attitudes • Involve your team member(s) in goal setting, problem solving, & decision making
  11. 11. The TEAM Approach® Exercise 1Awareness InventoryPage 3 in workbook
  12. 12. The TEAM Approach® Skill Point 1- pg. 7 Maintain or EnhanceTeam Member’s Self Esteem
  13. 13. The TEAM Approach®Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self- Actualization Self-Esteem Social (Affiliation) Safety (Security) Physiological
  14. 14. The TEAM Approach®Commitment Self- Actualization Commitment occurs above the line Self-EsteemSocial (Affiliation)Safety (Security) Physiological
  15. 15. The TEAM Approach® Exercise 3Maintaining or Undermining Self Esteem Statements Pg. 9 of workbook
  16. 16. The TEAM Approach® Fact vs. Opinion Positive Negative NeutralFact + - = BehaviorOpinionOpinion + + - - = = AttitudeBehavior: You can hear it or see itAttitude: You can think it or feel it
  17. 17. The TEAM Approach®Leadership SeriesEssential Skills of LeadershipEssential Skills of Communicating Developing Performance Goals and StandardsProviding Performance FeedbackManaging ComplaintsImproving Work HabitsResolving ConflictSupporting ChangeCoaching Job SkillsDelegatingCommunicating UpEffective Discipline
  18. 18. The TEAM Approach® Customization Objectives Awareness Inventory Add Executive Interviews Add Level 3 and 4 EvaluationsSelf-customizing: Job Specific Practices
  19. 19. The TEAM Approach®Up to 30 College Credits
  20. 20. The TEAM Approach®Full Preview: Special OfferRecorded TTT: ESL, ESC or DCO $195Workbook & Online $65Total $260Evaluation Package $49After Debrief: EE-IQ Cards
  21. 21. The TEAM Approach®A Leadership Mystery!Solved in Vital Learning’s infamous…Trouble Shooting Guides
  22. 22. The TEAM Approach®