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Lois greenfield artest project Lois greenfield artest project Presentation Transcript

  • Lois Greenfield
    Bridget Brown’s Artist Project
    Ms. Tang’s 8thGrade English
  • Vital Statistics
    Birth Year: 1949
    Death Year: None
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: American
  • Personal Background
    Went to Brandeis University in Waltham Massachusetts
    During freshman year of college in 1996, worked for college newspaper as photographer
    Had no prior interest in dance, knew nothing about it
    Once she started photographing, she researched other dance photographers to get inspiration
    Barbra Morgan- who photographed many Martha Gram company dancers
  • Historical Events
    Lack of knowledge in dance required a lot of research
    Discovered Max Walaman and Barbara Morgan
    Admired Max Walaman for his form, use, and techniques with the camera
    Modeled after Barbara Morgan for position and movement of dancers, along with costume and prop usage
    Improvement of technology=improvement of Greenfield’s photography
    When cameras were becoming more digital, didn’t requite film and had many more features-sped up photography process
    Made more successful
  • Brownie Camera(first camera Greenfield ever used)
  • Max Walaman
  • Barbara Morgan
    Lois Greenfield
    Barbara Morgan
  • Influence of the Art World
    By expanding abilities from journalism and news to dancing and other movement, she inspired many others
    Reached outside her comfort zone, and inspired others to do the same
    Also able to inform society about nature, beauty and elegance of dance
  • Stylistic Traits
    #1-Beauty, effortlessness, elegance
    #2-Strength and power
    #3-Movement, time, motion
    #4-Extension and grace
  • Extension, beauty, effortlessness- the extension of her legs and arms, the angle of her body, and the beauty of the costume. Makes movements look effortless
    Strength, power- power required to create big movements
    Movement, time, motion- the motion of the costumes, hair, leg position and body position. Demonstrates element of time.
    Elegance and grace- position of dancer, costume’s connection with dancer’s pose.
    Lenore Pavlakos
  • Extension, beauty, effortlessness- precision of each body part
    Strength, power- power of turn and jump. Demonstrated through facial expressions and costumes or hair.
    Movement, time,
    Motion- demonstrated through position of hair, and where the dancer is in comparison to the ground. Suspended in the air
    Grace, elegance-
    elegant and graceful
    movements, yet still
    contain the strength
    and power to maintain
  • Extension, beauty,
    effortlessness- dancer’s graceful
    and natural beauty that is often
    found on ballerinas.
    Strength, power-
    Required to make jumps and
    keep position looking good
    Movement, time,
    Motion- each dancer isn’t in a pose
    that they could hold for a while, it
    requires little time to stay in that
    specific pose.
    Grace, elegance- again, mainly
    found naturally in ballerinas, the
    elegance of their movements really
    stand out compared to other
    New York City Ballet
  • My Original Artwork
    Picture 1and
    Motion and movement
    Picture 2
    Elegance and beauty
    Picture 3
    Femininity and poise
  • Conclusion
    -Motion, movement, time
    -Props (scarves, dresses etc.)
    -Strengths and weaknesses
    -Photograph quality- not as clear and professional as
    - captured accurate facial expressions
    -What have you learned?
    -requires a lot of concentration, patience, proper
    equipment etc.
    -outcome pays off
  • Thanks for Listening.Questions?