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John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.
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John Singer Sargent: Maddie P.


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  • 1. John Singer Sargent Maddie Picher Period 6 June 3, 2010 Madame X
  • 2. Vital Statistics
    • Birth Date: January 12, 1856
    • Death Date: April 25, 1925
    • Male
    • American painter, but spent
    • most of his time in Europe
    • Rambunctious child
    • Impressionist, a Classical
    • Portraitist, a Landscape Artist,
    • a Water Colorist, a Muralist of
    • public art, and even started
    • sculpting at the last of his life.
    Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
  • 3. Key Personal Events
    • He traveled all around the world and saw different things and events that he wanted to capture through art.
    • He had two sisters, Emily (born 1857) and Violet (born 1870)
    • His older sister, Emily, died at the age of two.
  • 4. Key Historical Events
    • Grew up all around Europe, for his family loved to travel.
    • His mother introduced him to sketching, which he continued with throughout his lifetime and career.
    • Since he was a little boy, John Singer Sargent had such a strong passion for the arts
  • 5. Influence of the Art World
    • Monet, his close and respected friend, was very influential for him to be an unbelievable painter.
    • Degas made him continue as well, but he was brutally dismissive.
    • Influenced by the Impressionist
    • movement, the Spanish Master
    • Velazquez, the Dutch Master
    • Frans Hals, and his teacher
    • Carolus-Duran .
    Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
  • 6. Stylistic Traits
        • Many lines/dots of different colors
        • Shadows are demonstrated by colors that are not truly shown in real life (for example, pink on a tree)
        • Colors connect throughout the piece through the dots
    The Chess Game Girl Fishing
  • 7. Stylistic Traits:Home Fields
    • Many lines of different colors
    • Shadows are demonstrated by other colors
    • Dusk or dawn in
    • the painting,
    • because the sun is
    • at such an
    • angle that the
    • shadows are going
    • extremely far from
    • the actual
    • shape/object
  • 8. Stylistic Traits: Claude Monet sketching at the Edge of a wood
    • Shadows of the trees are made up with colors that normally do not represent trees
    • Folds in cloth are represented
    • by a darker or lighter color
    • than the object itself
    • Many lines of different
    • colors
  • 9. Stylistic Traits: Paul Helleu Sketching, and His Wife
    • Many different colored lines, representing shadow
    • Sometimes shadow is representing lights or
    • darks
    • Different shades of a
    • certain color are used
    • (see both hats)
  • 10. Stylistic Traits: My Example
    • Lines/dots showing different textures (trees/water/grasses)
    • Landscape
    • Different colors (not just what is show in real life)
    • Colors repeat throughout
    • the piece, pulling the eye
    • in
    Springtime at Wellesley College
  • 11. Conclusion
    • Different strokes with the brush, representing different textures in the painting is the main stylistic trait I was aiming to have be similar to those of John Singer Sargent’s.
    • After painting my interpretation of the fabulous artist, I learned that there are many, many different sub-categories under the category of art.
    • The most interesting part of creating my artwork, was picking colors that would work well and contrast the piece of art well.
    • I think the trees of my artwork are the strength of my art because the texture is so bold, standing out form the water, sky or grass.
    • I think the sky is a weak, I could have incorporated more colors and made it stand out next to the trees.