US History: Mid-Cold War - Vietnam and the 1970s
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US History: Mid-Cold War - Vietnam and the 1970s






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US History: Mid-Cold War - Vietnam and the 1970s US History: Mid-Cold War - Vietnam and the 1970s Presentation Transcript

  • Vietnam War and the 1970s
    The Mid-Cold War
  • The Cold War Space Race
    1957 – SU put first artificial satellite into orbit, Sputnik I
    Result – Race to the Moon
  • 1968 – A Tumultuous Year
    MLK Assassination
    RFK Assassination
  • Vietnam War
    Background Information:
    1800s – France rules Vietnam
    1940s – Ho Chi Minh led rebellion against France
    1954 – Ho Chi Minh’s forces defeat France
    After 1954 –Communist North Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh and Republic South led by Ngo Dihn Diem
    Late 1950s – Ngo Dihn Diem lost popular support
    Above: Ho Chi Minh
    Left: Ngo Dihn Diem
  • Vietnam War Continued
    Guerilla Warfare
    Domino Theory
    US advisors train South Vietnamese not to fight Vietcong
    1964 – Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    1968 – more than 500,000 troops in Vietnam
  • Protesting the War
  • Election of 1968
    Richard Nixon in front of a crowd of supporters
  • The Space Program
    Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    July 20, 1969
    Neil Armstrong
    Command Module Pilot: Michael Collins
    Lunar Module Pilot:
    Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin
    Famous Quote by Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
  • The Nixon Years
    Beginning of the End in Vietnam
  • Changes in American Foreign Policy
    Richard Nixon with Nikita Khrushchev
    Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong
  • Scandal Brings Down a President
    Watergate Apartment Building
  • Ford Pardon’s Nixon
    On September 8, 1974 President Ford granted former President Nixon “a full, free, and absolute pardon . . . for all offenses against the United States” freeing Nixon from trial and perhaps subsequent prosecution for the Watergate scandal.
  • Carter in the White House
    Washington Outsider
    Congress refuses support
    High Inflation
    Human Rights
  • Arab-Israeli Conflict
    Above: Palestinian land and Israeli land over time
    Top Right: OPEC Members
    Middle Right: Effects of oil shortage
    Bottom Right: Camp David Accords with Sadat, Carter, and Begin
  • Conflict with Iran
    Leaders of Iran
    Iranian Hostage Crisis
    Far Left: Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi
    Left: Ayatollah Khomeini
    Below: American hostages in Iran
  • New Tensions with the Soviets
    In response to the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Carter decided to boycott the 1980 Olympic games in Moscow
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