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Great depression video quiz  the century episode the 30s
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Great depression video quiz the century episode the 30s

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  • 1. Name_________________________________________________Date_____________Block_______The Century America’s Time Video Quiz, Volume 2: The 30s1. What year were the Bonus Marchers scheduled to be paid for their service in WWI?2. What year did the stock market crash?3. How many workers were laid off when the steel mill closed?4. How many years did it take for the janitor to save the $1000 he lost when the banks failed?5. How did the federal government respond to the plight of the people affected by the depression?6. The dust bowl affected how many square miles of farmland?7. Farmers who were affected by the Dust Bowl moved westward to____________________________________________________.8. Approximately how many Americans moved to the Soviet Union to live under Communist control?9. What notorious leader rose to power in Germany as a direct result of the Depression?10. During the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover’s name had become synonymous with what word?11. FDR suffered from what debilitating disease?12. What percentage of the American workforce was unemployed when FDR took office?13. FDR famously said that “the only thing we have to fear is _____________ itself” during his March1933 inaugural address.14. Which New Deal hired young men ages 18-25 to work in forestry and on conservation?15. Was FDR pro-union or anti-union?16. How did working Americans respond to the murders of the two labor workers? How long did thislast?17. Huey Long, a Louisiana senator, who was interested in running for president was nicknamed the“_________________________________________”.18. Huey Long promised everyone in America a car and a radio in exchange for absolute_____________________________________.19. Huey Long believed that the wealthy should “share the _____________________________”.20. Why didn’t Huey Long get the chance to run for president?