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Flashcard quiz 1 75
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Flashcard quiz 1 75


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  • 1. 1Name_________________________________________________________Date_________________Flashcard Quiz #s 1-901. Which decade began the trend of buying things on credit and paying later?2. Which act required that applicants take a Civil Service exam for government jobs?3. What is the name for the idea that only the strongest people/nations survive?4. Why did the League of Nations fail?5. What was the name of the treaty that forced Germany to pay reparations after WWI?6. What is the name of the political theory that believes that the government’s needs come before theindividuals?7. What was the name of the scandal with the whiskey and liquor distillers?8. Which war was the 1sttelevised war?9. Who was the head of Chrysler?10. Who delivered the speech Atlanta Compromise?11. Who delivered the speech Ain’t I A Woman?12. Who created the Hull House for immigrants?13. Which president was assassinated in Dallas, TX?14. Who was the president during the Civil War?15. Who was the president during WWI?16. Who was the president during WWII?17. Who replaced the president in question # 16?18. Who was the Vietnamese Communist leader?19. What was the name of the law that broke up Indian reservations?20. What is the name of the term associated with Communism?21. Which country had a Fascist government during WWII?22. What was the name of the papers that authorized the government to increase their presence inVietnam?
  • 2. 223. What court case said that a person had to be read their rights when being arrested?24. What court case said that separate was equal?25. Who was the leader of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis?26. Nikita Krushchevez was the leader of what country during the 60s?27. Who started Amazon?28. What was the name of the Vietnamese offensive in 1968?29. Which president was involved in the Watergate Scandal?30. Which African-American leader disagreed with Booker T. Washington?31. What was the name of the city where the atomic bomb was built?32. What is the name of the senator that hunted for communists in the government?33. In 1961, student activists began the Freedom Rides toA. joint the counterculture movementB. challenge segregation in bus terminalsC. avoid the military draftD. demand free speech on college campuses34. The Warren Court decision requiring that a defendant in a state court had the right to a lawyer,regardless of his or her ability to pay, wasA. Engel v. VitaleB. Griswold v. ConnecticutC. Plessy v. FergusonD. Gideon v. Wainwright35. Which amendment gave women the right to vote?36. Which amendment gave newly freed slaves citizenship?37. Which amendment banned the sale and manufacturing of liquor?38. Which amendment freed the slaves?39. Who was the president during the women’s suffrage movement?
  • 3. 340. Who started McDonald’s?41. Who launched a crusade against Rockefeller?42. Which president increased defense spending?43. What was the name given to journalist that raked the filth and muck from society?44. Who was the founder of the Standard Oil Company?45. Who was famous for taking pictures during the Great Depression?46. What was the name of the TN governor that called the special session of legislature together to voteon the 19thassembly?47. What was the name of the TN suffragette that pushed for the passage of the 19thamendment?48. Which country was divided along the 17thparallel?49. Which New Deal program provided aid to the elderly and disabled?50. Who was the president during the Great Depression?51. What was the name given to shantytowns during the The Great Depression?52. Who found different uses for peanuts?53. Which program gave assistance to military personnel for education and loans?54. What’s another name for Hippies?55. What was the name for the period where birth rate increased dramatically after WWII?56. Which war lasted from 1946-1990?57. Who was the South Carolina senator that lead the Dixiecrats?58. Which Civil rights leader disagreed with MLK’s theory of peaceful protest?Bonus:59. What was one goal of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great SocietyA. land a man on the moon.B. balance the budgetC. generate new tax revenuesD. end poverty
  • 4. 460. The activist who advocated Black Power as a means for African-Americans to take control of theirown communitiesA. Stokley CarmichaelB. Malcolm XC. Jesse JacksonD. John Lewis61. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s policy to threaten nuclear war against the Soviets wasA. brinkmanshipB. nativismC. the Space RaceD. consumerism