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Grammar mini lesson powerpoint 502
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Grammar mini lesson powerpoint 502


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  • 1. Subject & Object Pronouns Created By: Jessica Shirk
  • 2. What are Pronouns?Pronouns-are words that take the place of anoun, noun phrase, or noun clause.Pronouns are substitutes for nouns.Two types of Pronouns are: Subject Object
  • 3. Subject PronounsSubject pronouns are used when thepronoun is the subject of the sentence.*Remember- the subject is the who or what thesentence is aboutThey are also used if they rename asubject.
  • 4. Examples of Subject PronounsEXAMPLE 1:Cooper will run for president.He will run for president. Cooper is the subject in the sentence. He is a subject pronoun to replace Cooper.EXAMPLE 2:Sophie likes to play with yarn.She likes to play with yarn. Sophie is the subject of the sentence. She is a subject pronoun to replace Sophie.
  • 5. Use a subject pronoun to complete each sentence. I You He She It We They1.) ___________will work together on a project.2.) ___________are my friend.3.) _________likes flowers.4.) ___________plays baseball.5.) _________will need water.6.) _________have a brother.
  • 6. Object Pronouns Object pronouns are used as the object in the sentence. Object pronouns come after the verb in the sentence.*Remember- a verb is the action or state of being in a sentence.
  • 7. Examples of Object Pronouns EXAMPLE 1:Diane called Paul.Diane called him. Paul is the object in the sentence. Him is the object pronoun to replace Paul.EXAMPLE 2:Megan will teach John and Joe English.Megan will teach them English. John and Joe are the objects in the sentence. Them will replace John and Joe in the sentence.
  • 8. Use an object pronoun to complete each sentence. Me You Him Her It Us Them1.) Are you going to come with ________?2.) When will you go to _______ house?3.) The dog will sit between ________.4.) I want to go with _________.5.) I would really like to have lunch with ________.
  • 9. Use the Smart Board Tools to…Underline the Subject Pronoun Underline the object pronoun in each sentence. in each sentence. I talk to you. You talk to me. You talk to me. I talk to you. He calls you. You call him. She looks at you. You look at him. It is a cat. You feed it. We talk together. Someone talks to us. You learn English. I teach you English. They eat ice cream. Someone gave them ice cream.
  • 10. ~EXTENSION ACTIVITY~ NEWSPAPER INVESTIGATIONFind a partner.Pick up a newspaper.Find 3 examples of subject pronouns.Find 3 examples of object pronouns.Cut them out.Create a collage on a piece of constructionpaper.Be creative & have fun!!!