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Hurricanes bad weather booktalk
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Hurricanes bad weather booktalk

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Booktalk presentation used in middle school library

Booktalk presentation used in middle school library

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  • 1. “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” Taken in New York City on Monday night
  • 2. First, meet Katrina… Video
  • 3. Ninth Ward(REALISTIC RHO) • 9th Ward is largest ward of New Orleans • Really hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 • Fictional story of a 12-year old girl enduring the storm with her adopted grandmother • fiction
  • 4. Lower Ninth Ward devastation after Katrina
  • 5. A Storm Called Katrina (E UHL) • Picture book about Hurricane Katrina • Family tries to survive flooding and evacuation • fiction
  • 6. Dark Water Rising (HISTORICAL HAL)• Galveston, TX flooding after a hurricane in 1900• “Hurricane of 1900”— occurred before meteorologists started naming hurricanes• fiction
  • 7. Terror From the Gulf (HISTORICAL JON) • 12-year old Charlie fears water because his father died in a boating accident • Must survive Galveston Flood of 1900 • fiction
  • 8. Three Rivers Rising HISTORICAL RIC• Girl and her boyfriend try to survive devastation during the Johnstown Flood of 1889 (Pennsylvania)
  • 9. The Dead & the Gone (SCI-FI PFE) • The moon is hit by a large asteroid, which moves it closer to the earth • Alex and his two sisters are left alone in their New York City apartment • Causes massive global devastation/natural disasters • Read it if you like movies like The Day After Tomorrow
  • 10. Dangerous Crossings 910.4 VOG• Stories of people who face terrible danger on or near the ocean— hurricanes, piracy (modern pirates), terrorism, glacier s, etc.• Specifically discusses Titanic, The Perfect Storm, Galveston Hurricane of 1900, Kursk submarine disaster• nonfiction
  • 11. Storm Runners (ACTION SMI) • 13-year boy travels country chasing storms with his father • Gets stuck with his friend in St. Petersburg, FL during a major hurricane • Survival story • fiction
  • 12. Hurricane ACTION TRU• 13-year old boy rides out Hurricane Mitch, one of the worst storms to hit the Caribbean• 1998, small village in Honduras• fiction