Cookies! candy! pie!


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Cookies! candy! pie!

  1. 1. Cookies! Candy! Pie!
  2. 2. First, the video…• Gingerbread Man• Cookie Monster
  3. 3. Wookiee Cookies• Also Darth Malt• Contains recipes including:
  4. 4. Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies CHICK DIO• Overweight 13-year old begins a campaign to lose weight when her mother and aunt enter her in the Miss Huskey Peach modeling challenge—against her wishes
  5. 5. Sweetly FAIRY TALES PEA• Modern-day spin on the Hansel and Gretel story• Warning--very violent/bloody ending• Is the sweet candy maker really a witch?• 2011 EWMS Cover Awards winner• trailer
  6. 6. The Sweetest Spell (on Lone Star shelf) • Girl can churn milk into chocolate • If you like Disney movies… • Adventure, romance, fighting • Reminds me of The Princess Bride
  7. 7. Gym Candy (on Lone Star shelf)• “Gym Candy” is slang for steroids• What happens when a ninth grade football player starts taking steroids• warning—parts of book are gross, ending is disturbing
  8. 8. The Biography of Chocolate 633.7 MOR• Nonfiction• How chocolate is cultivated from cocoa plant and made into chocolate
  9. 9. Blood and Chocolate PARANORMAL KLA • Werewolf girl falls for human boy
  10. 10. Fighting Phantoms HISTORICAL SHE When his plane is shot down during the Vietnam War, marine lieutenant “Candy Man” Donovan must leave his seriously injured best friend behind in enemy territory while he tries to reach the rendezvous point.
  11. 11. Somebody REALISTIC SPR • Girl moves around the country often with her father and brother • Fills her sadness by eating lots of chocolate • Remembers her real name is Sherica • Searches internet to find out who she really is
  12. 12. Everlost (on Lone Star shelf)• Boy and girl killed in car accident are stuck in Everlost, where they can see reality but are not a part of it• On this list because…• Skinjacker Trilogy, book 1• Sequels Everwild and Everworld
  13. 13. Sprinkles and Secrets CHICK SCH• 12-year old girl is excited to star in her first commercial• Finds out the company is the competition of her best friend’s family’s cupcake shop
  14. 14. Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie REALISTIC SON • 13-year old boy’s younger brother is diagnosed with leukemia • Struggles to cope with brother’s illness, his own emotions, his schoolwork, and supporting his family • trailer
  15. 15. The Magic Circle FAIRY TALES NAP• There are two sides to every story…• Story of the witch in Hansel and Gretel
  16. 16. The Witch’s Guide toCooking with Children FAIRY TALES MCG • Hansel & Gretel witch may have found herself two new victims
  17. 17. The Candy Shop War ACTION MUL• Magical candy gives four children dangerous magical powers• Fablehaven, Brotherland Chronicles author• trailer
  18. 18. Eye Candy 646.7 MAS • “50 makeup looks for glam lids & luscious lashes”