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  • 1. Mrs. Pringle's Government Wiki
  • 2.  
  • 3. Objectives
    • The objective of the assignment is to introduce the students to the various civil liberties and civil rights issues. In addition, allow the students to analyze who is a citizen and the responsibility of citizens in the United States of America.
  • 4. Participation
    • Students are required to participate in a online discussion that is generated by posted questions as well as any questions that they would like to add that pertains to the topic
  • 5. Background of Lessons
    • My school district has a pacing guide for certain subjects. The social studies department is required to spend four weeks on civil liberties, civil rights, who is a citizen and the responsibility of a citizen. The students watched a series of documentaries, worked on class assignments, group assignments and class lecture to introduce them to concepts, people, places and events that shaped civil liberties and civil rights in America. Those assignments are required for their individual wiki.
  • 6. Advantages of the Wiki
    • The advantage of this assignment is that it allows students to work together with political discourse. In addition, it allows them to receive help from their classmates as well as myself outside of class.
  • 7. Disadvantages of the Wiki
    • The disadvantage of this project is that it can only work if students are self disciplined. In addition, it also forces the teacher to plan well and continuously add new material for those who work ahead.
  • 8. Assignments
    • The students are required to accomplish the posted assignments by the due date. In addition, the students are required to check the wiki page to see if new assignments have been posted.
  • 9. Peer Edit
    • Students are required to edit a classmates research paper. The students will receive participation points for the peer editing. In addition, the students will receive a grade for posting their assignment to be graded.
  • 10. Zoho Notebook
    • The students will become an investigative reporter and be required to turn in their notes to the news editor. This assignment will be done on a zoho doc. Once the editor has edited the notes, a news article will be published. The students will have a series of assignments to report on before the newspaper goes to press.
  • 11. Create a Group
    • Students are required to create a group for discussions, peer edit, zoho notebook and final
  • 12. Joining Class Wiki
    • Students are required to attach their individual wiki to the class wiki. This process is not complete until the end of the trimester. However, they will have scheduled computer lab time to accomplish this goal as well as me having the opportunity to see their progress.
  • 13. Class Wiki
  • 14. Lesson Two
    • The following slide is an example lesson two. Lesson two consist of the students creating a group and responding to posted question/comments as well as peer editing, and zoho notebook.
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