Newspaper Girls - Jamestown


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Newspaper Girls - Jamestown

  1. 1. Is Jamestownhealthy?In 1607 English settlers cameto America and settled inVirginia. The area turned outto be a bad decision. Theground was swampy and thewater was impure. A littleand unhealthy diet weakenedthe colonists. Around two-thirds of the colonists died ofmalaria, pneumonia,dysentery, and other diseasescaused by lack of food, badfood, and the area they livedin. by, Blasa Z & andLindsey S
  2. 2. Who Was matoaka? Matoaka’s Life - Since 1802All about MatoakaMatoaka was born about 1596.Matoaka’s nickname wasPocahontas. Matoaka was veryadventurist. The namePocahontas means the playfulone. Even though she did nothave plans for her future.Matoaka boarded the ship in1613. Matoaka and John Rolfmet on the ship in 1614, andgot married. Matoaka musthave had Thomas around 1614,1615, or 1616 when Thomaswas about one or two years oldwhen Matoaka caught a diseasecalled small-pox and diedaround 1617.By: Vylet R.
  3. 3. What Did Colonists EatFood in JamestownColonists survived on rays,oysters , bears, deer and othernative Virginia animals.Tobacco was a cash crop thenbut now it is considered a drug.Archaeologists found out whatpeople ate by looking in in inthe garbage pits in the site.Archaeologists found animalbones in the pits. That is myarticle on Jamestown. by, Merrek S.
  4. 4. - Since 1802The Bad Place forJamestownJamestown settlers did not pick a goodplace to live because they lived in aswamp, the trees were too close togetherso they did not have much ground to farmon. They had to rely on Indians food. If itis good weather, then they could work onJamestown, hunting, farming, andbuilding houses. If it was bad weather,then they could not do their work. Theylived right by the sea which is not a gooddrinking source. They should have gone alittle bit west because there are riversright by them which was fresh, they couldhave been protected by sea storms, therewas a big forests so they could get morewood. by Miriya
  5. 5. Use of templates - Since 1802You are free to use these templates for your personaland business presentations.We have put a lot of work into developing all these templates and retain the copyrightin them. They are not Open Source templates. You can use them freely providingthat you do not redistribute or sell them.Do Don’t Use these templates for your  Resell or distribute these templates presentations  Put these templates on a website for Display your presentation on a web download. This includes uploading site provided that it is not for the them onto file sharing networks like purpose of downloading the Slideshare, Myspace, Facebook, bit template. torrent etc If you like these templates, we would  Pass off any of our created content as always appreciate a link back to our your own work website. Many thanks. You can find many more free templates on the Presentation Magazine website