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1st day
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1st day


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Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome Students
    • 2. Where am I? Mrs. Mercogliana Room 201 Computer Science
    • 3. Creighton Creed
    • 4. Creighton Creed • I will be respectful
    • 5. Creighton Creed • I will be respectful • I will be peaceful
    • 6. Creighton Creed • I will be respectful • I will be peaceful • I will be responsible
    • 7. Creighton Creed • I will be respectful • I will be peaceful • I will be responsible • I will be safe
    • 8. Creighton Creed • I will be respectful • I will be peaceful • I will be responsible • I will be safe • I will be a problem solver
    • 9. Anti- Bullying Pledge • I agree to stamp out bullying and all forms of violence. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our school equally, feel safe, secure and accepted regardless of ethnicity, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion or nationality. 4
    • 10. Mrs. Mercogliana’ s Rules • Respect computers, classmates and Mrs. Mercogliana • Remain seated and quiet at all times • Stay on task. No music or e-mail • No food, drink or gum • Follow directions first time they are given Have fun!!
    • 11. Consequences • First Offense- Verbal Warning • Second Offense- Relinquish Behavior Ticket • Third Offense- Move off of computer, “Time out activity” • Fourth offense- Documentation on Behavior Chart, call home, school detention
    • 12. Behavior Tickets • There will be 1 behavior You will lose tickets if: ticket on each computer • you break a classroom at the start of Class rule twice • It is your job to keep the • you call out or talk while ticket teacher is speaking • At the end of the class, • you get out of seat with the remaining tickets will out permission be put into the behavior • you touch someone elses bowl computer • When the bowl is full, the • you do not push your classes will choose from chair in or line up behavior board • you are off task 7
    • 13. Behavior Board • 20 minutes of Educational Games • Pick from the Prize box • 20 minutes of class choice activity • 10 minutes of chat time 8
    • 14. Procedures Beginning of class • Enter quickly and quietly • Sit in your assigned seat Do Now • Go to Word of the Day link of Class Website • Individually read the word and definition • Open your Word of the Day document and type the Date, the word, the definition and a sentence with the word • Save and sit quietly
    • 15. Procedures Cont.. During Class During Class • If you have a question, • When I need your raise your hand and I attention, I will raise my will come to you hand. This means “Give me 5” • Be seated at all times unless given permission 2 eyes watching, 2 ears listening and 1 mouth • If you need to use the closed bathroom (only for emergencies), raise •During work quiet talk is your hand. You must acceptable, when I need sign out and in on the your attention I will clap 5 sign out book. times and you will clap back signaling silence • Only touch your own computer- nicely
    • 16. Procedures Cont.. End of Class • Clean your workspace • I will announce when there is 2 minutes remaining • Save your files and log off your computer • Remain seated until the end of class and then I will dismiss you, we will line up girls first and then boys
    • 17. Procedures for the halls • When I pick you up from lunch/class, you should already be lined up in a girls and boys line • You are to walk silently and in 2 straight lines in the hall • You are to use “hip and lip” procedure. One hand is on your hip and one is on your hip • Girls will walk in and sit in their assigned seats and then the boys. 12
    • 18. Any questions??