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  • 1. Frequently heard statements by teens:<br />
    • No one in my house has gone to college. I would be crazy to think that I could.
    • 2. My parents and I will never get along. We are too different.
    • 3. Being smart is a white thing.
    • 4. My teacher hates me and is out to get me.
    • 5. She’s so pretty. I bet she’s a jerk.
    • 6. You cannot get ahead in life if you don’t know the right people.
    • 7. Me? Thin? Impossible. My whole family is fat.
    • 8. It is impossible to get a good job as a teenager
    • 9. What is a paradigm?
    • 10. The way that you see something, your point of view or frame of reference
    • 11. Our paradigms are often way off the mark and limit us
    • 12. Often, what we see is what we get-self fulfilling prophecy
    • 13. Are your paradigms helping or hurting you?
    • 14. Paradigms of others
    • 15. Troubles at home create personality changes
    • 16. Insecurity comes off as standoffishness
    • 17. How to deal with a new kid
    • 18. Paradigms of life
    • 19. Friend centered
    • 20. They change, move, are fake
    • 21. Stuff centered-things or accomplishments with titles
    • 22. Hard to make real connections with others
    • 23. Boyfriend or Girlfriend centered-
    • 24. The more this happens the less attractive you are to this person
    • 25. School centered-
    • 26. So focused on grades or achievement that you take no joy in childhood
    • 27. Parent centered
    • 28. Living only to please your parents is not healthy
    • 29. Sports-centered
    • 30. Impacts college, social life, what about injuries
    • 31. Enemy centered
    • 32. Prevents you from really enjoying the great parts of your life
    • 33. Hero centered
    • 34. So wrapped up in worshipping someone else, their problems become yours
    • 35. Work centered
    • 36. So much time is devoted to work that you sacrifice fun and free time
    • 37. Self-centered
    • 38. So worried about yourself that you are clueless about the world around you
    • 39. Principle Centered living
    • 40. Honesty, love, hard work, service, gratitude, moderation, fairness, integrity, loyalty, responsibility
    • 41. Principles will never fail
    • 42. Principles will make you more successful with the other center issues
    • 43. Success in life and leadership comes from principal centered living