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1920's unit packet blank

  1. 1. Unit Packet: 1920’s Name:___________________________________________ Bell 1 Week 1 Essential Questions DUE FRIDAY, November 12th : Write your answers in complete sentences on notebook paper. Red Scare and the Palmer Raids; Immigrationreform: 1. What made Americans“afraid”of radical ideas? 2. What actionsdidthe federal governmenttake againstsuspectedradicals? 3. How didthischange immigrationtothe US? 4. What were the longtermeffectsof the RedScare? The GreatMigration; Rise ofthe KKK: 1. What causedAfrican-Americanstomove fromthe South? 2. Why didconditionsinthe NorthappealedtoAfrican-Americans? 3. What impactdidthe Great Migrationhave onAmericanracial relations? 4. Why didthe Ku Klux Klanexperience arevival inthe 1920’s and how was it differentthanthe KKKof the past? Presidentsofthe 1920s; Economic Boom: 1. How didHardingand Coolidge reflectthe laissez-faire theory? 2. How didthe TeapotDome scandal affectthe AmericanPresidency? 3. Why wasthe 1920’s a “great time to be rich”? 4. Why wasthe wealthandeconomicsuccessof the 1920’s not feltbyfarmers? Week 2 Essential Questions DUE FRIDAY, November 19th : Write your answers in complete sentences on notebook paper. The automobile culture: 1. How didthe Model T revolutionize the Americaneconomy? 2. What isa consumerculture andwhydidit developinthe 1920s? 3. How didthe automobile revolutionizeAmericanculture? 4. How didthe automobile change livingpatterns? Popular culture;radio; jazz; heroesofthe 20s: 1. Why dida national culture developinthe 1920s? 2. What impactdidthe radiohave on popularculture? 3. How didtrendsinfashionandmusicreflectthe spiritof the times? 4. Who were the mostpopularheroesof thistime?Whydidheroworshipbecome popular? Organizedcrime; Cultural backlash; ScopesTrial: 1. Why didProhibitionleadtoorganizedcrime? 2. How didorganizedcrime affectthe Americanwayof life? 3. What isthe connectionbetweenthe religiousrevival of the 1920s and the ScopedTrial? 4. Why didthe Scopestrial become the “trial of the century”? Harlem Renaissance: 1. What was the connectionbetweenthe GreatMigrationandthe HarlemRenaissance? 2. What was unique aboutthe artists’message? 3. How didthismovementaffectAmericanpopculture andperceptionsof African-Americans? 4. Who were the majorfiguresof the HarlemRenaissance?
  2. 2. Terms & People Isolationism: Russian Revolution Communism Vladimir Lenin Red scare Palmer Raids Sacco & Vanzetti "New Immigrants" Quota
  3. 3. Terms & People, p.2 1924 Immigration Act: --Great Migration—Reasons to Move North: 2nd Ku Klux Klan: During1920’s Klanmembershipexplodesto4-5 million --Factors that led to rise of 2nd KKK: Birth of a Nation: 1915 silent film glorifying theKKK during theCivil War era Warren G. Harding: Teapot Dome Scandal: Calvin Coolidge: ‘Coolidge Prosperity’: --A Good Time to Be Rich: --A Terrible Time to Be a Farmer: Herbert Hoover: Ford Model-T:
  4. 4. Terms & People, p. 3 Ford River Rouge Complex: Consumer Economy: Installment Plan: Hero Worship: Babe Ruth: Charles Lindner: Prohibition: Speakeasy: Organized Crime: Al Capone: Scopes Trial: Clarence Darrow & WilliamJennings Bryan: Jazz:
  5. 5. Terms & People, p. 4 The Jazz Age: Louis Armstrong: Duke Ellington: The Apollo Theater: Harlem Renaissance: Langston Hughes: Zora Neale Hurston: Marcus Garvey: Other notes: