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School liasion officer presentation

School liasion officer presentation



Explanation of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children in Missouri and the School Liaison Officer position at Whiteman AFB, MO.

Explanation of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children in Missouri and the School Liaison Officer position at Whiteman AFB, MO.



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School liasion officer presentation School liasion officer presentation Presentation Transcript

  • School Liaison Officer Whiteman AFB, MO
    Chi Anne McGrew
  • School Liaison Officer
    Created as part of the Interstate Compact on the Educational Opportunities of Military Children
    June 11, 2008
  • The Military Child Education Compact applies to the children of:
    Active duty members
    Members or veterans who are severely injured and medically discharged or retired for a period of one year after medical discharge or retirement; and
    Members of the uniformed services who die on active duty or as a result of injuries sustained on active duty for a period of one year after death.
  • Public Schools
    600,000 attend civilian public schools
  • Problems
    Transferring academic records
    Being placed in classes incorrectly because official transcripts do not arrive on time
    Different prerequisite requirements between states
    Extracurricular activity eligibility
    Exit exams
    Scholarship eligibility
  • Educational Records
    Schools must share records in a timely manner to expedite roper enrollment and placement of students.
    Hand carry unofficial copy of transcripts.
  • Immunizations
    30 days from date of enrollment
  • Age of Enrollment/ Course Continuation
    Student allowed to continue enrollment at grade level
  • Eligibility
    Power of Attorney can be used for enrollment
  • Tuition waived for military child being taken care of by a non-custodial parent.
  • Child can continue to go to school in same district
  • Shall be included in extracurricular activities after a move
  • Graduation
    Specific courses can be waived if similar coursework has been completed at another school
  • Exit Exams
    States shall accept:
    Exit or end of course exams required at sending state
    National norm-referenced achievement tests
    Alternative testing
  • Transfers during senior year
    Diploma can be gained from sending school if requirements are met their, but not at the receiving school
  • School Liaison
    Deployment can be a stressful time for children.
    Connect families with teachers, school districts, youth programs to ensure the needs of children are met by providing the necessary support.
  • Registration and Graduation requirements
  • Coordinate school transition
  • Tutoring
  • Information on local school districts
  • Support for home school families
  • Provide resource materials on elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education.
  • Stability in military life- each family has at least one income
    • Place to live
    • Steady pay check
    • Access to health care
    • Good child care system
    • Involved in schools- encourage high performance and high standards