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Lesson Four
Cry,the Beloved Country
Mrs. Stephanie Loomis

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  1. 1. World Literature and Composition 16 March 2012 Journal PromptHow do you respond to this quote?
  2. 2.  There were times, some in the very midst of satisfaction, when the thought of his son would come to him. (93)  She said it tonelessly, hopelessly, as one who is used to waiting, to desertion. (99) These chapters break my heart…still  There is no prayer left in me. (105)  There are times…when God seems noSo much sorrow more about the world. (105)  Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritance of our fear. Let him not love the earth to deeply…for fear will rob him of all if he gives too much. (111)  What broke in a man when he could kill another man? (119)
  3. 3. Your questions (in no particular order) Chapter 11: Why was  Ch. 13: How did traveling to Kumalo dumb inside Johannesburg open the eyes and had no prayer left of Kumalo? What did he in him? resolve to do when he arrived back home? Why? Chapter 13: Why does Kumalo feel spiritually refreshed?  Chapter 12: How does the mindset reflected in the Chapter 11: What is so conversation between the significant about the husband and wife on pages murder of Arthur 108 and 109 hold back Jarvis? change? Chapter 12: Why is  Chapter 10: Why did Kumalo so cold at the Msimangu react so poorly end of the chapter? towards Absaloms girlfriend?
  4. 4. More…  Chp. 13: What makes Ch13: How does Kumalo blind? Are you Msimangu’s sermon to often blinded by the the blind allow Kumalo same thing? to see God’s plan  Chapter 12- on page differently? 107 Mr. McLaren Ch 12: In what ways do says, “For it is only the loss of possessions because they see result in the “loss of neither purpose nor goal whiteness”? that they turn to drink Chapter 10: Why does and crime and the small boy offer so prostitution.” Do you much comfort to think this same idea is Kumalo? what is affecting society Chp. 12: How does today? Paton’s writing style  Chapter 12: what was affect chapter 12? de Villiers plan?
  5. 5. More…  Chapter 11: Why is the murder of Mr. Jarvis a loss to South Africa? Chapter 10: how did  Chapter 12-What is so playing with the child dangerous about living with the wooden blocks in fear? help Kumalo?  Chapter 13- During the 11: Why do white search for his son, what officials automatically does Kumalo lack? assume that the  Chapter 12: Would murderer of Anther opening up new schools Jarvis was a black and giving the Black man? people more rights 13: Why was Kumalo so really decrease the touched by Msimangus  crime rate? speech?
  6. 6. More…  Why is the police visit Chapter 11: How does seem heavy? (116) the reaction to Arthur  What guilt did Kumalo Jarvis’ death show the feel? (110) difference between the  How did Kumalo learn people in the humility? (120) countryside and the people in the city?  “For it was not only a voice of gold, but it was Chapter 13: What effect the voice of a man did the sermon have on whose heart was Stephen Kumalo? golden, reading from a book of golden words.” Ch 11: Why does (122) Msimango urge Kumalo to rest for a few days?  What is the most beautiful passage you read this week?
  7. 7. Cry… Cry, the beloved country, for the unbornchild that is the inheritor of our fear. Lethim not love the earth too deeply. Let himnot laugh too gladly when the water runsthrough his fingers, nor stand too silentwhen the setting sun makes red the veldwith fire. Let him not be too moved whenthe birds of his land are singing, nor givetoo much of his heart to a mountain or avalley. For fear will rob him of all if hegives too much. (111)
  8. 8. Homework Read THROUGH chapter 17 Write one question per chapter Email questions to me no later than 6 pm Monday night (19 March) Resource BibliographyThe Resource Bibliography is a list of sources you think you may use. Include all the bibliographic information (publisher, et al) so that your Works Cited page is simpler to compile. I strongly recommend the list be longer than the 7 required sources so you have room for editing as you research. ALSO—make sure you actually USE these sources in your essay!