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Summary of chapters 9 and 10 of Animal Farm

First Presidential Debate review

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  • Orwell 05

    1. 1. World Literature and Composition 2 October 2012“If you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you usestale tactics to scare voters. If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.” Barack Obama, Aug. 2008 How does this statement compare to Squealer’s threat about Mr. Jones coming back?
    2. 2. Chapter EightWhat was the SixthCommandment? How was itmodified?How did Napoleon manage togarner such respect/honor?How did his paranoia manifestitself?
    3. 3. Chapter EightWhy didn’t anyone speak up about whatwas actually true?How did Napoleon manipulate both theanimals and the neighbors?How did Frederick get the best of thesituation?What was Pilkington’s offer of aid duringthe attack by Frederick?
    4. 4. Chapter EightWhy destroy the windmill?How did the animals respond to that?What kind of victory was it?How did Napoleon take credit for it?
    5. 5. Chapter EightWhat did the pigs find in the cellar?Why was the Fifth Commandmentchanged?
    6. 6. TakeNotes!!!!! The Editorial Editorials allow reporters and editors to argue one side or another of a topic in the current news cycle. Journalists are supposed to be objective in their reporting, so the editorial column was designed to allow a subjective opinion.
    7. 7. The EditorialThe thing that distinguishesan editorial from apersuasive essay is theTIMELY NEWS ANGLE. This iswhere the importance ofcurrent events is mostapparent, For thiseditorial, the PresidentialElection is your timely newsangle.
    8. 8. The Editorial•Introduction is no more than 4sentences.•The thesis is the lastsentence of the introduction.•The body paragraphs are 3-4sentences.•The conclusion is no more than3 sentences.Editorial writing is tighterthan the traditional essay, soyou must state your caseclearly and succinctly.
    9. 9. The Editorial•The editorial must includean objective explanation ofthe issue at hand. Thisgives the writercredibility.•Editorials should includeand refute arguments fromthe opposing side.•Editorials should deliverthe writer’s opinion in aprofessional manner.
    10. 10. The EditorialGood editorials engagethe reader with theissues. Attackingpersonalities, name-calling, and ridiculeare not permitted in agood editorial. (Nomatter how tempting)
    11. 11. The EditorialEditorials offer asolution to theproblem beingaddressed. Anyone cancomplain, but a goodeditorial takes a pro-active approach tomaking the situationbetter.
    12. 12. The EditorialAlthough short, theconclusion mustresonate with thereason. It must be apowerful summary withsome punch.
    13. 13. The EditorialThe editorial you will writefor this class must focus onone issue in the currentPresidential Election.It must be in the THIRDperson. (I already know it’syour opinion.)It must reference AnimalFarm.It must be EXACTLY 500 words.
    14. 14. The EditorialDeadlines for theEditorial:5 October: Topic/Issueselected9 October: Researchcompleted and brought toclass.12 October: Outline due16 October: Rough Draftdue—TWO copies to classfor peer editing
    15. 15. Homework:Read and do studyguide for chapters9-10Find a topic relevantto the 2012Presidential campaignthat you have anopinion about. (Or find