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C.S. Lewis 05 planet pain

C.S. Lewis 05 planet pain



Lesson transition from Out of the Silent Planet to The Problem of Pain

Lesson transition from Out of the Silent Planet to The Problem of Pain

TTL 04 Sep 2012



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    C.S. Lewis 05 planet pain C.S. Lewis 05 planet pain Presentation Transcript

    • Through the Lens with C.S. Lewis 4 September 2012 “You dont have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” ― C.S. Lewis
    • You firstShare your otherworldy art…
    • Bent Broken “There are laws that all  “…he has left him hnau know, of pity and nothing but greed. He is straight dealing and now only a talking shame and the like, and animal…” (138) one of these is love of  “Devine was noisy, kindred…which is not reckless and a little one of the greatest hysterical…by the laws…He has left you discovery that the this one because a bent “natives” had an hnau can do more evil alcoholic drink…” (142) than a broken one….” (137) Oyarsa’s Observations “Are your fellow-creatures hurt in their brains…?” (128)
    • The Greater GoodWho  “Our right to supersede you is theunderstands theconcept better? right of the higher over the lower life…it would not be the act of a bent hnau if out people killed all your people.” (134-5)  “Love of our own kind…is not the greatest of laws, but you, Oyarsa, have said it is a law. If I cannot live in Thulcandra, it is better for me not to live at all.” (141)
    • Fear becomes courage.Why is Ransom’s journey both his pain and his cure?(142)
    • The Good, The Pain, and God“…strange as it may appear I am quite content to live without believing in abogey who is prepared to torture me forever and ever if I should fail in coming up to an almost impossible ideal.” C.S. Lewis They Stand Together, 1916
    • The Good is DeadBy the time Lewis wasa young adult he hadsuffered the loss of hismother, a series ofboarding schools(none of themparticularly wonderful),estrangement from hisfather, and the deathof his best friend,Paddy Moore, in thetrenches of World WarI. Is it any wonder hequestioned thegoodness of a god
    • In this epic poem, Lewis rails against a god who allows temptations toSpirits in Bondage trick people into circumstances that cause pain. To Lewis, this god was nothing more than a dream. His response: Yet I will not bow down to thee nor love thee, For looking in my own heart I can prove thee, And know this frail, bruised being is above thee.
    • So, when Lewis wrote about pain… …he understood it well. He had much yet to learn, but he experienced tremendous loss all through his early life. Additionally, he kept a promise to Paddy Moore, made in the trenches, and kept for life.
    • And yet…The Inklings:  The year Out of the Silent PlanetLewis regularlymet with a small was published, Lewis was asked togroup of literary write a book on pain for afriends at anOxford Pub for a publishing house.pint and a  Lewis resisted, saying that hediscussion. Theymet weekly from wasn’t clergy and it would be1930-1949, and presumptuous to discuss a topichelped each otherwith ideas, editing, that hit so close to home.and philosophic  He read portions to Tolkein and theexchanges. other “Inklings”, whose input was soMembers includedWarnie Lewis, appreciated that he dedicated theOwen Barfield, and book to them.J.R.R. Tolkein
    • HomeworkRead pp 371-396. Plan to read it more than once.Write a two page response to what you read. It can be something new to you, a confirmationof what you already knew, or a general reaction to Lewis’s assertions about God.Create an image that symbolizes the relationship of fear to awe. (References from ch 1)Prepare a multiple slide presentation that connects your artwork to Lewis’s assertions aboutthe Numinous.