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Investigation 9 2 2008

Investigation 9 2 2008






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    Investigation 9 2 2008 Investigation 9 2 2008 Presentation Transcript

    • Inheritance Genetic Information being passed from one generation to the next
    • Gregor Mendel
      • “ Father of Genetics”
    • Study of Genetics
      • Mendel studied the trait of pea plant flowers and learned:
        • When both parent pea plants had purple flowers, the offspring were purple
        • When both parent pea plants had white flowers, the offspring were white
      • He wondered what would happen if one parent pea plant had white flowers and the other had purple
    • What happened?
      • Mendel discovered that the offspring where either ALL purple or ALL white
        • They were not as he hypothesized – a light purple
      • He reasoned that the offspring (baby pea plants) must be inheriting something from each parent that told them what color to be
    • The Cell
      • Story of inheritance is told by the cell
      • Inside the nucleus is DNA – the inheritance messenger
      • DNA is coiled into chromosomes which are the structures that carry the message of inheritance
      • Nucleus contains chromosomes
        • Occur in identical pairs
      • Band on each chromosomes represents the allele
    • Genes and Alleles
      • Two alleles on the paired chromosomes work together
        • These are a GENE
      • A gene controls a trait
    • Genotype
      • Alleles are the code that determine the trait
      • Combination of alleles in an organism’s chromosomes is the genotype
        • Lists the paired alleles for that organism
        • Examples: AA, ee, Tt
      • Genetic make-up of an organism
    • Dominant and Recessive
      • Not all alleles have an equal influence in determining traits
      • Alleles with more influence are called DOMINANT ALLELES
        • Represented by UPPERCASE letters (TT)
      • Alleles with less influence are RECESSIVE
        • Represented by lowercase letters (tt)
    • Phenotype
      • The physical result of an organisms genotype
        • What an organism looks like because of its genotype
    • Reflection page 60