Aquatic environment 2009 revised 06 04 09
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Aquatic environment 2009 revised 06 04 09



Trout Story

Trout Story



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Aquatic environment 2009 revised 06 04 09 Aquatic environment 2009 revised 06 04 09 Presentation Transcript

  • Healthy Aquatic Environments Abundant with living organisms, especially macro- invertebrates Healthy plant life Trees nearby Water is well aerated and flows quickly Many riffles Algae on the rocks
  • Macro invertebrates
  • Healthy Aquatic Environments Solubilities Turbidity Land Precipitation & Flow Temperature Use Run off RegimeAbsorption pH Velocity High/Low Chemical Ground ExtremesNutrients Variables Water Organics HardnessDisease Predation Healthy Aquatic EnvironmentsFeeding Biotic FactorsReproductionParasitism Competition Width/Depth Riparian Bank VegetationNutrients Stability Energy Seasonal SiltationSunlight Source Cycles Canopy Current Habitat Channel Structure Morphology Organic Sinuosity 1 and 2 Gradient Matter Inputs Production Substrate Instream Cover
  • The Mahwah River -Part of the Mahwah River Watershed
  • Trout Release in the Mahwah River at Kakiat Park
  • Unhealthy Aquatic Environments Polluted water Debris left by humans Iridescent film on surface of water Little life: only pollution-tolerant organisms
  • Exploring and Observingthe Stream Behind Montebello School
  • The Stream Behind Montebello School: A Tributary of the Mahwah River
  • Montebello School’s Eco-Citizens
  • Six Simple Ways to Preserve or Improve a Stream’s Health Keep a ten foot buffer zone between the yard and the stream Plant shrubs with dense root systems to prevent erosion Do not dump leaves and grass onto the stream bank or in the stream Help clean trash out of streams Don’t change the path of the stream Keep septic systems in good condition
  • Interview with Alden H. Wolfe, Deputy Majority Leader of The Legislature of Rockland County Drainage Agency: Oversees the Highway Department’s Management and Care of Local Streams; Checks Streams Twice a Year 1976 Streams Law: Protects freshwater, wetlands, swamps, and wildlife from problems caused by flooding 2001 Stream Conservation Law: Streams designated as “county streams” are maintained by the county County Permission Must Be Obtained for Development of Land 100 ft. from a Stream
  • Montebello School’s Student PledgesI am a responsible citizen of this world. I promise to…