Gilded Age Immigration Day 5 Group C

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(may need some editing with additions)

(may need some editing with additions)

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  • 1. Immigration During the Gilded Age Timothy Kang,Gabrielle Rights, Ryan Klasky
  • 2. Topic QuestionWhat immigrants from Europe wanted incoming to America, and what America gavethem, both changed during the period 1607-1911? Discuss changes BOTH in what theseimmigrants wanted and what they found,giving about equal attention to the periods of1607-1790 and 1820-1915.
  • 3. Immigration around the Gilded Age• Surge of Chinese immigrants (irrelevant due to the prompt specifically demanding the situation of the immigrants in Europe).• Prior Gilded age held immigrants from Ireland (escaping famine), Western Europe (opportunists), and wealthy Germans• During Gilded Age: South Eastern European immigrants appearing
  • 4. Working on a thesis….• Create a main idea that will provide guidance for your essay• Look back and read the prompt (slide 2)• For example, we will use » During the Gilded Age, the immigrants of Europe shifted from Western Europe to the South Eastern Europe, seeking opportunities and an escape from conditions of their native nations.
  • 5. Strengthen your Thesis With Some Support• These will be your body paragraphs as well as ways to answer the prompt.• Keep in mind, you should use evidence you have learned through the course as well as background information you may have crossed in your high school journey
  • 6. Discuss the Change of Foreigners
  • 7. Discuss the Change in Objectives of the Immigrants• Irish ideally immigrated due to the Potato Famine• South Eastern immigrants sought to find opportunities not provided in their native nations• Found jobs within urban areas, increasing the population in slums
  • 8. Discuss What They Found in the US• Irish and the new wave of immigrants were both confronted with anti foreigner movements as seen with the Nativist movements which grew during the Gilded Age.• They both found poverty and slums which were very hard to overcome.
  • 9. Conclude with a run through of your points• Restate Thesis in a different iteration, if you must• Run through your supporting ideas to refresh the reader
  • 10. Congratulations!You now know how to answer this prompt (see slide 2 for full prompt)
  • 11. Miniature Citation• The American Pageant, Bailey• powerpoint-4-the-gilded-age-immigration•