#   66703CHARLENEHENDERSONcharlenelhenderson@hotmail.com(713) 292-8003CITY:   HOUSTON, TX        Reliant Center – 2nd Floo...
Please sign and date the following name and likeness release:By submitting this release, I hereby consent to the recording...
PARENTAL CONSENT (if signatory is a minor)                                            If signatory is not a minor, please ...
11. The undersigned hereby expressly agree(s) to and must indemnify and hold harmless Producer, NBC and the other Released...
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The Voice artist_audition_pass

  1. 1. # 66703CHARLENEHENDERSONcharlenelhenderson@hotmail.com(713) 292-8003CITY: HOUSTON, TX Reliant Center – 2nd Floor One Reliant Park (McNee entrance off Kirby Dr.) Houston, TX 77054DATE: AUGUST 17, 2011TIME: 2:00PM SOLO
  2. 2. Please sign and date the following name and likeness release:By submitting this release, I hereby consent to the recording, use and reuse by Finnmax LLC (the “Producer”) and anytelevision network broadcasting the Program (as defined below) and any of their respective licensees, assigns, parents,subsidiaries, divisions, business units or affiliated and related entities and each of their respective employees, agents, officersand directors (collectively “Releasees”) of my image, voice, actions, likeness, name, appearance and biographical materials(collectively “Likeness”) in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, throughout the universe, in perpetuity, in orin connection with the reality-based television series currently entitled “THE VOICE” – Cycle 2 (the “Program”). I herebygrant the Releasees all rights of every kind and character whatsoever in perpetuity, throughout the universe, in any and allmedia whether now known or hereafter devised, in and to (i) any and all footage, tapes and/or other recordings taped, filmed,photographed, recorded and/or otherwise produced hereunder depicting me and any performances or actions made by me, (ii)material supplied by me (whether scripted or unscripted, written, spoken, sung, or otherwise uttered or expressed by me) andinformation given by me and/or captured on any such footage, tapes, and/or recordings (“Statements”), and (iii) all of theresults and proceeds thereof (collectively, [i], [ii] and [iii] shall be referred to as the “Material”). The Material shall be ownedby Producer. I further agree that Releasees may use my Likeness, Statements and/or Material in connection with anypromotion, publicity, marketing or advertisement for the Program or for any of the Releasees in any manner whatsoever. Ihereby grant Releasees the irrevocable right to reproduce, edit, dub, subtract from, add to, modify or juxtapose the Material,the Likeness and/or the Statements in any manner and to combine them with any other material. I hereby represent andwarrant that (i) the consent of no other person, firm, corporation or labor organization is required to enable Producer to usethe Material, Statements and the Likeness as described herein; (ii) Producer’s use of the Material, Statements and Likenesshereunder will not violate the rights of any third party; (iii) Producers shall have the right to use the Material free and clear ofany claims for royalties, residuals or other compensation, either by virtue of this agreement or any guild or union agreement,which I acknowledge does not govern my relationship with Producer. I grant the rights hereunder whether or not I amselected to participate in the Program. I release Releasees from any and all liability arising out of any of their respective useof my Likeness, Statements and/or the Material. I agree not to make any claim against Releasees as a result of the recordingor use of my Likeness, Statements and/or the Material (including, without limitation, any claim that such use invades anyright to privacy and/or publicity and/or any claims based on defamation, libel and/or false light).This agreement is deemed entered into in Los Angeles County, California, and is governed by and interpreted in accordancewith the laws of the State of California applicable to agreements executed and fully carried out within California. Iacknowledge that no other party nor any agent or attorney of any other party has made any promise, representation orwarranty whatsoever, express or implied, not contained herein concerning the subject matter hereof, to induce me to executethis agreement and I acknowledge that I have not executed this agreement in reliance on any such promise, representation orwarranty not contained herein. Any waiver by the Producers of any term of this agreement in a particular instance will notoperate as a waiver of such term for the future. I agree that the invalidity or enforceability of any part of this agreement mustin no way affect the validity or enforceability of any of the remainder of this agreement.I have signed this STATEMENT and RELEASE on _______________________________________, 20_______ . [month] [day] [year]Print Full Name:_____________________________________________Signature of Participant:_____________________________________________Date of Birth1 _________________________________________________1For verification purposes only pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 2256 et seq.
  3. 3. PARENTAL CONSENT (if signatory is a minor) If signatory is not a minor, please sign on previous page (to be signed by all parents or guardians of the child applicant)As a material part of the consideration inducing Finnmax LLC ("Producer") to consider _____________________ (the "Minor"), a minorand a citizen of the state of _____________________, to be a participant on the reality based television program currently entitled "TheVoice" – Cycle 2 (the "Series"), the undersigned _____________________________ and ____________________________ herebyrepresent, warrant and agree as follows: 1. The undersigned is/are the parent(s)/guardian(s) (circle one) of the Minor. The undersigned is/are entitled to the sole and complete custody, careand control of the Minor and, furthermore, is/are entitled to enter into this Parental Consent. 2. Having read the foregoing Agreement (the "Image Release") and understanding the nature and extent of all the rights which the Minor has grantedto Producer thereunder, the undersigned hereby expressly approves of and consent and agree to the Minors execution of the Participant Application andEligibility Requirements ("Application") and his/her undertakings and obligations thereunder. The undersigned is/are satisfied that the Agreement is fairand equitable and in the best interests of the Minor, and the undersigned hereby agree(s) not to revoke his/her consent at any time. 3. The undersigned must do any and all things and/or acts necessary and reasonably required by Producer to assist in the full and completeperformance by the Minor of the Minors representations, warranties, undertakings, indemnifications, releases, disclosures, acknowledgements,assignments, grants, engagements, approvals, conveyances, covenants, obligations, and agreements (collectively "Obligations") as set forth in theApplication, including without limitation acting as guardian to the Minor in connection with all of the Minors Obligations under the Application. 4. The undersigned hereby fully and unconditionally guarantee(s) to Producer the full and complete performance by the Minor of each and all of theMinors Obligations as set forth in the Application. 5. The undersigned hereby acknowledge(s) and agree(s) that by executing and submitting the Application, as well as by participating as a participantin the Series (if selected), personal information regarding the Minor will be disclosed to Producer and to NBCUniversal Media LLC and/or NBC StudiosLLC (the latter two collectively “NBC”) and may be disclosed to third parties and/or to the public. The undersigned hereby explicitly consent(s) to theprovision of such personal information through the Application and/or otherwise and hereby release(s) Producer, NBC, and each and all of theirrespective licensees, successors, assigns, parents, related, affiliated or subsidiary entities, directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, partners,shareholders, representatives and members from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and costs that may arise out of the provision and/or use ofsuch personal information in the Series or otherwise. 6. The undersigned, hereby acknowledge(s) and agree(s) to be bound by and perform all terms and conditions of the Application, as if theundersigned were the sole signatory(ies) thereto including, without limitation, the undersigned’s releasing of Producer, One Three Television, LLC, anyentity owned or controlled by or affiliated with Mark Burnett, NBC, any television network exhibiting the Program, or any of their respective parent,subsidiary, affiliated or related entities (collectively, “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expensesof any kind (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) arising out of or resulting from the Minor’s possible or if selected by Producer, actualparticipation in the Series. In no event is the undersigned entitled to seek injunctive or any other equitable relief against Producer, NBC and/or any of theother Released Parties in connection with the Minor’s possible participation or if selected by Producer, actual participation in the Series. The undersignedunderstand(s) and agree(s) that if either the Minor or the undersigned violate the Application, both the minor and the undersigned will be deemed to haveviolated the Application. The undersigned understand(s) and agree(s) that if, at any time, the undersigned break(s) the promises that the undersignedhas/have made in this Parental Consent, the Minor will be immediately disqualified from participating in the Series, even if s/he has already been chosenas a participant. 7. The undersigned hereby fully and unconditionally guarantee(s) that the Minor will not at any time in the future disaffirm the Application in wholeor in part, by reason of the Minors minority or otherwise. 8. The consideration provided in the Application, whether implicit or explicit, is deemed to be full and complete consideration for any and all rightsgranted by the Minor in the Application and herein granted and agreed to be granted to Producer and for all obligations set forth in the Application and inthis Parental Consent, not only by the Minor but also by the undersigned. 9. The undersigned hereby agree(s) to execute any and all documents or papers consistent herewith, to cooperate in any proceeding, and to complywith any and all applicable laws, regulations and/or requirements concerning contracts with minors, if so requested by Producer in its sole discretion. 10. The undersigned hereby expressly agree(s) to and must indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all costs incurred and anyand all losses of any nature or kind whatsoever arising from or relating to any claim(s) made by or on behalf of the Minor relating to the subject matter ofthe Application and/or this Parental Consent.
  4. 4. 11. The undersigned hereby expressly agree(s) to and must indemnify and hold harmless Producer, NBC and the other Released Parties from any and all costs incurred and any and all losses of any nature or kind whatsoever arising from or relating to the breach or alleged breach of any of the agreements and/or guarantee(s) made by the undersigned in this Parental Consent. 12. The undersigned expressly agree(s) that the provisions of this Parental Consent apply and relate with full force and effect to the Application, as well as to any and all supplements, modifications and amendments thereto. If the names of two or more persons appear as the undersigned in the opening paragraph of this Parental Consent or if this Parental Consent is executed by two or more persons, then this Parental Consent is binding jointly and severally upon said persons and each of them, and each and all of the obligations on the part of the undersigned set forth herein are deemed to be joint and several. Singular numbers include the plural numbers, if the context so requires. ACKNOWLEDGED, AGREED, EXECUTED this___________ day of __________________, 2011. ______________________ ______________________ Father / Guardian of Minor Mother / Guardian of Minor YOUR PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN MUST BE PRESENT AT THE AUDITIONS AND MUST ACCOMPANY YOU THROUGHOUT THE AUDITION PROCESS. If your parent or legal guardian cannot be with you: an adult (over 18 yrs old) MUST accompany you, however your parental consent form MUST BE SIGNED by your parent or legal guardian AND NOTARIZED by an official notary.Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)