Multimedia in the classroom


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Ways to incorporate audio and visual multimedia into the classroom!

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Multimedia in the classroom

  1. 1. MULTIMEDIA IN THE CLASSROOMSue Kanopka5th Grade TeacherStony Creek Elementary
  2. 2. 1ST SUCCESS: VOICETHREAD This is an amazing tool for students! Students can express their learning about a topic with ease. Voicethread is especially effective for students who struggle with pencil and paper tasks. Students can share their learning by talking it out and then adding pictures to connect to their words. Here is my voicethread project:
  3. 3. 2ND SUCCESS: ANIMOTO Creating video is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with animoto video. Upload pictures to the site, add music, text and presto—your own video. This is a tool I will use ALL the time for personal and classroom projects!! Here the link to my video recapping an excellent field trip to University of Penn Museum: Q
  4. 4. 3RD SUCCESS: FLICKR Flickr is a tool that many of my friends and family use and I have heard a lot about. Now, I understand why! Uploading pictures to Flickr allows you to group them into sets and send them out to friends. Here is an example of some photos I gropued for an Holiday “E” card on Flickr:
  5. 5. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: IMOVIE Creating video is something 5th graders do naturally. Video speaks to them in a language they understand. I know that by presenting video and by creating video students will be engaged and retain their learning. Here is the link to my iMovie video posted on School Tube: ns&list=HL1353440228&feature=mh_lolz
  6. 6. CHALLENGING WORK Editing pictures was SO challenging for me! I thought it would be a piece of cake to crop, change and manipulate photos, but it was the exact opposite. The process takes a lot of patience and precision—two things that are NOT inherently part of my personality. I chose a batch of holiday pictures and manipulated them so I could create an “E” Card for our Christmas Cards. The project was then uploaded to Flickr so I could send it out to the masses! Here is my “E” Card link: 631981838182/
  7. 7. CLASSROOM APPLICATION Multimedia in the classroom is no longer a once in a while thing. Students in this digital generation have always been around media and thrive when they are learning with it. I have already used Voice Thread, Animoto and iMovie with my students as a result of the class!
  8. 8. ANOTHER GREAT COURSE! Multimedia in the Classroom was another excellent class that helped meaddress the needs of the students in my classroom! I have learned so much about technology And student based learning from all of your courses!!! Thanks!