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Tay mie and hong meng Tay mie and hong meng Presentation Transcript

  • Life Cycle of a Chicken By Tay Mie and Hong Meng of Pri 3.9
  • Life Cycle of a Chicken
    • In nature, the female bird selects the nest site and lays a clutch of eggs (usually 8 to 13 eggs), one egg per day. After it lays its eggs, its sits on its eggs, leaving only for food and water. When the hen sits on the eggs, she heats the eggs to about 37 o c. hens often leave their nests to feed at dawn or dusk when the dew is present on the grass.
  • Hatching Eggs
    • The yolk is released into the oviduct (a long, spiraling tube in the hen's reproductive system), where it can be fertilized internally (inside the hen) by a sperm. If the egg is laid by a hen that has not mated with a cock, the egg will not develop. If the egg is fertile, the egg will advance through a sequence of changes that will eventually result in the hatching of the chick.
  • Inside a Chicken Egg           shell germinal disc or blastodisc chalaza Air cell yolk Thick albumin
  • Inside a Chicken Egg Day 1 Day 6 Day 13 The egg is fertilized. The embryo nearly stops growing between laying and incubation. The beak becomes visible. The wing bends at the elbow. Fingers of the wings are covered with feather. The left and right collar bones form the wishbone.
  • From Egg to Chick Day 17 Day 21 The beak turns towards the air cell. The neck begins to spasm. The egg tooth pips through the shell. Exhausted and wet - but alive - the chick has hatched!
  • From Egg to Chick
  • Hear from the EGGxperts...
    • What have you learnt? What was most interesting?
    • What was challenging for you and your partner?
    We learnt cooperate with each other. We also learnt about chicken eggs. The most interesting part was finding out about the development of the embryo. The challenge was to complete the task in time. We also had to find interesting facts about chickens.
  • Websites Used
    • http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/birds/info/chicken.shtml
    http://www.sites.ext.vt.edu/virtualfarm/poultry/poultry_incubation.html http://chickscope.itg.uiuc.edu/explore/embryology/day21/
  • Thank you!