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  • 1. Life Cycle of a Chicken By Sing Yee and Zheng Yu of Pri 3.9
  • 2. Stages in its Life Cycle
    • There are three stages in a life cycle of a chicken.
    • The egg comes first, followed by
    • the chick. After the chick, it is the
    • hen/rooster.
  • 3. Hatching Eggs
    • To hatch eggs, the egg must be fertilised. That means, the hen and rooster have to mate to have a fertilised egg. The temperature must be right. It has to be maintained at 37 celsius (degrees).
  • 4. Inside a Chicken Egg           Shell Germinal disc Chalaza Air Cell Egg yolk Thick albumin
  • 5. Inside a Chicken Egg
    • Mission #3
    Day 1 Day 6 Day 13 The area pellucida and area opaca of the blastoderm develop. The beak becomes visible, The wings bend at the elbow and the ribs begins to form. The fingers of the wings are covered with feather papillae and the left and the right collar begin to form the wishbone.
  • 6. From Egg to Chick
    • Mission #4
    Day 17 Day 21 The beak turns towards the air cell. The chick hatches.
  • 7. From Egg to Chick
    • The body parts develops, day after day. Soon, the chick is ready to be hatched. It forms a hole and make it bigger. Slowly, it pushes itself through it.
  • 8. Hear from the EGGxperts...
    • I learnt how a chick develops into a chicken. It takes 21 days to hatch. The most interesting part of all was doing the calendar. The most challenging part was when finding pictures of the life cycle of a chicken.
  • 9. Websites Used
  • 10. Thank you!