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Casey and daimen 3.9 Casey and daimen 3.9 Presentation Transcript

  • Life Cycle of a Chicken By Casey and Damien of Pri 3.9
  • Life Cycle of a Chicken
    • This is the life cycle of a chicken.
  • Stages in its Life Cycle
    • There are 3 stages in the life cycle of the chicken.
    • The first stage is an egg, the second stage is a chick and the last stage is a chicken. An egg needs about 3 weeks to hatch into a chick. A chick needs about 3 months to become a chicken.
  • Hatching Eggs
    • The embryo develops inside the egg for 21 days, until a chick pecks its way out of its egg shell and is hatched. The embryo is a new life in the egg.
  • Inside a Chicken Egg   Blastodisc     Air cell   Yolk Thick Albumin Chalazae Shell
  • Inside a Chicken Egg Day 1 Day 6 Day 13 The brain crease begins to form. The brain and nervous system begin to form. The head fold begins to form. The eyes begin to form. The beak becomes visible. The wing bends at the elbow. The ribs begin to appear. The gizzard begins to form. The intestines begin to loop. Fingers of the wings are covered with feather papillae. The left and right collar bones fuse to form the wishbone
  • From Egg to Chick Day 17 Day 21 The beak turns towards the air cell. The neck begins to spasm. The egg tooth pips through the shell. Exhausted and wet - but alive - the chick has hatched!
  • From Egg to Chick
    • The hatching process can last from 4 to 12 hours before the chick breaks free from the shell.
  • Hear from the EGGxperts...
    • I had learnt more about chickens. The most interesting part was the part when we needed to find out what is inside the egg.
    • The time was ticking away and we have not finished our work.
  • Websites Used
  • Thank you!