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What you need to know about Pre-1819 Singapore and Raffles and the founding of Singapore

What you need to know about Pre-1819 Singapore and Raffles and the founding of Singapore

Published in: Economy & Finance, Sports

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  • You did not include details of Sang Nila Utama finding Singapore. I also suggest you to put the founding of Singapore in a new slide. Unless you combine it to form a double chapter
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  • 1. Revision Singapore Before 1819
  • 2. Early accounts of Pre-1819 Singapore
    • Information is scarce, incomplete and confusing.
    • 1365 – In Javanese Nagarakertagama, Singapore was referred to as ‘Temasek’ (sea town or sea port).
    • Wang Dayuan’s Description of the Barbarians of the Isles, said that
      • People in Temasek relied on piracy and trade. They preyed mainly on Chinese junks.
      • Land was barren and grain was scarce.
  • 3. More on early accounts
    • Sejarah Melayu
      • Sang Nila Utama and his encounter with the lion. (text page 3)
        • Tells us how Singapore obtain its name.
  • 4. Loss of trade
    • 15 th century Singapore
      • Malay chief from Palembang, Parameswara arrived in Temasek, murdered the ruler and made himself king.
      • Majapahit or the Thais drove away Parameswara after attacking it.
      • Temasek lost its importance as a trading centre but was not completely deserted.
      • Parameswara went to Malacca and founded a kingdom there. He made Temasek a vassal of Malacca.
      • 1613 – Portugese conquered Malacca Sultanate and burnt down a Malay outpost at the mouth of the Singapore river.
  • 5. Archaeological evidence
    • Singapore Stone
      • History of Singapore goes back to 12 th or 13 th century.
      • People at that time wrote and read in a very different language.
      • Blasted by the British in 1843 for extending Fort Fullerton.
  • 6. How does it look like?
  • 7. Where was it discovered?
  • 8. Archaeological Sites in Singapore
    • Fort Canning (what’s the old name?)
    • New Parliament House
    • Empress Place
    • Duxton Hill
    • Istana Kampong Glam
    • Bras Basah Park
    • Padang
    • St. Andrew’s Cathedral
    • Fort Tanjong Katong
    • Palmer Road
  • 9. So what?
    • Singapore had ties with Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka as far back as the 12 th century.
    • 1926 – Gold was unearthed at Fort Canning near the summit.
      • Only site where ancient gold was unearthed.
      • What can we deduce about the community who once lived there?
  • 10. What’s the diff between a Historian and an Archaeologist?
    • Historians look at written records, inscriptions, photographs and interviews with eye-witnesses.
    • Besides doing what a historian does, an archaeologist also looks at artefacts, floral and faunal remains such as animal bones and pollen.
    • Both try to make sense of history while looking at evidences from the past.
  • 11. Revision II
    • Founding of Singapore
  • 12. Why was Singapore chosen?
    • Central location
    • Excellent harbour
    • Good supply of potable water
    • Not occupied by the Dutch
  • 13. Who is He? He was born in 1781. He worked as a clerk In the EIC. 1819 – Founded Singapore when he was the Lieutenant-Governor of Bencoolen. 1826 – Died of brain tumour at the age of 45 years old.
  • 14. How did Raffles make sure of the succession dispute to found Singapore?
    • Old Sultan died. His younger son, Tengku Abdul Rahman was present in Temasek.
    • He was made the new Sultan by the Bugis chief, supported by the Dutch.
    • The elder son, Tengku Hussein left and lived quietly in one of the Riau islands.
    • Raffles secretly invited him to Singapore.
    • He recognised Tengku Hussein as the Sultan of Singapore and signed a treaty with him to start a trading settlement in the Southern part of Singapore.
  • 15. And He? He was with Raffles when they landed in Jan 1819. He stayed behind in Singapore when Raffles had to be away. If Singapore was Raffles’ child, is he the nanny who nursed the child to health?
  • 16. Farquhar’s Contributions
    • Cleared jungles and defended Singapore against Dutch attacks.
    • Invited traders to come to Singapore.
    • Encouraged people from Malacca to come with food.
    • Started a small police force to attempt to maintain law and order.
    • Offered money for every pest killed by the residents.
  • 17. Find out his importance!
  • 18.
    • The End