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American Colonies by Region

American Colonies by Region

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  • 1. Quick Review
  • 2. England Wants Gold & Silver!  Today we will talk about how Jamestown was founded (created) in 1607.  It was England’s first permanent colony in North America.  France, Spain and Portugal were already in North America!
  • 3. *
  • 4. Going to Virginia!!!
  • 5. Why Go??People went for one of three reasons… –Political (Glory) –Social (God) –Economic (Gold)
  • 6. Settlement of Jamestown• The Virginia Company offered people willing to move toJamestown a headright. Headright – 50 acres of land given to each person who could pay their own way to Virginia Official seal of the Virginia Company
  • 7. one acre = 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feetIn the photos above, the blue square represents one acre.
  • 8. 4 reasons theychose a peninsula: It was easy to defend. The water was deep enough for ships to dock. They thought they had a good supply of fresh water.The river provided food and apathway for exploration.
  • 9. swampy unsafe watermosquitoes
  • 10. “He that willnot work,shall not eat!”
  • 11. John Smith maintained a goodrelationship with thePowhatans so the colonistswere able to …
  • 12. starvingtime
  • 13. Th e P o w h a ta n s h a d in t r o d u c e d t h e c o lo n is t s t o 2 n e w corn c rops : and tobacco
  • 14. Tobacco was sold in England as Jamestown’scash crop _______ _______.
  • 15. Mayflower- Ship the Pilgrims came to the new world on. Mayflower Compact- agreementPilgrims signed byWant Pilgrims to doreligious what was bestfreedom for group,from helpedEngland in establish idea1620. of early democracy in America.
  • 16. •41 Male passengers on theMayflower formed into asigned a compact promisingto write and obey "just andequal laws ... for the generalgood of the colony."•The compact brought anelement of democracy toAmerica and was an exampleof the practice of self-government in the colonies.•All the colonies practicedsome form of self-government…………government
  • 17. ColonialRegions Environment, Culture, and Migration.
  • 18. The Three Regions  New England  Middle Colonies  Southern Colonies
  • 19. New England GEOGRAPHY Land/Weather Very Short Growing Season Long Cold Winters Large Forests On the Atlantic Ocean Rocky Soil/Bad (infertile)
  • 20. New England ECONOMY $$$$$$$ PRODUCTS Why the came Subsistence Farming  Puritans and Pilgrims Timber and Ship Building who believed in Supplies (Rope, Masts, working hard and Tar) following strict Rum and other Manufactured Trade religious rules. Goods Fishing/Whale Hunting
  • 21. New EnglandNew Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut
  • 22. New England Why they came?? Religious Freedom and to make Money.
  • 23. Middle Colonies GEOGRAPHY Fertile Soil (Good Soil) Mild Temperatures Many lakes and rivers for transportation.
  • 24. Middle Colonies Economic $$$$ PRODUCTS Called the Bread Colonies Farmed Wheat, Oat, Barley and Rye. Made homespun products. Trade
  • 25. Middle Colonies New YorkPennsylvania New Jersey Delaware
  • 26. Middle Colonies Why They Came Religious Freedom and & $$$$$
  • 27. Southern Colonies Geography ENVIRONMENT Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. Long growing season and fertile land. Warm for most of the year Humid
  • 28.  Farmed CASH CROPSSouthern  Tobacco, Rice, Indigo, and Cotton.  Trade “cash crops” farmed onColonies Plantations.Economic  Purchase manufactured goods.
  • 29. Southern Colonies Government Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia
  • 30. Colonial Regions Vocabulary Merchant: A person who produces or trades goods. Subsistence Farming: When a family grows only enough food to survive. Cash Crops: Crops that are grown in large amounts and sold for a profit.
  • 31. Colonial Regions Vocabulary Indentured Servants: People who are brought to the colonies and must work to pay off the trip. Slaves: People captured in Africa and sold to plantation owners. The plantation owner saw them as property.
  • 32. ColonialRegions The End