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American revolution review


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Use this information to complete your review!

Use this information to complete your review!

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  • 1. American Revolution Review Luna
  • 3. First Continental Congress
    • The Boston Tea Party caused the king to get very upset.
    • Parliament (the government) punished the colonists.
  • 4. The First Continental Congress
    • A group of delegates from all over the colonies met in Philadelphia in 1774.
    • We call this group: The Founding Fathers.
    • These leaders said the colonist had the right to say what their taxes should be.
    • The said that if Britain used force , the colonist would fight back.
  • 5. Battles of Lexington & Concord
    • Many colonial farmers and business men armed themselves.
    • The called themselves minutemen because they had to be ready in a minute.
    • British troops were called Redcoats .
    • Redcoats marched from Boston to Concord to take guns .
  • 6. Battles of Lexington & Concord (Con’t)
    • Paul Revere and other men rode to warn the colonists!
    • The Colonists went out the next day and fought the Battles of Lexington & Concord. People died on both sides.
  • 7. Second Continental Congress
    • Fighting spread to the other colonies.
    • Many colonists believed that it was time to separate (break up) with England.
    • A second meeting of leaders took place in Philadelphia . It was called the Second Continental Congress .
    • The leaders talked about what they should do about the problems with Britain.
  • 8. Second Continental Congress (Con’t)
    • Many argued that the time had come to separate (break up) from Britain.
    • They wanted Independence.
  • 9. Common Sense
    • Common Sense was a little pamphlet .
    • It was written by Thomas Paine .
    • It said that the King was a tyrant .
    • It made the colonists want their Independence .
  • 10. DOI
    • The GREATEST Break Up Letter in History!
    • In the letter the colonies would declare their Independence.
    • Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
  • 11. Battle of Saratoga
    • Turning point of the war!
    • After several surprise attacks, the Redcoats .
    • In 1777, the Continental Army stopped them there.
    • The Battle of Saratoga stopped British plans to end the war quickly.
  • 12. The End of the War
    • In 1780, the French sent an army of 6,000 men and ships.
    • Cornwallis (British) and his men were in Yorktown.
    • American and French forces trapped him there.
    • Off the coast, British and French forces went at each other (fighting in the ocean).
  • 13. The End of the War
    • Cornwallis was cut off from the sea and Patriots were on land.
    • He surrendered to General Washington (American) on October 17 , 1781.
    • The war was over!
  • 14. Treaty of Paris
    • Next, the Americans met with the British in Paris , France. They signed the Treaty of Paris
    • It gave the colonies Independence.
    • America was finally a free nation.
  • 15. Side with the King on it.
  • 16. French & Indian War
    • England vs. France
    • The Native Americans fought on which side? French.
    • Reasons for war? LAND
    • Who loses? France
    • England wins! They acquire the land all the way to the Mississippi River. The bad thing that England gets is: DEBT (means owe money).
  • 17. The Acts Continental Congress is called to talk about concerns. Boston Grounded! Intolerable Acts Caused the Boston Tea Party. Taxed TEA!! Tea Act No Taxation without Representation. Taxed paint, glass and tea. Townshend Acts Very Upset Required the soldier to live with the colonist. Quartering Act Very Upset All Paper Stamp Act Colonist Response It taxed… Act
  • 18.
    • PATRIOT: Person who LOVES the King.
    • LOYALIST: Person who hates the King.
  • 19. Proclamation of 1763
    • Was an imaginary line that didn’t allow the colonist to move west of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • 20. Grievances
    • Acts (All)
    • Boston Massacre
    • Intolerable Acts
  • 21. GOOD LUCK!! STUDY!